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Looking for improvement


Blaine Gabbert said he wants to see more this week than he did last.

Gabbert, the Jaguars' rookie quarterback, said that's true whether or not he starts, and it actually will be true whatever his situation.

It's one thing to make mistakes, Gabbert said – and he said while he played well for the most part in his first NFL start, he also made the expected mistakes.

It's quite another thing – and not a very good thing – to not learn after you make them.

"No question, you want to make the improvements," Gabbert said Sunday between a pair of Jaguars 2011 Training Camp practices. "You want to see yourself get better, see yourself make more throws, make more audibles, be correct the majority of the time.  Being a rookie you're still going to make mistakes. That's just the inevitable part of the process, but you want to make new ones.

"You don't want to keep making the same old mistakes week in and week out."

Gabbert, the No. 10 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, spoke to the media Sunday, his first comments since the Jaguars' 47-12 loss to the New England Patriots in the preseason opener. Gabbert started that game in place of starter David Garrard, completing 9 of 16 passes for 85 yards and no touchdowns with no interceptions in the first half, after which the Jaguars trailed 19-9.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew said he was impressed with Gabbert the following day, and that he has been impressed with the rookie's approach throughout camp.

"He's done a great job of learning, listening, asking questions, never making the same mistake twice, making sure he's getting in watching tape after the game," Jones-Drew said. "He got in the next day and was watching the tape of the whole game, not just what he did, but learning from everybody else's mistakes, and studying the offense and trying to learn the offense as best as he can. I think that's what you want from any young guy and that's what all of our young guys are trying to do right now."

Gabbert said the approach wasn't unusual.

"Whenever you watch film you watch the whole game, digest every play, learn from every play, see what you did good, see what you did bad, just really evaluate yourself and the offense," he said.

Gabbert played with much of the first-team offense during the first quarter, then while most of the first team offensive line remained in the game through the second quarter, he played with reserves at the running back and receiver position.

Gabbert on Sunday said he was disappointed with most of the same things he was Thursday, specifically not producing touchdowns on two early red-zone possessions.

"All in all we got points on our first couple of drive," Gabbert said. "We'd like to have touchdowns in the red zone, can't take sacks on first down – just all about getting those reps in games and making smarter decisions. . . .

"There are definitely some things that we missed, some blitzes that we could get the ball out a little sooner on but we also capitalized on some blitz coverage zero against them.  So it's just kind of hit or miss."

Garrard, after missing the preseason opener with a back injury, returned Saturday and if he practices throughout the week, he is expected to start against Atlanta Friday. Gabbert said preparing as a backup won't change his approach this week.

"Every quarterback approaches the game like they were starting, otherwise you're not going to be prepared," Gabbert said. "If you're going into a game with a mindset of, 'Oh, I'm the third quarterback, I'm not going to play,' you get two plays and two guys go down, you're right in there. So you always have to be mentally prepared no matter the situation you're put into."

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