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Leonard Fournette - Thursday, August 2, 2018

(On if he is feeling good in training camp) "Yes, I do, especially after dropping the weight. I have been more consistent on my bursts and stuff, just a lot of conditioning I have been doing in the offseason."

(On if he feels he still has his power) "At first, it is kind of hard because I have not been used to that weight since high school. Now it is coming back, doing extra with [Strength and Conditioning Coordinator] 'Milo' [Tom Myslinski] and stuff, getting more explosiveness. I brought it back to high school, I'm doing 50 push-ups a night. I am just trying to get as much strength and power I can back."

(On what he wants in return for losing weight) "I want to be great. That is my weight I felt best in college – my sophomore year when I was up for the Heisman. I just wanted to take it back there."

(On if he is going to change the way he runs or if he will remain a physical running back) "It depends. If the out of bounds is right there, I have to take it."

(On if it will be difficult for him to step out of bounds) "Not really. It comes with the experience of your game. I think we practice that a lot more. Also, that is what our OC [Offensive Coordinator] [Nathaniel Hackett] wanted, for me to save my body."

(On what it is like to interact with children after practices) "It just brings you back to that place when you were a little kid. Me growing up, wishing that I went to open practices for NFL teams, got to meet NFL guys and just giving those kids the opportunity, which was something I didn't get as a kid. It is just using my abilities and talents the best that I can."

(On the first NFL player he met) "I want to say BenJarvus [Green-Ellis]. He went to my high school, and he was a running back for the Patriots. He came back when we had an alumni camp. It was when I was in high school."

(On his international travel this offseason) "The plane ride was long! I am going to start off with that. But the overall experience, it was great. [It was] my mother's first time out of the country, which was a great experience for me to see her smile every day when we were waking up. I was just enjoying the culture. They are riding on different sides of the lanes and stuff like that. The people watching the soccer game, it is like 50 people outside somebody's window. We were walking past, and we stopped and watched, too. You do not get to experience those things out here in the U.S. It was a great experience for me and my family, and I will do it for years and years to come."

(On how much the continuity along the offensive line helps) "It is good. The crazy thing is [Andrew] Norwell, he doesn't talk. He does not talk, but he still gets it. He is kind of opening up day by day now, talking to us and things like that. I am trying to get the best I can out of him. He is working hard. He is kind of like the new addition to the line. Everybody, it is my second year playing with those guys and everybody kind of has the vibe."

(On what he sees from A.J. Cann since he runs behind him) "I run behind him. I see his butt. (laughter) He has been working. Just like everybody else on the offensive line, they have been working their tails off. I can remember when those guys took off, and they went to some kind of o-line camp with each other. They all went. [I am] just seeing them on Instagram and talking to them, making sure they are putting the work in like I am, too."

(On if he feels his offseason work will make a huge difference) "I believe so. I feel healthier. I would say it is probably one of my first years feeling healthier than I ever did before. My weight is down. I am just maintaining it throughout the year."

(On if he is faster than he used to be or just quicker) "We will have to see. I can't really speak on it. We will have to see."

(On if the practice inside the stadium tomorrow changes things) "No, it is going to be the same, out there competing and getting better with my team. We are getting ready for our first preseason game against the Saints. It is coming up next week. It is day by day. Camp is long. You have your days in camp, but every day, have the mindset to get better knowing at the end of the day what our real goal is."

(On if it is an adjustment to practice at night) "I would rather practice, get it out of the way and go home early."

(On his relationship with Tyrone Wheatley) "I love [Running Backs] Coach [Tyrone] Wheatley. He was a first-rounder, so he knows what a running back goes through throughout the year with our bodies – the weight fluctuating up and down – things like that. He gels with us so well. It is like he is a coach, but he is like one of our brothers, too. You don't get that relationship in this league like that, and I'm glad to have him as a coach."

(On how he sees himself as a receiving threat) "I could always catch. It is up to [Offensive Coordinator] Nathaniel [Hackett], what he wants out of the running backs. I think that every running back we have has the ability to run and catch and block and be a three-down back."

(On if he will be able to do more in the open field catching screen passes) "Yes, most definitely."

(On how he feels the offense has grown heading into their second year) "Grown? I would say our relationships with each other. It is not like my first year when you didn't really know the defense, but now you know it. We communicate a lot more than it was last year, knowing what is coming, knowing what blitz is going to come, knowing their calls and just knowing what they are going to do. The biggest thing from year one to year two is I would say our relationship has grown. We know each other's weaknesses, what we need help on. If they need help on chip blocking or things like that. Like I said, at the end of the day, it is all about communicating."

(On how much he gets out of the preseason) "Game by game, it goes. That is the closer we get to leave the hotels and go home. I enjoy it. Not playing or playing, I just want to go to my bed at my real house and leave the hotel, so it doesn't matter to me."