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O-Zone: A good day

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Tim from Jacksonville:
Thankfully, Dante Fowler Jr. will be back next year. Hopefully, he will have a long career ahead, but he won't be playing this season and that means the Jaguars will be fielding a team without six of their last 10 first-round picks. I know there are seven rounds and we have found some good players late, but it must be hard to build a core when the front-line talent is having such a low rate of success. Thoughts?
John: You must get Round 1 production. Absolutely, definitely, positively. You don't have to hit home runs with every first-round selection, but you better not have many first-rounders who don't contribute, either. No question the lack of past first-round success has haunted and hurt this franchise. It's particularly difficult to not have the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 first-round selections not on the active roster. That means none worked their way into being core players, and it's extremely hard to win consistently when that's the case.
Mick from Jacksonville:
The one thing about Fowler's injury is there will always be that "what-if" factor with it regardless if he is able to ever come back from it or not.
John: If he comes back and plays at a high level why would there be a "what-if" factor?
Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
A statement about this whole Deflategate issue. Blame who you want, but the NFL themselves should take the blame for this. Why do teams get to use their own balls for each game? If the NFL supplied every ball for each game this would not be an issue. Every other major sport in America, every team uses the same ball, except the NFL. Let the NFL take the blame for this one and move on. If they allow this again next year, then you will know how arrogant they really are.
John: Yeah, while the NFL isn't perfect by a long shot, I can't get on board with this. The league allows teams to use their own balls when on offense because they want to allow the quarterbacks a level of comfort with the ball they are throwing. This is done to enhance quality of play. The league set reasonable parameters about the pressure level of those balls – and the system has worked fairly well for years. While it's not reasonable to think that the Patriots and Tom Brady are the first team to bend these rules, it seems reasonable in this case to deduce that there was some fairly obvious rule-breaking – and that it was no accident. Maybe the league will go to a system in which each quarterback uses the same balls. If so, fine. But if they do, it was something that could have been avoided. And if they do, it seems the other quarterbacks who are inconvenienced in this case can look at one of their own – a very great one of their own – as the reason.
Neena from Jacksonville:
What does the "O" in O-Zone stand for?
John: Ovation.
Michael from Tucker:
After watching Neal Sterling over the weekend, do you think he has a realistic chance of becoming this year's version of Allen Hurns? I understand the plan is for him to develop into a tight end down the road, but the thought of the Jags having a big and talented wide receiver opposite Allen Robinson is intriguing.
John: Sterling is an intriguing player, and while there is a chance he could be a move tight end in the future, I don't think it's accurate to say the Jaguars are "planning" to put him there. If he plays well at wide receiver, there's no reason he can't play wide receiver. But don't rush this; certainly not until Sterling competes with veterans. Sure, he could develop, but let's not project him as starting opposite Allen Robinson just yet. Marqise Lee is a unique talent and could be a big-play player on the outside, and don't forget: what Hurns did as a rookie free agent from Miami last season is difficult. Sterling played at Monmouth, and while players can transition from a small school to the NFL, it can take longer than doing so from a larger school.
Scott from Wichita, KS:
Blackmon denied reinstatement?
John: This is a story that has been whispered on Twitter and recirculated on the Internet. There's often a reason when stories aren't reported as fact.
Jammie from Foley, AL:
What is Timothy T.J.Yeldon's contract breakdown?
John: He hasn't signed it yet.
Mike from Jagsonville:
O'Dewd - Gus said he saw some good things Ace did, so maybe Ace does have some time left as a Jag. What were Gus's comments based on? Where/how did he see Ace working?
John: Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley went out of his way to praise third-year wide receiver Ace Sanders a couple of times during the team's 2015 rookie minicamp. He talked specifically of Sanders' consistency on every practice repetition since the team entered "Phase II" of the voluntary offseason program. That has been going on at the Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields since the beginning of last week. Bradley said while the workout is just running and individual work, Sanders "really stacked up some good days."
Garrett from Casper, WY:
What happens to a draft pick if it is taken away from a team? Is it given to another team or is there just one less draft pick that year?
John: There is just one less draft pick that year.
Kinzie from Asheville, NC:
I know you have stated that there should be some sort of punishment for Tom Brady. As a Jags fan it is pretty cool knowing that we will not have to face him Week 3 and it makes our first four games look a lot more intriguing. All that aside, were you surprised by the draft picks taken away and $1 million fine handed down to the organization? Seems like a pretty stiff penalty for "more likely than not."
John: I wasn't all that surprised. Brady's lack of cooperation couldn't have helped, and what couldn't have helped the team as a whole was the shadow of SpyGate still fresh in the collective memory.
Kenny from Rochester:
If deflated balls are easier to throw are they easier to catch too?
John: Yes.
Steve from Hudson, FL:
Mr O-zone, were you a vinyl, 8 track, cassette, or CD guy? You know "video killed the radio child."
John: Yes, I was. And it was Video Killed the Radio Star. I assume you knew that. I assume everyone knows that. I don't know how anyone couldn't know that.
Kevin from Jacksonville:
Okay, maybe not a direct Jaguar question but one about a schedule opponent and team in the division. My conspiracy theory of the week is that the NFL knew it was going to suspend Brady for four games before the schedule was released. I am sorry but the fact that Brady's first game back is against the Colts doesn't exactly pass the smell test for me. Your thoughts?
John: My first thought is you're reaching. My second thought is you probably won't be the only person to voice your theory but that you're still reaching. My third thought is there are a lot of days I probably wouldn't pass the smell test, and I'm more OK with that than I'd like to admit.
Pedal Bin from Farnborough, Hampshire, UK:
Sorry to hear that your Mom would not give you a Pepsi. Maybe you just need some to figure things out for yourself? Hopefully they won't decide what's in your best interest. Watch out for cars by the way.
John: I'm not crazy.
Fleming Island, FL:
John, can players on injured reserve still fully participate in the classroom aspects of the offseason, as well as in-season meeting-room work?
John: Yes.
Keith from Palatka, FL:
So, while other teams strive for the Super Bowl, we will be striving for mediocrity (8-8 or .500). Does anybody else see anything wrong with that picture?
John: If the Jaguars were indeed striving for mediocrity then they would be something wrong with that picture. They're not. They're striving for the Super Bowl like everyone else. I wouldn't say that's a realistic goal yet, and considering they went 3-13 last season I certainly would call 8-8 an improvement.
Jason from Jacksonville:
What bums me out most about Fowler's injury is that most players never return to the speed, first step and agility they had before tearing their ACL. Of course there are some rare examples like Adrian Peterson, but most players (especially big guys) will just never be the same.
John: This used to be very, very true. It is no longer very, very true.
Ric from Jacksonville:
So, John … we do have something to be proud of. The website "" has rated every NFL team from the biggest cheaters (No, it wasn't the Pats) to the least. And the Jaguars were rated dead last in the line of cheaters. So at least my beloved Jaguars are the most honest team in the league. Right now … I'll take it!
John: Wow! This is a good day.'s sister site, yourteam' rated the Jaguars first. Things are looking up.

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