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Myles Jack - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On the play Dante Fowler made) "That was epic man, because you know New England is going to make their little push. So when they started getting momentum and when they got the ball on the 30 or 40 for Dante to make that play that he made. Obviously guys were covered so it gave him time, but hell of a play by Dante to not only sack him but to get the ball out. There's no mismatch on our defense, I feel like at any moment somebody's bound to make a big play."

(On his thoughts on the fan comparison to last season's playoff game against the Bills) "I didn't think it could get better than that but it did; Duval came out and they showed that they were loud for us and we felt like they had an impact on New England's offense. And I thank the fans for coming out. We've got their support and we're finally putting out something that they can be proud of and we're just glad that they want to be a part of it."

(On the message this ream is sending) "We got Tennessee next week; they beat us twice last year, both early and late in the season. We've got another big game coming up and we're going to enjoy this for 48 hours and move on to Tennessee."

(On the influx of media in the locker room) "It's dope. I mean I remember the year when we were 3-13 and it was depressing around here and then last year you start to see kind of getting the fans back into it and the media starts coming. And then today we won a big game like this and now you see 50 people around Jalen (Ramsey). It's definitely cool man, to see the growth of the team as opposed to two years ago and now everybody is talking about us. And hopefully with this game we get the respect that we deserve and we just got to continue to win."