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McGahee very tempting

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Terrence from Jacksonville:
Selecting Byron Leftwich almost seems a 99.9 percent sure thing. That being said, does the new era begin Saturday when Leftwich shakes hands with the commissioner, or in June when a few big-name Jaguar players get released or traded? When Leftwich gets picked I'll definitely be jumping up and down Saturday at Alltel Stadium. What about you?

Vic: I don't agree that drafting Byron Leftwich is a 99.9 percent sure thing. A lot has to happen for the Jaguars to select Leftwich: The Jaguars have to trade up, or seven other teams have to pass on Leftwich before the Jaguars would even have a chance. If it turns out they do draft him, I'll be satisfied that this team made a truly objective and committed decision about the future of this franchise, but I'm not a jump up and down guy.

Alex from Jacksonville:
My question is about the draft. I think taking Jordan Gross with our number eight pick would be a huge mistake. If Leftwich and Johnson are already gone, which they probably will be, do you think Taylor Jacobs from Florida is worth the number eight pick?

Vic: That's too high for him.

Doug from Spring Lake, MI:
I was wondering what your opinion was on the two players from Grand Valley State, QB Curt Anes and WR David Kircus. What are their positives and negatives and where do you see them going in the draft, if at all?

Vic: I saw the two of them play one time; in last season's Division II title game. David Kircus was sensational in that game and he followed it up by winning MVP honors in the Hula Bowl. He was the dominant player in the Division II title game; nobody could cover him. He makes big plays in big games, breaks tackles and makes big runs after the catch, has some size and offers the potential to get bigger, returns punts and is considered to play faster than his 4.6 40 time would suggest. The only real rap on him is that he hasn't faced top competition. Somebody may get real lucky on this kid in undrafted free agency. From what I'm told, he is not likely to be drafted. Curtis Anes benefited from a terrific supporting cast. He is not considered to have the size or arm strength to be a true NFL prospect, but you never know.

Steve from Gainesville, FL:
I know James Harris has said he will not select Willis McGahee in the second round, but I'm interested to know what you think about McGahee. Also, I hear McGahee just had a very impressive workout in Miami and he may not even be available in the second round. Your thoughts on his potential in the NFL?

Vic: Without the knee injury, he would've been the best player in the draft. With the knee injury, he represents a distinct risk, but the risk-reward is such that a team low in the first round may take a shot at him. He's very, very tempting.

Jared from Jacksonville:
I have a question about the rookie pool. Is it the same size for every team whether they have three picks or 13?

Vic: No; it varies according to a team's total number of picks and the position of those picks.

Jim from Vancouver, WA:
How do you see David Garrard fitting into the possible scenarios at the quarterback position? I understand he is quite comfortable with the "West Coast offense" and has looked good in the workouts. With all the talk about Leftwich or Brunell, is it at all possible we could see Garrard starting this season? I guess what I am really asking is: Do you think Garrard is good enough to be a realistic option as the starting quarterback for the Jags?

Vic: Yes, and I think David Garrard should come to training camp prepared to compete for the starting job.

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