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Josh Allen - Thursday, April 25, 2019

(On what this means to him) "It means a lot. I am about to go to an organization that really strives to sack the quarterback. That's what I love to do. That is one of things … Mr. [Shad] Khan, Mr. [Tom] Coughlin, Mr. [Dave] Caldwell, Mr. [Doug] Marrone, I just want to thank all the guys up there. I want to thank [Defensive Coordinator Todd] Wash for believing in me. I want to thank all of those guys for taking a chance and believing in me. They know what type of player they are getting. That's the type of player I know I'm going to be. I can't wait to get started, and I love it."

(On how he envisions himself fitting into a 4-3 defense) "They get after the quarterback. That's all I need to hear. I went there on my visit and they said, 'Josh, we get after the quarterback.' That was all I had to hear. I don't care about the defense. They can run a 5-12 … I love getting after the quarterback."

(On if he thought about coming out early after his junior season) "I did, I actually did. If I didn't have my son, I probably would have come out early. My son was born, we had him, and I had to come back. I had to become a better person, I had to become a better man – a football player on top of that. I'm so glad he came. He is a blessing in disguise, and I thank him every day."

(On his son's name and when he was born) "His name is Wesley Allen and he was born January 3, 2018."

(On what stood out to him on his visit with the Jaguars) "Everybody. Everybody was cool. All the players. Every player that I met was awesome. Everyone that I met in the organization … Mr. [Shad] Khan, Mr. [Tom] Coughlin, Mr. [Dave] Caldwell, Mr. [Doug] Marrone. Everyone is good. I know Coach [Todd] Wash, he was animated, and I loved it. I loved it. He showed me how they can use me. It was unbelievable. I can't wait."

(On what went through his mind when the Jaguars called him) "I had my son on me, so I couldn't jump up and cheer. He was watching a movie, so I had to play it cool. I was just happy. I am happy to be part of an organization that works … Plus, I saw it was Jacksonville. Man, man, oh man. I'm ready."

(On what movie his son was watching) "Monsters University."

(On if he thought about how relieved he was he decided to come back) "I think about it every day. I would have never been in this situation last year. I decided I am glad I came back to further myself as a person and as a player, as well. I'm just really thankful that I came back and everybody that helped me during this process; I'm forever grateful."

(On if he uses the fact that he didn't get a lot of scholarship offers as motivation) "Of course. I led the state in sacks my senior year the first time playing defense and I was a two-star recruit committed to Monmouth. I knew I was worth better than that, but I was playing with a chip on my shoulder then and I'm playing with a chip on my shoulder now. I played with that through college. Everyone slept on me – I feel like they still do. I'm glad Kentucky took a chance and I'm glad Duval [county] took a chance on me."

(On what led to him going from being committed to Monmouth to Kentucky) "I was committed to Monmouth at the time that Kentucky came to my school one day out of nowhere and offered me a scholarship. I had not talked to anybody, I didn't have a letter from them. They just called my coach the day before, came to my school, gave me a scholarship and a couple hours later, I'm on a plane to Kentucky on an official visit."

(On what coach offered him a scholarship) "Derrick Ansley."

(On why he didn't play defense until his senior year in high school) "Because I was an all-state receiver in Alabama. That was me – I was an all-state receiver. I was a receiver at heart. I moved back home to New Jersey and my coach asked me if I wanted to play defense. I said, 'Yes, wherever you need me, I'll play.' He put me on defense and I've never looked back since."

(On if he missed playing receiver) "I still played receiver. I had 10 touchdowns my senior year, but on defense, I had 20-plus sacks. I enjoyed that more."

(On how intriguing it is to potentially play alongside DE Yannick Ngakoue for a long time in the future) "We are young. We can grow together. We have veterans in the inside, young guys in the back-end, plus veterans and me and him. I will try to learn from him because he has had a lot of success in the NFL. I'm trying to pick his brain. I feel like we can help each other out. He brings stuff to the game when they are blocking him, that frees me. When they are blocking me, he can just be free. I feel like me and him can work hand-in-hand together and we can make a lot of plays and make something special in Jacksonville."

(On what it meant to him that Jalen Ramsey reached out to him before the NFL Draft) "It's crazy because I watched Jalen Ramsey throughout college. I was a fan of his. When he messaged me, it was like a dream come true. I looked up to this dude. Now, it's like I am his teammate. Now it is more fuel to my fire. Now I have to prove him why I'm the best player in the draft. Plus, I have to earn the respect of him. I am coming in ready to work, ready to work and ready to keep the culture going. That is the type of MO I'm bringing and [I'm going to] earn the respect of my peers."

(On how much weight he put on before his senior year and how much that helped him) "Probably like 15-20 pounds. It helped me out a lot. It made me feel comfortable. I felt more durable and I just had fun doing it."

(On if it was his idea or someone else to add weight) "That was my idea. I had to gain weight. I knew I had to gain weight. That was one thing that I was really prideful of going into my senior year to do. When I did it, I couldn't be more happy. Now I have the weight, and I just have to add the technique."

(On if he met Yannick Ngakoue on his visit) "I have never met him. I have been following him on Instagram. I am a huge fan of him. I have been watching him ever since Maryland. I'm a big fan, but now I am about to be a big teammate to him."

(On if he plays with a chip on his shoulder similarly to Yannick Ngakoue) "Yes sir. I play with a chip on my shoulder every day, even when I'm not playing football. I walk the world with a chip on my shoulder because you never know when someone's going to try you or something. I feel for him, but look, we're here now. We're trying to win Super Bowls. I know he is. I know I am. We're trying to be great."

(On who in the NFL he models his game after) "I try to model my game after myself, but I take techniques from other people. I like Khalil Mack's speed to power. I like Von Miller's get off. I try to idolize my own game and I try to make myself a standout pass rusher as well, so I try to use my own stuff. I do watch film of theirs and numerous other guys in the NFL."

(On his skills outside of pass rushing and if he likes playing linebacker) "I can do it all and that's why I think I'm going to a great situation. I get to rush the passer a lot. I get to also drop in coverage so they can utilize that. I feel like I'm comfortable enough to drop into coverage and play man on tight ends."