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Miami is the team to beat

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brett from Jacksonville:
Nate Hughes' redemption was a feel-good moment, wasn't it?

Vic: Yes, it was, for a good guy. There's a lesson in that catch: Don't give up. Don't ever give up.

Patrick from Jacksonville:
If you're the Jags, who would you take if both are on the board in the draft, Suh or Tebow, knowing we have attendance issues?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Gage from Prescott Valley, AZ:
Do you think the Jaguars will win the wild card over Pittsburgh?

Vic: I don't think the Steelers are the team to beat. I think the Dolphins are the team to beat. In my opinion, the winner of this Sunday's game has the inside track for the second wild-card berth. The Dolphins have a rugged finishing schedule but they can win the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Jaguars with a win this Sunday, and they can take care of whatever business they might have with the Steelers by beating them in Miami on the final day of the season. Sunday's game against Miami is huge, folks.

Eric from Albany, NY:
I watched England's "Sky Sports" coverage of the Jags-Houston game and they read viewers' e-mails asking why the stadium is empty. People in Jacksonville need to realize they are becoming an international embarrassment. After this win, there are no excuses for the two remaining games not to be sold out. It has to stop.

Vic: I looked up at the TV monitor in the press box at a time when television was showing a panoramic of the stadium. I was horrified by what I saw. I'm struggling with my emotions about this attendance issue. I waver between anger and despair.

Marvin from Mobile, AL:
ESPN is reporting the NFL is cutting $100 million in revenue sharing. They estimate that 15 clubs could lose up to $10 million per year in revenue. Is this the beginning of the end of revenue-sharing in the NFL?

Vic: It's part of the current CBA agreement that if and when the league reached the uncapped year, which it will in 2010, revenue sharing would also end. That's the short answer. The long-term answer won't be known until the league and the players union agree on a new CBA.

Sam from Jacksonville:
In his four years at Appalachian State, Armanti Edwards has 74 passing TDs, 64 rushing TDs, 10,039 passing yards, 4,307 rushing yards and two national championships, with possibly a third this year. Yet, at 6-1, 185, he's not a top draft prospect, and most people have him pegged as a wide receiver. If he was still on the board at the Jags' third-round pick, do you think he would be the pick? I'm an App State alumnus and 15-year Jaguars season ticket holder and I can't wait to see what Armanti can do at the next level.

Vic: You're preaching to the choir. Edwards is one of the most exciting college football players I have ever seen. He should absolutely be a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. I don't know where he fits in the draft, but he is the epitome of what I mean when I say small-market teams will have to be creative in the future; Edwards offers enormous creativity. The "Wildcat" was made for him. If I was a personnel director, I would target him. I would find out where he fits in the draft and I would make sure I take him a little ahead of that. The reward he represents is huge; the risk is small.

Robert from Houston, TX:
Stephanie Stradley, aka "Texans Chick" with the "Houston Chronicle," says you are the best team writer for any team in the NFL. What makes you so good and do you have anything to say about Stephanie, other than she has a really nice smile and superior intellect?

Vic: I told you, it's my sensitivity, my calm and kindness. How many times do I have to say it?

John from Jacksonville:
It is often said the opposing team is going to force Garrard to beat them with the passing game and focus on stopping the run. When Garrard successfully throws passes down the field, why do they continually stop the running game and not loosen up to stop the passing game?

Vic: Teams stick with their game plans, or why do one? You're more likely to notice the change in the next game.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
I feel hopeless as a fan who has gone to every game for 15 years. I love the Jags and I'm super-excited about this playoff push, but all I hear is how lousy our fans are. I'm there every week. What more can I do?

Vic: Do you really think they're talking about you? Jonathan, there's an old saying in the newspaper business that explains what is and what isn't news: When dog bites man, that's not news. When man bites dog, that's a scoop. Now apply that to the attendance situation: Full stadiums aren't news in the NFL. Empty ones are.

Tim from St. Augustine, FL:
As much as Kubiak's call for a halfback pass seemed dumb on the goal line, Tyron Brackenridge's hit saved the day. I didn't get to see a replay but it looked like a Texans receiver broke open dragging across the field.

Vic: There was a receiver open in the back of the end zone but Chris Brown couldn't get the ball to him because he was too close to the defenders. He needed, first of all, to sell run a little better, which he didn't. He just kind of drifted toward the sideline. He should've shown a little burst to the outside, then he should've slowed up and faded from the line of scrimmage to buy room and time to let the play develop and make the throw. A big part of the play is throw it away if it's not open. What he did, just as he did when he fumbled into the end zone against the Jags on Sept. 27, is to have done the one thing you shouldn't do, throw an interception.

Tyler from West Des Moines, IA:
We always talk about QBs getting it done at crunch time, but what about running backs? Maurice Jones-Drew played his best when it counted.

Vic: Jones-Drew is what I call a "money back." That's the highest praise I can give to a running back. I like guys who get it done in the clutch. I don't want the stats, I want the wins.

Justin from Rockville, MD:
Do you think enough Miami fans will make the trip up to Jacksonville this weekend so that all but about 40,000 Jags fans can watch the game at home?

Vic: I think you'll see a spike in attendance because a lot of Dolphins fans from the Jacksonville area will attend this game, but I doubt it'll be enough to avoid a blackout.

Eddie from Jacksonville:
When the Texans went for the two-point conversion, I noticed the ball was spotted at the far left hash. Is it the choice of the offense where the ball is spotted on a point after or is it something else?

Vic: It's the offense's choice of where the ball is spotted.

Dwayne from Jacksonville:
I love reading your blog when I get back from the game. Do you think you're doing too good of a job on the blog? It seems the more popular it becomes, the smaller the attendance is every week.

Vic: This is a new one: Blame it on Vic.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Would you answer "I would worry about that" when it comes to attendance?

Vic: No, I would answer: I am worried about that.

Dale from Hampton, VA:
I don't understand. I saw Tim Tebow give a fiery speech, but the Gators didn't turn it around and win. Didn't Alabama see that look in his eyes?

Vic: Here's a bit of free advice for Tim: When you're in the NFL, don't gather the defense around you and give them a pep talk. When I saw that, I immediately thought to myself, "Greg Lloyd would've killed him."

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