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Not scouting positions

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
Looking forward to next season, many fans are excited to watch the Bucs on that Sunday night. Do you agree with me the Jaguars are one of the few teams who can beat the Bucs, due to our amazing cutback runner? Freddie Taylor has had some of his best games against aggressive defenses, such as the Steelers, Ravens, Dolphins and Bucs, so I see him tearing apart the Bucs because they'll be aggressive and Freddie is just going to make his cuts and keep running.

Vic: Your premise is sound, but I think you're a little over the edge.

Dominique from Jacksonville:
A co-worker of mine believes a player's base salary is determined by the average salaries of the players at his position. Will you please clarify this for him. Also he thinks the Jaguars are still paying McCardell and Nickerson because they both still count against the Jags' cap for this year. Will you explain this for him also?

Vic: Your co-worker has his facts crossed. Only players designated as "franchise" or "transition" have their salaries based on other players' salaries. A "franchise" player makes the average of the top five salaries in the league at his position. A "transition" player earns the average of the top 10 salaries in the league at his position. For everybody else, grab all you can. As far as Keenan McCardell and Hardy Nickerson are concerned, they are no longer receiving money from the Jaguars but they remain on the salary cap in the form of "dead money," which is bonus amortization that was pushed out beyond the life of the contract. It's something teams desperately want to avoid doing.

Terrance from Jacksonville:
Looking at this year's schedule, it looks very intriguing, but doesn't look like the schedule of a 6-10 team. We have the last three Super Bowl champs on the schedule, not to mention Miami, San Diego and Atlanta. My question is does the league come up with the teams we play at the end of each year, or are they already determined years in advance?

Vic: The scheduling format was changed a couple of years ago to a more equitable arrangement. There are no more loser's or winner's schedules.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
I have a question about restricted free agency. Who is eligible for it?

Vic: Players with three accrued seasons whose contracts have expired automatically become restricted free agents. Players with less than three accrued seasons and whose contracts have expired are exclusive-rights free agents. Players with four or more accrued seasons whose contracts have expired are unrestricted free agents.

Ben from Jacksonville:
What do you make of the Jags' staff doing so much QB scouting? They say they're sold on Brunell as the present and Garrard as the future, but the fact Del Rio himself attended Byron Leftwich's workout doesn't seem to jibe with that. Are the Jags looking for a QB, or do you think this is just covering bases to make absolutely sure you draft the best available player?

Vic: They're not scouting positions, they're scouting players who have the potential of being the best player available when it's their turn to draft. Byron Leftwich is one of those candidates in round one.

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