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Leonard Fournette - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On why he wasn't on the field for the national anthem) "It's a personal thing and I don't want to get into it, but everyone has their own beliefs in certain things. Other than that, I felt great. The first home game and it's wonderful. I feel like the game has slowed down completely for a lot of us and coming out there, Blake [Bortles] had the fastest MPH and he's happy right now but it was great being out there."

(On if he thinks he can have continued success going forward) "I'm just looking forward to going to Minnesota now and on to the next."

(On his thoughts on the first team offense) "It was great especially since Jermey Parnell went down with his injury and nobody missed a beat and everything went smooth. Fifteen play drive, score and got out."

(On if it was important to show the offensive versatility) "I always knew it was something we could do. As far as training camp, we worked hard for it and each and every day taking the proper steps and getting more in condition and when you get tired and fatigued you can't think."