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Loyal to each other

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Christopher from Tallahassee, FL:
What do you think about Dallas and the T.O. show coming to town in week one? We better double him all day long or we could be in trouble.

Vic: The idea of Terrell Owens coming to town doesn't excite me. When Tom Coughlin was the Jaguars' coach, he often asked, why isn't it good enough to come out and see us play? That's who I'm interested in seeing play in week one. I wanna see what the Jaguars have in the tank coming off a 12-4 year. I could care less about Owens, though I know that is not typical of the attitude of most fans. Owens is a notorious figure and in his debut game following his season of greatest notoriety, most of the attention will be focused on what he does that day.

Sean from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How's Orlando treating you, Vic? Are the meetings as interesting as you thought they'd be or would you rather be visiting Disney World? Anyhow, what are your opinions on the length of time Brett Favre is taking to mull his possible return or retirement? I sense a great amount of respect from the Packers organization by waiting this long but, at some point, they have to be concerned with making plans for the draft next month.

Vic: I'm not a Disney World kind of guy but I'm enjoying my stay in Orlando. The league meetings are a throwback for beat guys. We just kind of hang out in the hallway and grab owners, coaches and front office people as we see them. There's a relaxed atmosphere to it and I like it. On the subject of Brett Favre, he is certainly deserving of the Packers' respect and patience; that's how much he's meant to that franchise. I don't think, however, his decision impacts whatever decisions the Packers have to make in the draft. They have to know it's time to move into their future. They have to know that their glory days with Favre at quarterback are over.

Jonas from Jacksonville:
What are your feelings on an extended playoff field?

Vic: If you apply an extended playoff field to the AFC last season, you could certainly make a case that Kansas City and San Diego were playoff-caliber teams. What about the NFC? Can you say there was any team left out of the NFC playoffs that was deserving of a postseason berth? In my opinion, six playoff teams from each conference are enough.

John from Jacksonville:
was very surprised to read your story about season ticket sales being slow. What more do these fans want? The Jaguars were 12-4 last year and have had some great signings already. It's a young group on offense that should improve, with a healthy Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith in perhaps their last years. Also, as you pointed out, the home schedule is very attractive. No more Steeler jerseys in our house!

Vic: The Jaguars have done the smart thing in declining to sell season tickets to brokers who only want tickets for a few games. The Jaguars' refusal to sell season tickets to brokers is the kind of thing one friend does to protect another friend. You might say the Jaguars have their fans' backs on this one and I like that kind of behavior. Football is an emotional sell. When you sell someone a ticket to a football game, you're selling more than entertainment, you're selling loyalty. That's what makes for great relationships between teams and their fans; they are loyal to each other. In declining to sell tickets to brokers who would sell those tickets to fans from other towns, the Jaguars have expressed their loyalty to their fans. My guess is the fans will return the favor to the Jaguars.

Mike from Piscataway, NJ:
I finally had to chime in after reading so many comments and concerns about our lackluster offense and the little change it has received. The main issues with our offense were a lack of pass-protection and dropped passes. I tend to think that with the signings of offensive linemen to compete and a commitment to teaching our receivers to do their jobs, we should be in good shape. Your thoughts?

Vic: The main issue last season, in my opinion, was the lack of a thousand-yard rusher.

R.J. from Jacksonville:
When does the rest of the schedule come out?

Vic: I'm hearing the preseason schedule should be announced this week and the regular-season schedule will be announced either next week or the week after. What Commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced at the owners meetings on Monday are the nationally-televised games for the 2006 Kickoff Weekend. It's become a tradition to announce those games at the March owners meetings.

Mike from Jacksonville:
According to, the Jaguars have only received 60 percent of their renewals to date. I think this is totally unfair to even consider the possibility of selling the remaining tickets to brokers with five months left in the offseason. Let's give these other Jaguars fans a chance to respond. Am I wrong?

Vic: Mike, did you read the story? Did you read the part about the Jaguars saying no to ticket brokers' requests to purchase season tickets? Did you read the part about the March 12 deadline being extended to an April 19 deadline? Tell me what you think the Jaguars are doing that's wrong.

Jim from Tampa, FL:
Love your column and read it everyday. When will single-game tickets for the opener against Dallas go on sale?

Vic: That's the wrong question at this time, Jim. You see, single-game ticket sales would represent a major defeat for the Jaguars. Coming off a 12-4 season and with 10,000 seats covered, the expectation is that Alltel Stadium will be sold out on a season ticket basis. That's what it's going to take to secure the future of professional football in Jacksonville. If there are single-game tickets remaining, they will go on sale in August. That's the answer to your question, but I hope for the sake of the Jaguars and the future of professional football in Jacksonville that there will be no single-game ticket sales in August.

Steve from Indianapolis, IN:
I'm sure you will never put this e-mail on the Jags site but I am very excited about the Jags' lack of upgrade so far during the offseason. See you when the season starts with your empty seats. Post if you dare.

Vic: How could you have the nerve to taunt Jaguars fans after that embarrassing loss to the Steelers in the playoffs? Don't you understand that you're the belly laugh of professional football?

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