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Jones conference call


(on the transition to wide receiver) "I know there will be bumps in the road, but I think it will go well. I'm excited about getting down (to Jacksonville) and meeting all the coaches. They were the first team to come and work me out after the combine so I've been excited about them. I think we're just one or two players away from making the Super Bowl."

(on the Jaguars team) "They have a lot of great players and a good coaching staff. Byron Leftwich and Fred Taylor are there, so I think we will have a chance next year."

(on what will be the toughest part of making the move to wide receiver) "That's not really for me to say right now because I don't know. I need to get down there and go through camp, and in doing that, you will find out what will be easy and what will be hard. I know you have to be in a different kind of shape playing receiver than quarterback, but I think playing basketball has prepared me for that."

(on if he thinks he could be an NFL quarterback) "I don't know. That's something the coaches will have to figure out. The best thing for me right now is at receiver and playing special teams. Maybe in a couple years we can find out after I get to know the system and the offense being around everybody."

(on when he found out he wouldn't be drafted as a quarterback) "I could have told everyone that I wanted to play quarterback and still have gotten drafted today. I probably would have been drafted in the fourth round or lower, but I know my speed is what is going to get me on the field as a receiver. My size and speed really excited a lot of people and I've shown that I have good hands I didn't drop a pass the whole week at the Senior Bowl so I'm excited about playing wide receiver."

(on when he started playing quarterback) "I started in seventh grade because I played on a team that ran the option and I was the fastest player on the team."

(on when he started playing basketball) "Second grade."

(on what experience he has playing wide receiver) "I played a little bit my freshman and sophomore year. Just because of my size they put me out there."

(on where he got his speed) "It's just a blessing from God."

(on if he thought Jacksonville would draft him) "They looked at me first but once teams find out they need to know they usually don't say a whole lot so I really didn't know where I would go. I was hearing anywhere from the 20th pick through the 31st pick."

(on teams wanting to trade for you) "I heard that Philadelphia called Jacksonville and offered three different trades so that just shows the confidence that Jacksonville has in me already that they drafted me when other teams were offering trades."

(on who his agent is) "James Butts"

(on getting to training camp on time) "That's one of the reasons I signed with this agency. They are usually one of the first to get their players to camp on time."

(on Reggie Williams) "I didn't get to see him play last year, but everyone said he's coming along good so it will be great to talk to him someone who's played before and has the experience of being a rookie last year."

(on being disappointed in not being drafted by a Super Bowl team) "No. I'm really excited to be in Jacksonville."

(on seeing Jacksonville play last year) "I didn't see much football last year."

(on his siblings) "I have twin sisters who play basketball at Southwest Oklahoma State."

(on his parents occupation) "They are both teachers."

(on academics) "I had a 3.2 (grade point average) all the way through high school and I had a 3.0 in college so they were always wanting us to have good grades."

(on the seven-overtime games in college) "We played two overtime games and won both of them. The first one against Ole Miss I was a freshman and the first two quarters I played receiver then I came in at quarterback and played the rest of the way. We were moving the ball better with me at quarterback. I became the full-time starter at quarterback my sophomore year."

(on if he's a playmaker) "Yes. That's the reason coach had me at quarterback in college because the quarterback has his hands on the ball all the time and in our running offense he wanted me to touch the ball and make plays."

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