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Malik Jackson - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On if he felt that the change in quarterback affected the defense) "I'm not going to sit here and say that. I thought we were doing a good job with either quarterback. I don't think either one had too many passing yards or running yards on us, but the game definitely changed when [Marcus] Mariota came into the game and he had a little bit more success I would say, but I still think we played a hell of a game no matter what quarterback was in there because we planned for both."

(On if he feels the Titans have the Jaguars number) "Not at all because I think this game was way different from last year. We came out and we were physical and, speaking for the defense, we came out and played a physical game and didn't let them run the ball too much. I think they had 83 rushing yards and 153 passing yards. I think they understand that we're coming with it and that we have their card, but they got us today."

(On the maneuverability of Marcus Mariota) "He's good. You have to make sure that you account for him in comparison to Blaine Gabbert who runs the read option, and he's not as fast as Mariota so we can kind of make a mistake and go down on the draw, but make up for it by chasing him down. Mariota, you've got to mind your P's and Q's, because he'll get that ball and run like he did today so they're different beasts. They've got a good system up there, and we know that Mariota is fine so we'll see how they do the rest of the season."

(On if he feels today's loss is any worse than any other loss) "I don't know what's the difference. I think they're both losses. It's not a good loss, especially when it's a division opponent so the two games that we won won't look great because of the one game that we lost in our own division. It's just a reality check. We've got to come back to the drawing board, so it is what it is. It'll build character, and we'll see if we can bounce back. It's not going to destroy us."