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Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Justin from Rockville, MD:
Do you think it's worthwhile for the Jaguars to try and trade up in the draft, to try and get some bigger play-makers, such as Charles Rogers or some other top five pick?

Vic: There will be a quality player available to them with the eighth pick of the draft. This team is in no position to be giving away draft choices to move up a couple of spots. One player isn't going to make the difference.

Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA:
When does the league's calendar year begin?

Vic: The start of the 2003 NFL calendar year will be Feb. 28. Usually it's March 1 but that date falls on a Saturday this year.

Connie from Orlando, FL:
I wanted to know the status of Tony Boselli. How are his injuries? And how did he fair with the Houston Texans? What does his future hold?

Vic: Tony Boselli was unable to play last season, as a result of his recovery from double shoulder surgery in 2001. In a conversation with Tony about a month ago, he told me he was going to give it another shot and see if he can play. If he is unable to play, that'll probably be the end of the line for the best offensive tackle I have ever known. And I expect he would retire in Jacksonville.

Eric from Jacksonville:
Question about Fernando Bryant. I had been hearing for most of the season how he could void his contract following this season but never heard any specifics on why. Now I'm not seeing him listed on any free agent lists and everything I read makes it sound like he'll be here. What gives?

Vic: As mentioned in this column a month ago, Fernando Bryant has one year remaining on his Jaguars contract.

Joey from Jacksonville:
If Del Rio decides to shop Brunell for picks prior to this year's draft, what do you think Brunell can bring in trade? I doubt if we could get anything similar to the picks we received from Buffalo for Rob Johnson (the market has changed a lot since then), but do you think we could possibly get a first-rounder? A team starving for a quarterback, like Dallas or Baltimore (among others), may be willing. My personal feeling is that we should keep him around. This franchise needs people in the seats and getting rid of Brunell shouts of serious rebuilding. His contract is a steal for someone with his skills and maturity. I can't wait to see what he does with the west coast offense. Your thoughts?

Vic: The landscape for the quarterback position has dramatically changed, thanks to off-the-wall success stories such as Tom Brady, Tommy Maddox, Kelly Holcomb, Marc Bulger and others. For that reason, combined with an impressive list of quarterbacks either available in free agency or who might be cut or traded, I doubt Mark Brunell could return much in a trade. The Jaguars have a decision to make on Brunell. Judging from Jack Del Rio's remarks of two weeks ago, it would seem he's in favor of keeping Brunell. Wayne Weaver desperately wants to increase ticket sales and getting rid of Brunell isn't likely to bode well at the gate. This is a big-time decision the Jaguars are facing. It will clearly impact their future. But their decision is not likely to be influenced by a major trade offer.

Ron from Yukon, FL:
Explain (or define) "nickel back" and "dime back" please. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Vic: A standard defensive set includes four defensive backs (two cornerbacks and two safeties). On passing downs, defenses will insert a fifth defensive back (nickel) and sixth defensive back (dime). It's that simple.

Steve from Headland, AL:
I respect you a lot so I mean this with respect. You keep saying the best available player over and over again when draft questions come. To me that is not smart. If you are overloaded with say DTs and there is a player who will fit your need better than a DT, then why not draft the one who will fit your need? To me, it would be a waste to draft a QB or a DT if you have a good one already. Why not pick the best available player at a position needed?

Vic: I go through this every year as the draft approaches. People ask me for my opinion, I tell them I believe in drafting the best player available, then they continue to ask me the same question until I change my answer. But I never do because I believe in what I'm saying. Do you want me to lie? I believe in drafting the best player available because if you don't do that you will have drafted an inferior player and you will have allowed your competition to draft a superior player. That's my opinion. Maybe it's wrong, but I don't believe it is. The Jaguars had Tony Boselli and Leon Searcy on their team on draft day in 1996. Would it have been a mistake to draft Jonathan Ogden? Who doesn't want Ogden on their team? Instead, Baltimore got him.

Mike from St. Augustine, FL:
What's up with Coughlin? Did he find another job or did he retire or what? Not that's it's of any importance to us; just curious.

Vic: When a coach is fired, he doesn't have to go to press conferences any more.

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