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Not an indicator of success

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Elliott from Kansas City, MO:
I just finished watching the first edition of "Reporters Corner." The salary cap issue is very important to the Jaguars. With this much cap room, and if the Jaguars use it effectively, do you think the Jaguars have what it takes to beat out Tennessee and Indianapolis to become division champions? Do you think the Jaguars will be playoff material by the start of the 2004 season?

Vic: My expectation for the Jaguars in 2004 is that they will compete for the AFC South title. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. But let me ask you this question, the answer to which may address your question more fully: If the Titans and Colts could trade rosters and salary caps even up with the Jaguars today, would they? I believe they would, in a heartbeat.

Malosi from Valencia, CA:
In the past five years, could you give some examples of top-15, draft-pick WRs who made big impacts? I'm just curious, because of the Roy Williams possibility.

Vic: If you don't mind, let's use the years 1997-2001, which will have allowed the players time to have established their careers. In 2001, David Terrell, Koren Robinson and Rod Gardner were drafted in the top 15. In 2000, Peter Warrick, Plaxico Burress and Travis Taylor; in 1999, Torry Holt, David Boston and Troy Edwards; in '98, no wide receivers were selected among the top 15 picks; in '97, Ike Hilliard and Yatil Green were top-15ers. Wanna go back a couple of more years? In '96, Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn were top-15 picks; in '95, Michael Westbrook, Joey Galloway and J.J. Stokes. Coming forward, in 2003 Charles Rogers and Andre Johnson were top-15ers; in '02, Donte Stallworth was the only WR taken in the top 15. So, what's the verdict? Well, Holt has clearly been the player of greatest impact. Others have had their moments but, by and large, if I was to use the information you've requested to help me decide on whether or not to draft a wide receiver in the top half of the draft, the information would tell me not to do it.

Tim from Jacksonville:
There are conflicting reports on the length of the Deon Grant deal. Most media outlets are indicating it's a four-year deal, but NFLPA is showing it is only a three-year deal. Why the discrepancy?

Vic: It's a three-year deal; no voidable years or funny business. It's just a simple three-year contract.

Stephen from Kensington, MD:
What is to stop a team from offering a killer contract to a star college player and have said player not enter the draft and just sign with that team? For example, say Philadelphia wanted Fitzgerald really bad but can never hope he will fall to them in a draft. Why can't they tell him to never enter the draft and just sign him like a free agent?

Vic: All players automatically become eligible for the draft upon completion of their college eligibility.

Igor from Jacksonville:
I need your opinion and everything you know about the front office's opinion on drafting Kellen Winslow and have him playing for the Jags wearing number 81. Have the Jags contacted or done anything with Winslow, like watching him workout? By the way, love your column.

Vic: The Jaguars and every other team in the NFL were at the Miami pro-day workouts a couple of weeks ago. As I have already mentioned, Kellen Winslow turned in a sensational pass-catching display and an impressive athletic skills workout. Before you assign him a number with the Jags, you might want to ask the Browns what their opinion of Winslow is. It's thought Winslow won't make it past Cleveland at number seven.

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