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McKinnie: Coming to a TV near you


(Editor's note: Being an offensive lineman may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but to an NFL team, it's vital. This April, University of Miami left tackle Bryant McKinnie is expected to be a top draft selection in the 2002 NFL Draft. Each week, McKinnie will stop by and give his thoughts on what the life is like for this future NFL giant.)

I just got back from San Francisco. No, I wasn't visiting the Raiders or the 49ers, but I did do something very cool. I filmed a commercial for EA Sports. It was fun. They got in touch with my agent (Jim Steiner) and they asked me to come out there.

I did a few voice overs saying the company's tag line: "It's in the game!" I had a whole bunch of things to say -- they gave me a script. I was joined by a bunch of other rookies-to-be: Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Joey Harrington and Ashley Lelie. And no, there was no trash-talking between Big Mike and myself.

The best part? They gave us a bunch of games as an extra "thank you." I love playing video games, so those will definitely come in handy.

The commercial will be aired during the draft in April.

That's not my only television stop. Check this out: I'm going to be on a BET Special. They have a show called Next Generation, which they've asked me to be on. I love watching BET -- it's all we watch in the locker room at UM. I usually watch 106 & Park, ComicView and Rap City: Tha Basement.

That's not all -- in about two weeks, I'm going to be on ESPN's Unscripted with Chris Connelly. Anything on ESPN I definitely look forward to. That one will be out west in Southern California.

That's all for television. As for myself, I'm more relaxed now that my workouts are over. I'm still working out and getting ready, but I'm not really nervous anymore. Everyone around me is making sure I stay humble, which I will. Now I just have to sit and wait for April 20. And do some television in the meantime. Keep an eye out for me.


Each week, McKinnie will share which teams contact him prior to the NFL draft.

I met with San Diego's player personnel, general manager and head coach Marty Schottenheimer. They came here to watch film with me. I'm also going to Buffalo soon. Carolina also called, but I haven't scheduled a day with them yet.

-- As told to Dave Richard

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