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Let's get some vittles

Let's get to it . . . Jason from Orange Park, FL:
One thing from last year's hiring of Mike Mularkey was his NFL extensive experience, both as a player and in the coaching ranks. Many credited this experience with helping him add legendary coaches such as Sylvester Croom and Jerry Sullivan to the staff. Is there concern that the staff Gus Bradley is assembling is rather young and inexperienced as far as the NFL is concerned? Aside from the retention of Sullivan and Mark Duffner, all the other hires have been promotions from the NFL or the collegiate ranks. Where are the lateral moves from already established NFL position coaches?
John: Sullivan and Duffner are experienced in the NFL, as are Bradley and defensive coordinator Bob Babich. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch worked as the University of Miami offensive coordinator the past two seasons, but he and Bradley met in the NFL with Seattle. Lateral moves are often difficult to make, because unless a coach has been fired or is no longer under contract, they can be blocked. So far, all the assistants officially named have NFL experience. They don't have as much as, say, Croom and Mularkey, but they know how the NFL operates.
Keith from Summerville, SC:
For a city that boasts the largest geographical area in the nation Jacksonvillians sure seem to have a HUGE inferiority complex. Stop already with the whining about no news coverage, no one wants to coach there, no one wants to play there. It gets old.
John: Ya think?
Charles from Bangalore, India:
What does the Super Bowl do to the "elite quarterback" theory? A quarterback with 10 NFL starts and one that nobody wants to call elite. While both are possibly on the way to being franchise quarterbacks, certainly neither one was picked to make the big dance this season. What happened? What are the reasons for this supposedly unexpected outcome?
John: While neither Colin Kaepernick nor Joe Flacco entered the season with elite status, both played exceptionally well in the postseason. Considering Flacco's progression, a victory next week certainly would elevate him in the eyes of many. Kaepernick would be viewed differently next season with a victory, too. Elite status must be earned somehow and these two have gone a long way toward earning it in recent weeks. Remember, when Tom Brady won the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001, no one considered him elite. It is because of time and further success that we look back on his first Super Bowl as being won by an elite quarterback.
Jack from Jacksonville:
When you and J.P. were sitting on that bench I half expected you to say, "The draft is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get."
John: I half-expected the guy sleeping on the bench next to us to wake up and say, "Hey, got a dollar for 'breakfast?' But we talked quieter than normal and got the heck out of there in a hurry.
Trey from Jacksonville:
Ever heard of Reggie Williams? Ten touchdowns. One of the worst players in Jaguars history.
John: Could he block good?
Chip from Madison, WI:
Oman, I'm not a general manager, but how does this sound? Trade for Matt Flynn. Draft "BAP" OL/DL. Pick up Greg Jennings as a free agent and GET REVIS!! He's gonna cost us, but IT'S REVIS!!!!!
John: It indeed sounds as if you're not a general manager. What you're talking about goes the route of fantasy football in March, which is a sure route to disaster. I'm not saying the Jaguars won't participate in free agents, and I wouldn't rule out trading for a quarterback, but to start building the roster around every veteran available – no, I wouldn't expect that.
Trey from Eagle Mountain, UT:
John, I don't know if your wife and dog really count as friends.....
John: If they do, they sure don't act like it.
Daniel from Johnston, IA:
I find the questions about the swiftness of hiring the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator meaning that no one else was interested in the jobs pretty amusing. You know that if it was the other way around and it took a long time to announce an OC and DC that everyone would be saying its taking so long because no one is interested in the job.
John: I do know that. Gus Bradley had coordinators in mind, and made the moves quickly. After that, he has moved at a perfectly reasonable pace in hiring assistants. No pace will make everyone happy, but that's OK. Nothing makes everyone happy.
Ray from Jacksonville:
I am not sure the free-agent philosophies of Gene Smith and David Caldwell are all that different. Other than the one year when we had a lot of holes, we weren't exactly lighting up the free-agent market. I don't even think they're much difference in needs versus BAP drafting (in reality not in concept). Gene said if there were similarly rated players you take need into account - in other words you pick your needed guy above any similarly needed players. Kinda the same result - might be a bit of nuance in how it is approached - but I think the biggest differences in drafting are how the philosophy is executed and, of course, some luck.
John: All true. Smith had the right idea when it came to building through the draft, and the reality was his best-available-player philosophy was exactly as you say – rank the players, then pick the biggest need from a group of similarly ranked players. There's not a mammoth difference in core philosophy with many general managers and franchises. Most want to build through the draft and supplement with free agents. It's in the execution and the management of roster building that lies the difference in organizations.
Nishant from Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
There have been a number of questions about trading our No. 2 pick. But don't we hold the first pick of the second round (which also occurs on the second day)? That pick always seemed to me like the one that could garner significantly more interest.
John: It could, but it won't likely draw the same quality of selections as the earlier pick would.
Steve from Woodbine, GA:
I was wondering about the availability of Matt Flynn. I am pretty sure he signed a multi-year contract last season, but I am also pretty sure he was anticipating being a starter. So just how available does that make him?
John: It makes him as available as the Seahawks want him to be. He is under contract with Seattle and a team will have to trade to get his rights.
Anthony from Madison, WI:
If you want a scenario where we drop back a few spots and pick up a couple extra picks then look no further than the Eagles and Cardinals potentially fighting over top-draft prospect Luke Joeckel if he falls past the Chiefs (who I fully expect to take Geno Smith with the first overall pick). We don't need him, and there's about 5 players in the beginning that would all give around the same value to the Jaguars. Thoughts?
John: I think if the Chiefs take Smith and the Cardinals and Eagles indeed want Joeckel your scenario could play out. Eric Fisher of Central Michigan reportedly could challenge Joeckel for the top tackle position in the draft. If that's true, it could dissuade a trade, with teams figuring they can take either Joeckel or Fisher and get equal value.
Jackson from Houston, TX:
Reports surfaced Thursday that the Jets are looking into a Darrell Revis trade. I doubt this would be their best offer, but if I was the Jags, I would not hesitate at all to send them our 2nd, 3rd, and a later-round pick for Revis. Corner is arguably the biggest need on the team at the moment. Him and Cox would be fantastic, and would give us a chance at shutting down opposing wide receivers just about every week.
John: I doubt that's an offer that would interest the Jaguars. Revis is indeed one of the best players in the NFL, but he's coming off a major knee injury, and if the belief is that the team is a year away, he'll be in his eighth NFL season when the team becomes competitive.
Eric from Boise, ID:
With the Jets making Revis available for trade, could the Jaguars pursue him?
John: Yes, they could. Any team may call the Jets and offer what they deem appropriate. Now, whether the Jaguars will do that I have no idea.
Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Let's face it: if Robinson and Mincey did not get all that money up front and have so many years left, they would be gone. Now the team is forced to try and recoup some value from them because they already got most of the cabbage. Again, the Jaguars will get screwed! That stuff has got to stop. If you're shopping for players do not spend money on potential or players coming off serious injuries. No one hit wonders, either!
John: Somebody stole Don's breakfast. Get this man some vittles!

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