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Ladies Day tomorrow

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions. Vic: The Valentine's Day edition of "Ask Vic" will be a ladies-only version. Tomorrow is your day, ladies. Please put "Ms." in front of your name so there's no mistake.

William from Savannah, GA:
I watched the tape of the Super Bowl again and I kept an eye on Alan Faneca. What an amazing game he played. His ability to pull brought to mind Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston. Who was the best pulling guard you have seen in your career?

Vic: John Hannah.

Terri from Jacksonville:
What would it take to become an NFL official? The answer is years and years … of looking the other way and being able to throw a yellow flag from 30 yards away, missing a fellow ref standing at the play and not calling the invisible infraction. Come on, Vic, get with the program.

Vic: The NFL really does have a problem. The problem is that contempt for the men who officiate the game is out of control and I don't know what the NFL can do about it because fans are seeking what no man can achieve, perfection. A man had a rock thrown through his window because he made a bad call a few weeks ago. Is that the program? No, I won't get with the program because to get with your program is to lose one's sense of balance. I think the people who continue to obsess on this subject need to check themselves. They may have a problem, too.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
Ray Lewis for Garrard and a draft pick. What do you think about that move for the Jags?

Vic: Yeah, that would put the Jaguars over the top. Trade a young, starting-caliber quarterback and a draft choice that could produce a long-term player for an over-the-hill linebacker who can't stay on the field and wants a ton of money. You're kidding, right? What's the attraction? Are you in love with the lore? The guy's washed up.

Jon from Jacksonville:
What's your opinion on the Texans exercising the option on David Carr and giving him another $8 million through 2008? That seems like a strong commitment to a guy who was from the previous staff's system and has basically done nothing going into his fifth season in the league, don't you think?

Vic: It's risky, not just because of the money but because of the time the Texans are investing in David Carr. There are two trains of thought with this decision, one I love and one I hate. The first thought is that the Texans are exercising patience with a player in whom they believe and at a position that requires time. What if Carr's rocky start is the result of everything around him? What if his environment didn't offer him a chance to succeed? What if he simply needs a little more time to blossom? The second thought that might've caused the Texans to exercise the option is impatience. In other words, they wanna win now and the best chance of that happening would be the result of sticking with Carr and drafting Reggie Bush number one overall. If they let Carr go and used their first pick to replace him, well, then the Texans would be right back to where they started, right? That's a train of thought, however, that could also be a formula for disaster. It all comes down to the Texans' honest evaluation of Carr as a player. If they truly believe he can be the kind of big-time quarterback they thought he would be when they drafted him, then exercising the option is the thing to do. Forget about Bush. This decision should be about Carr and Carr only. Can he play? Based on what I've seen of him, I think he can. I think the Texans made the right call.

Tommy from Jacksonville:
I'm more excited about next season than I have been since the end of the 1999 season. What do we need to bring us over the top?

Vic: The Jaguars need to have a solid offseason. It starts with that. They need to make a couple of solid free-agent acquisitions at obvious positions of need. The Jaguars' salary cap is in great health and the team is poised to make serious gains in free agency. The second part of the offseason equation is always, of course, the draft. The Jaguars won't draft until the 28th pick, so, I don't think it's fair to have high expectations of being able to draft major impact players. The draft class will be considerably picked over at that point. I'll be satisfied if the Jaguars can find in this draft a couple of solid picks who might become starters. The third part of the "over the top" equation has to be provided by the young players on the roster. They have to take their games to a higher level. Is Byron Leftwich capable of being a championship quarterback? Is Matt Jones capable of being a star wide receiver? Can Reggie Williams become a dependable receiver? If the answer to those questions is "yes," and if the Jaguars are able to adequately address their needs in free agency and add to their stable of young players in this year's draft, it would certainly be reasonable to expect the Jaguars to get "over the top" in 2006.

Clint from Savannah, GA:
How is it decided who coaches in the Pro Bowl?

Vic: The AFC and NFC Pro-Bowl teams are coached by the staffs of the two teams that lost the conference title games. Mike Shanahan and his Denver Broncos staff coached the AFC and John Fox and his Carolina Panthers staff coached the NFC.

Joseph from Sacramento, CA:
With the new coaches Jack Del Rio acquired, do you think these coaches are a right fit for the Jaguars to become a better team?

Vic: It's thought that Andy Heck is an up-and-coming star in the coaching ranks. Any concerns about promoting him to the top offensive line coach's job were alleviated by adding Mike Tice to the staff. Tice, of course, is an expert in offensive line play and he'll be there to assist Heck in his development. The addition of Mark Duffner as linebackers coach adds another former head coach to the staff. Duffner was head coach at Maryland and was defensive coordinator under Dick LeBeau in Cincinnati. I especially like Duffner's association with LeBeau, a defensive genius from whom Duffner, no doubt, learned a few things. Jack Del Rio has a top staff.

Daniel from Orlando, FL:
Don't you think the officials would rather there be replay so that if they make an error it can be corrected?

Vic: Yeah, but the problem is we don't accept their decisions even after they use replay. In many cases, all replay has done is open the issue to debate. We've stopped accepting the officials' authority as iron clad and that's become a major problem. The eye in the sky is always watching. Imagine working under those circumstances.

Bryan from Pittsford, NY:
What is your opinion on Ty Law? If the Jets cut him, is he a guy that holds interest for a year at right corner?

Vic: Here we go. It's time to play the name recognition game.

Wylee from Sanderson, FL:
I read that Keenan McCardell is going to be on the free-agent market. Do you think he's worthy of a look?

Vic: Sure, and how about some of those guys who played in that old-timers game at the Pro Bowl? I thought Michael Irvin looked pretty good.

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