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News flash: It's time to move on

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ben Corby from Jacksonville:
The past two years, Tom Coughlin has pulled the trigger on some great offensive linemen in round two. Assuming he goes by the best player policy, it seems almost certain the best at pick nine will be a defensive lineman, but it seems to me Coughlin will have to address the OL in round two. He's had unrivaled success doing it the past two years and now the Jags have a huge hole at either right guard or right tackle, depending on where Wiegert is placed, and some would argue a hole at center, as well. Which OL prospects strike you as being this year's Brad Meester or Maurice Williams for the team?
Tackle Marc Colombo of Boston College would be a solid second-round pick. Florida's Mike Pearson seems to be falling. How about Ohio State's LeCharles Bentley? He can play guard or center. The same goes for Tennessee's Fred Weary.

Nathan Mitrosky from St. Augustine, FL:
I am very excited about this coming season. This season reminds me of 1996 because of all the youth we have and no one seams to know just what will happen. I'm glad we are trying not to put the franchise in the bad situation it was in. The team used to focus heavily on free agents to help, but this year I like the fact that the team is heavily focusing on the draft and still signed Patrick Johnson and Pete Mitchell, who I think will help out a lot. My question is, do you think the Jaguars have enough talent and good enough coaching to win more games than last year and possibly make the playoffs?
Six wins isn't a lot. Yes, I think the Jaguars can win more than six games, but let's stop there. This is a rebuilding year.

Anthony Gambrell from Anderson, SC:
I have been very upset with the Jags. Lately, it seems as if they have turned into another Carolina team, spending lots of money and not getting what they paid for, and because of this they now have to get rid of some of their truly good players. What can they do to turn this around? I would really hate to see them turn into Carolina.
If they continue to be salary cap-conscious, and if they draft well and develop those players patiently, they will have already started the process of recovery. Those are the three ingredients: Take care of the cap, draft and develop.

Mike DiRenzo from Swarthmore, PA:
This organization is now becoming very difficult to cheer for. The loss of McCardell is the biggest of the offseason, in my opinion. Just go back and look at all the clutch catches this guy made over the past two seasons. His production on the field was exceptional, and I don't know how the Jaguars will replace it. Moreover, how are veterans such as Brunell, Jimmy Smith going to be motivated to win for this organization after such a demoralizing offseason?
In my opinion, people who are critical of the Jaguars' decision to release Keenan McCardell are being very unfair. Have they already forgotten the desperate salary cap situation this team was in two months ago? Back in January, the team laid out its strategy for salary cap recovery. That strategy included the loss of Tony Boselli, Gary Walker and Seth Payne in the expansion draft, and the release of McCardell and Hardy Nickerson in June. All of a sudden, people want the Jaguars to change their strategy. It's too late. The team had committed itself to a plan. It's good to see this team stand firm on something. A firm commitment is what it's going to take for this team to recover. Caving into public sentiment won't get it done. It's time for this team to take a stand, and I hope it has taken a strong and unwavering stance on salary-cap repair and roster reconstruction.

Kevin Knauss from Jacksonville:
Tom Coughlin is obviously a very good coach, but I question his skills as a personnel guy. It seems far too much to expect one man to be the head coach, run the offense and call the plays, plus keep on top of personnel moves. Do you see Wayne Weaver moving to hire someone like a Rich McKay or Tom Donahoe to make personnel decisions?
Kevin, the draft is less than three weeks away. Ask me that question after next season.

Kelly Arnold from Jacksonville:
I just read on the site that Keenan McCardell feels he can play another 4-5 years. I agree wholeheartedly. I think he and Jimmy Smith can play a lot longer than normal and still be productive because they didn't play all that much early on in their careers, so they probably didn't get as banged up. What do you think? It was brought up Sunday night on a local sports show that the Jaguars haven't been marketed very well in cities surrounding Jacksonville. That's something I hadn't thought of before, in regards to getting that stadium filled. I understand it's perfectly normal for organizations to do that. Is there any indication the organization will try to change this? I figure it'll be a harder sell now, since we're going through some tough times right now.
Kelly, it's time to move on. The salary cap must be fixed. I don't think you understand the consequences of re-structuring contracts. As far as marketing is concerned, the Jaguars are going to great lengths to promote their product out of town. This Thursday, they will be participating in a major event in Savannah, Ga.

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