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Leave 'em laughing

Let's get to it . . . Wayne from Jacksonville:
So if we have one more blackout- free game, does this mean we get a full off-season of daily O-Zones?
John: Absolutely not. When we started daily O-Zones in August, I was clear that the deal was if there were no blackouts I would file every day through the end of the Jaguars' season. I did this because I had absolute faith that there would be no blackouts and I had equal faith that I wasn't going to do it throughout the off-season. I'll certainly consider picking it back up daily next season.
Sam from Jacksonville:
Hey O-Man, my friend has made the ozone three times and I have made it zero. What gives? I love you, man but you're letting me down.
John: You evidently have really cool friends.
Jack from Jacksonville:
What is up with Britton. I saw briefly that it is not a structural problem. Could you elaborate?
John: Eben Britton said last week that the back issue that forced him onto the injured-reserve list was an infection, and not a structural issue. He had missed the preseason and regular-season with a herniated disk, but after returning and playing four games, did not play again. Britton said he was relieved it was an infection because it means he shouldn't have problems going forward. He expects to be ready to work out and begin preparing for next season in January.
Bryan from Woodbridge, VA:
Monroe struggled a bit in the all-important PREseason? Man, guess we should of let him go too.
John: You're kidding, I know. There were those in preseason who were not.
Michael from Fruit Cove, FL:
Obviously Jones-Drew is having a great year and deserves a lot of praise, but you never seem to mention the offensive line. Opposing defenses have known all year that we are going to run the ball, yet there are always holes for Jones-Drew. This coming from a line that has received more criticism than praise and is starting a rookie (Rackley), a player people called a bust earlier this year (Monroe), and a guy fans have thought was going to be cut for at least five years running (Meester).
John: You know what? You're right. I don't mention the offensive line enough. I spent a lot of time defending the group early in the year, and at times have continued to defend it. Forget defending the group. It doesn't need it. The unit has played well and Jones-Drew's season is testament to that. Credit to the players for doing it. They took a lot of heat in the preseason and were steadfast in their belief they would be a good run-blocking unit again. Given their history, it was wrong to doubt them.
Mike from Mill Valley, CA:
What happens, or what is the penalty, if a quarterback scrambles and inadvertently throws a forward pass after crossing the line of scrimmage?
John: The penalty is five yards and a loss of down.
Robert from Point Grey:
If Gabbert starts two weeks from now, he will be the youngest quarterback to make his 13th start in league history. Did you know that? Do you care?
John: I know it now, and God yes, I care.
Juan from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
One thing that impressed me Sunday was clock management at the end of the first half. Plays seemed to be ready to call, the Jaguars got to the line, and time outs were called immediately rather than allowing seconds to run off the clock before calling them. What was the difference - could that be attributed to the head coach?
John: One of the first things Mel Tucker discussed after taking over as interim coach was the need to focus a bit better on in-game situations. He believes that executing at a high level in critical situations can make a huge difference. Certainly, the Jaguars seemed to be benefit from that late in the first half Sunday.
Jack from Jacksonville:
With a game Thursday do the players still have Tuesday off or is it a practice day and they have a long weekend?
John: The players were off Monday and practice Tuesday with a walkthrough Wednesday. The team will travel to Atlanta Wednesday.
Scott from Jacksonville:
A fellow season-ticket holder suggested we put our rally caps on early during this game. The ball was in the air on the punt when we turned our hats around and Boom! Touchdown! Then five more! Sunday was all about the hats! Couldn't help but wonder why we didn't put on rally caps 10 weeks ago.
John: So, it was your fault. Boom! And to think everyone wanted to blame small schools.
John P from St. Augustine, FL:
Nice to see The Sheik get a pick. And nice to see such tight coverage after getting beat deep last week. What can you tell us about our "new" secondary?
John: The new secondary played better than it did the week before. It also got the opportunity to play with a lead, which helped the defensive line get more pressure on the quarterback than it did the week before against San Diego. It didn't hurt that the Chargers had a better quarterback and better receivers, but credit goes to the secondary. It played well.
James from Charlottesville, VA:
This is aimed at the draft board watchers. What teams generally have the best drafts year in and year out? Where are those teams generally in the draft order? Where do they generally end up in the standings? Good teams draft good players, regardless of their draft position: that's why those teams are good.
John: And it takes time. And sometimes it takes some disappointing years. It's not always fun. It's just how it is. Building a long-term contender is about patience and smart, long-term drafting. It's not about panicking and signing every big-name player who comes available midway through the season, as enticing as sometimes that may seem.
Joe from Port Charlotte, FL:
Tell Mike of Kissimmee that Mark Brunell became the man when he got on Andre Rison face after he dropped a pass or ran a bad route. Rison got released and the rest is the miracle run to Conference Championship in 96.
John: There is some truth to what you say. Brunell gained confidence in 1996, and a quarterback has to be able to establish himself as the leader and a guy with enough knowledge of the offense to demand a level of performance from teammates. You're starting to see that sort of confidence from Gabbert. That's all part of the process.
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
John! I went to my first ever game! I was 10 rows back from Jags sideline at south 35 yard line! It was $#&## epic! The whole experience was nuts! If I lived in Jacksonville everyday I would be at every game. From here on out I have no sympathy for people who make excuses for not buying tickets. Shut up and buy a ticket or get out of Jacksonville. There is no excuse! $&@# EPIC!!!!
John:Don't you mean $#)$(($$ EPIC!!?
Michael from Jacksonville:
Offense got it done in the redzone. Progress from the QB?
John:Yes, and in fairness, that's a couple of consecutive weeks on that front. He struggled against the Chargers in the second half, but in the first half, he had two red-zone touchdown passes. How that is perceived long-term will depend on what happens next, but give credit where it's due.
David from Wellborn:
Do you think that next season the Jags could actually be a contender for the playoffs?
Lima Bob from Neptune Beach, FL:
After Cloherty scored his touchdown we could not find out his name because name he was not in the little book they give us every game. I put my binoculars on the bench to find him and find out his name and he was behind the bench on the phone laughing. Who was he talking to?
* Me. I was telling him my workout routine.

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