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Not tipping my hand

Let's get to it . . . Drew from Buford, GA:
It is just the preseason, so we should not read too much into it, but I do wonder how Laurent Robinson ever was able to command the contract size and length he did. It is contracts like this that baffle some of us fans. He has one decent year and gets $6 million per year. You appreciate people like MJD more who have put in numerous good years. MJD does need to honor his contract and report, but comparatively, he is worth far more than Robinson.
John: In an ideal world, sure, Jones-Drew is worth more than Robinson, but at the time he signed his original deal Jones-Drew looked similarly overpaid to many observers. I am always baffled by people who are baffled by why players get big contracts. Robinson was a free agent in an offseason when wide receivers were at a premium. If you recall, fans were irate when the Jaguars did not sign other, better-known receivers to contracts worth far more than Robinson's. Players get contracts because the contracts are what the market will bear at the time they sign them. They're based on a player's potential and a team's perceived need at the spot. And there are no guarantees in terms of the player's eventual production.
John from Jacksonville:
How do players that get cut prior to the regular season get paid?
John: That's pretty much up to their new employers.
Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Is there a real possibility that Maurice Jones-Drew will sit out the season?
John: That's pretty much up to Maurice Jones-Drew.
Ron from Orlando, FL:
John! You're avoiding my question and it's bothering me! I'll try one more time: Does Will Rackley's return mean that our early second-round right tackle pick becomes a backup guard/tackle?
John: Ron! You seem to be under the impression that I care one iota about the name at the top of an email! You also apparently never read the Ozone or, and while that hardly makes you unique or really all that unreasonable, it is a point that bears noting here because I have discussed Rackley/Britton often! Britton is the starting left guard right now! I think he will stay that way! I don't know this for a fact! No one does! It will be determined when Rackley returns! Whoever is better will start! We'll see who that is! If that means Britton is a backup, then he will be a very good backup and it means you will get your chance to criticize him and Gene Smith for the situation! Good luck to you!
Jim from The Villages, FL:
C'mon, admit it, your life changed a little bit because the Jags' linebacker replacements are slower with Smith out. My life changed and I couldn't even understand the question, although I remember it as a scene from the original movie Airplane when Karim was questioning Captain Roger Over.
John: Good luck. We're all counting on you.
Scott from Chelsea, NY:
The so-called experts are pointing to the Patriots' extension of Hernandez to a new deal as reason to give MJD a new contract: "The 21st century in cap management is extending valuable players early, which helps the player out short term and is cheaper for the team in the future." What they fail to realize is that teams give players on their rookie deals extensions before they expire. I don't see anyone extending players to a 3rd contract (outside of QB's). If only MJD would realize this and just come play ball.
John: You're right. Because of the ages of the respective players, the Jones-Drew and Hernandez situations couldn't be more different. Most knowledgeable NFL people understand this.
Biff from Jacksonville:
John, you're a good guy. You enjoy good beer (cough . . . Intuition . . . cough) and I'm sure you're a loving husband and grounded father. Impart your good heart upon we readers and tell us why we should not wish Bianchi ill will? I've read some pretty bad arguments in my time but his Orlando propaganda piece ripping Khan and the Jaguars was abysmal. If you can't give us just cause to speak well of the man can you pull his chair out from under him the next time you see him?
John: You had me at "good guy." Mike Bianchi is a good friend and a good writer, and him being those things does not mean I agree with all or even most of what he says. This won't come as a surprise to him because when we worked together at the Florida Times-Union I often told him his opinions were ludicrous. We just as often laughed about this and enjoyed a beer, though Intuition in those days was regrettably not yet an option. I skimmed the column of which you speak. I didn't think much of it, and yes, next time I see him I'll work on the chair thing.
Andre from Ocala, FL:
Give the kid some help with his homework. Your reply indicated you wanted "mojo" money!
John: I guess I'm not the "good guy" Biff thinks I am.
Chris from Westerville, OH:
Even in the loss against the Saints, the Texans looked very good. They're fast, aggressive, and talented. They worry me this year; I think they'll own the AFC South. And for all the "we want Tebow" folks out there, he looked horrible last night against a so-so Jets defense.
John: You're right to worry about the Texans. They're talented on offense, better than most people believe on defense and they're very well-coached on both sides of the ball. I don't know that they'll own the AFC South, but I'd be surprised if they're not a factor. As for Tebow, well, if you can't say anything nice . . .
Trace from Jacksonville:
I know that during training camp, the media is only allowed access to half of some of the practices. Do you count as "the media" for those restrictions, or do you get full access since you work for the Jaguars?
John: Within the context of covering the team on a daily basis during training camp and regular season I follow essentially the same guidelines as media. As such, I attend pretty much the entire practice most training camp days and the first half hour after that.
Wallace from Jacksonville:
Well, with Monday's moves to put three offensive linemen on injured reserve, it's clear that the Jaguars' 2012 season is in danger of being derailed. The loss of Spitz, Estes and Nowak for the year puts the team in a precarious position. By my count there are only six proven offensive linemen on the roster and one of them with the initials Guy Whimper is proven to be average on his best day and mediocre on most. I predict a season with Gabbert running for his life again because the O-Line is going to be in constant flux.
John: Well, there are at least seven, including Will Rackley and Guy Whimper, the former of whom the Jaguars like and the latter of whom was hampered by injuries much of last season. The loss of Estes and Spitz certainly hurts, though I don't know that Nowak was going to be a major factor this season. The line isn't as deep as the Jaguars would like. I agree with that, but I'm not sure the season is derailed just yet.
Steve from Jacksonville:
We all know Robinson benefited from teams putting their best DB's on Austin and Bryant. I'm sure the same will happen to Blackmon and at that point Robinson should become a more productive WR for the Jaguars. It's just speculation on my part but it seems to be a likely scenario.
John: Yes, it does.
Jordan from Muncie, IN:
I don't understand the roster cuts, John. A few weeks ago, it was said that Estes and Spitz would be out through preseason, and possibly a couple of weeks into the regular season. Now, both are on IR and it severely hurts our offensive line depth. What gives, dude?
John: Actually, Estes always was described as an extensive injury and it was pretty evident early on that injured reserve was the likely destination. Information on Spitz was a bit more vague, but if the Jaguars thought he could help this season, I don't think they would have made the move.
Manuel from Jacksonville and Section 215:
What's the difference of a player being put in IR as opposed to the PUP list?
John: A player on injured reserve is out for the season under current NFL rules. A player on the Physically Unable to Perform list has a three-week window beginning in October during which he can return. A player can only be on PUP if he has not practiced that season.
Alex from New York, NY:
John, I do not understand your logic. Because fans want to talk about Robinson, "frustrated fans' Topic of the Week," you'll save your "more thoughts"? Why on earth would you not share your thoughts, when people want to talk about him?
John: I shared some thoughts already. A lot of them. It's a long week, Alex. There's plenty of time.
Clifford from Jacksonville:
I recall that the new CBA changed the rules for how teams can use the IR list. Can't a player(s) on IR return to active duty during a season? Please explain the new rules. Thanks!
John: There was a rule proposed this offseason to allow teams to place one player on an injured reserve list that would allow him to return during the same season. It has not yet been put into place, but I expect it will be something we see soon.
Alphonso from Apopka, FL:
What the heck is wrong with Session? He has been in the concussion program for what seems like a year now.
John: Session has been on the PUP list since the start of training camp. It is because of concussion symptoms stemming from concussions sustained last season. And yes, that's as concerning as it sounds. That's why he is on the PUP list.
Franklyn from Orange Park, FL:
Last year the streak started by you saying something like, "As long as the games sell out I'll keep posting every day." If we have a blackout this year, will that end the streak?
John: Wouldn't you like to know?

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