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KEVIN HARDY First-Round Draft Choice Linebacker, 6-4, 245, Illinois

(on what Hardy will bring to the Jaguars) ³Hopefully I can get into the scheme of things where I can make some plays. Hopefully I make a difference on the defensive side of the ball, improve the defense and be a pass rusher.²

(expect to play with hand down or be a stand-up player) ³Right now, I see myself being a stand-up guy. But I¹ll play whatever coach Coughlin would like me to play. I¹ve lined up out there before. So whatever they want me to do, I¹ll be happy to do.²

(would you like to rush the passer or cover?) ³I¹ve covered more often then rushing. I¹m comfortable doing that. But, I feel I¹m a rusher.²

(preference in playing a 3-4, or playing a 4-3 here) ³I think I¹m better off playing in a 4-3 because that¹s what I¹m used to playing at Illinois. That¹s just my natural position. I feel more comfortable with that.²

(on Tom Coughlin) ³He¹s a very nice guy. The first time I met him was at the combine. We had dinner and he came across as a nice guy. He¹s out there to win football games. And that¹s what he expects. He expects someone to come in and give 110 percent, and that¹s what I¹m going to give him.²

(ever played with a coach like Coughlin?) ³I had the good fortune to play for a position coach this past season who¹s a very motivated, talented coach, I think I work best with a coach like that, because I know exactly what he¹s expecting, exactly what he wants.²

(on playing on special teams for the Jaguars) ³I¹ve played on them before. It¹s just a matter of which team that they are going to put me on.²

(on working on Hardy¹s quickness) ³I think I have pretty good football quickness. I think a lot of that is instinct, and I think I have pretty good instincts. But, certainly, if he (Coughlin) thinks I need to work on it, then it¹s something I¹ll work on to be a better player.²

(on the surprise of the Jaguars chosing Hardy first) ³The last couple of months that was the talk. But then they started thinking of just a pass rusher, someone who will rush the passer, and I thought ŒI¹m a linebacker¹, so I thought they were going to choose a pass rusher, not a linebacker.²

(did the Jaguars talk to you during the week?) ³No. I haven¹t talked with them since my workout on March 20th.²

(on character issues) ³Character is certainly a big part of all athletes today. Athletes are looked up to so much of the time. A lot of times guys don¹t want to be known as role models, but they are, because kids look up to these guys. So it¹s important for guys to have good character and to be just a good person because they are so much in the public eye.²

(on Hardy¹s pass rushing experience as stated in the local media) ³I wouldn¹t know about that because I¹m not in Jacksonville. I heard that they thought I couldn¹t rush the passer well enough because that¹s not my position. My position is linebacker, so if that¹s the thing that was in the media, so be it. It wouldn¹t hurt my feelings because I know what kind of player I am.²

(on considering himself a late bloomer) ³My whole career I had success. It¹s just a matter of building on that success each year. And that¹s the most important thing to start off, and then show improvement each year. I think that¹s what I did. It just so happens in my senior year I started getting more attention and it¹s like my numbers just grew. It¹s just a matter of getting better each year and to hit that final peak.²

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