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Myles Jack - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On how he felt to finally play a game) "It's definitely great to hit a different colored jersey. Great to get out there, the defense got out there for a series, held them to a field goal; we're not happy with that. Overall, it was just great to get back out there and fly around."

(On how difficult it is to prepare for the game) "I still treated it the same. I let my adrenaline and I let everything build up and get in that same mode, and when they said I'm dead, I'm dead. I'm all dressed, just sweating, so I've got to cool off. You approach it the same way. When they say you're down, that's it. Just trying to build a routine for the season so that way when it's Week 1 and it's real, it's real."

(On dropping a potential interception) "I should've caught that. I was already looking up the field, thinking about what I was going to do. I should've picked that, so I apologize to the city. I've got to do better."

(On how excited he is for the upcoming season) "It feels good, just getting out there. To get out there and just see how you measure up against everybody, seeing your tempo of play and everything, I think that's the biggest thing. I know we'll be ready Week 1. Obviously, I'm trying not to look ahead, but I cannot wait. We've got a big game in New York, so that'll be real cool."