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O-Zone: Always and forever

FREMONT, Calif. – Let's get to it . . . Terrance from Jacksonville:
With Indy actively seeking help at the halfback position, and that seemingly being the only position of quality depth on our team, do you see us being likely trade partners? And if so, who goes?
John: I don't see this happening, but this is a question I get a lot during regular seasons – will the Jaguars try to trade this player or that player? First, the NFL is not nearly as much a trade-happy league as the NBA or Major League Baseball. Trades are rarer, partly because when they do occur they don't have the impact they do in other sports. That's because except for quarterback, one player usually doesn't have a mammoth, immediate impact on a team. Also, teams often aren't nearly as anxious to trade quality players as fans. It's Week 2. The NFL is a 16-game season and teams usually need their depth. The Jaguars very well may need to use all of their running backs this season. So, while I agree that the Jaguars seem deep at running back, but I don't see the Jaguars trading a player at the position. Finally, don't forget: the Colts and Jaguars are both in the AFC South. Teams usually don't trade within the division because you don't want to help a team you have to play twice a year.
Matt from Jacksonville:
Can you pass this suggestion on to our GM. He has done a great job so far, but I demand we trade for Tyrod Taylor, the backup to Joe Flacco. He would speed up the offense by light years. We need to look toward the future and stop looking for the next Manning! (referring to Gabbert). Watch Taylor's film: it speaks for itself.
John: Matt likes Tyrod Taylor, but again, teams aren't always anxious to trade quality players. That includes quality backup quarterbacks.
Austin from Atlanta, GA:
Gameday! I want YOUR prediction O-man. Whatcha think?
John: Jaguars 3, Raiders 2, O-Zone 0.
Logan from Big Bear City:
You never answer my questions but I am going to give you my opinion. Why whenever the Jaguars win the toss they elect to receive? I am going to try and compare Madden 25 with the actual NFL but don't laugh at me . . .
John: #Madden #dontlaughatme
Mike from Atlanta:
"It wood," was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Ignorance and/or willful misuse of grammar should be ridiculed. Its not way to live. Do we really need someone defending laziness as acceptable behavior?
John: Subtle, indeed almost subliminal humor, is something I respect. If you're subtle enough to sneak "Its not way to live" in there, then you, Mike, are genius.
Chad from Jacksonville:
After this week's game in Oakland I know the Jags are staying in California until the Seattle game but where are they going to practice and have team meetings?
John: They're having team meetings in the team hotel in Fremont, Calif., and they will practice at San Jose State University.
Mike from White Plains, GA:
Let's be honest about the yelling-on-the-sideline thing. If Brady does it, he's a fiery leader. If Jay Cutler or Jeff George do it, they are petulant and not leaders. So, what's the difference? Seems like the answer is winning. Winning makes pretty much anything you do OK. Losing means whatever you did was not OK. Gabbert hasn't won, so him yelling and being fiery would just be seen as a negative thing, I bet.
John: You're right – and pretty much for the reasons you say. Look, fans and even media are attracted to players who yell on the sideline. Football is a great television game, and theatrical players on the sideline make for great television. Players who yell, dance, throw helmets or cry are perceived being somehow more intense than those who don't. In reality, energy that is drawn from such theatrics is sort of like a halftime speech.
Bill from Murfreesboro, TN:
Hey O-man, every year in the draft, some teams have multiple picks, but we rarely do. How can we get more picks next year? We need 'em.
John: You can get multiple picks by trading players for picks, or by getting them in the supplemental draft. The Jaguars have an additional fifth-round selection obtained by trading Mike Thomas. They could conceivably get a supplemental pick because of free agents lost such as Terrance Knighton. Those will be announced after the season and before the 2014 NFL Draft in April.
Daniel from Section 146 and Jacksonville:
I'm so impressed with the new staff and players. These guys are way better than all those losers we had last year... it's going to be exciting to watch.
John: It is going to be exciting. I said all offseason and will say again that I don't know how many games this team will win. The opener was difficult and it's quite possible there will be a lot of difficult times ahead this season. Fans hate hearing about it being early in a building process because they've lived through tough seasons and heard the same words, but the reality is this is . . . early in a building process! I think the Jaguars will be competitive more often than not – and far more competitive as a whole than they were in the opener – and if you're watching for improvement, you may well like what you see by season's end.
Evan from Hilton Head, SC:
I know it's Week 3, and Gabbert isn't off the team yet, but in terms of future quarterbacks, do the Jags seem more prone to draft or could they trade? Philip Rivers is a free agent after this season, and Ben Roethlisberger is free agent after next season. I'd love to see somebody like one of them (a solid NFL starter) come here.
John: It's actually Week 2, but you're right that it's way premature. For the most part, whatever permanent pieces the Jaguars put into place will be put there from the draft. General Manager David Caldwell has made it clear that that's the plan. The Jaguars will take part in free agency, but probably not in a huge way and probably not until they add more young players to the core of the team.
Trey from Jacksonville:
At least Geno got his team past midfield.
John: #Standunited.
Sam from Glendale, AZ:
If we have to endure a full season of this... whoever the #1 pick is better be worth it.
John: Wow. This is quite a day for the inbox, with a lot of happy 2014 NFL Draft talk and speculation about future quarterbacks. The Jaguars have played one game. It didn't go well. They lost. It doesn't mean the entire season is going to go poorly and it doesn't mean they will have the first selection in the draft.
Dallas from New York City:
Walked into an elevator with floors 12-59 pressed. #ShadrickSightings
John: Yes. Almost certainly.
Mike from Savannah, GA:
Do you think Caldwell/Bradley will stick to the Gene Smith approach of only drafting high-character players? For example, we passed on Michael Vick after his dog fighting issue and the former regime never would have drafted Terrelle Pryor.
John: Do you think Caldwell/Bradley will stick to the Gene Smith approach of only drafting high-character players? For example, we passed on Michael Vick after his dog fighting issue and the former regime never would have drafted Terrelle Pryor.
Dave from Jacksonville:
It takes a lot to make me laugh and even #moodachay was funny to me although it only got a mere grin out of me. But Aaron, you sir literally made me laugh out loud. That was some funny stuff right there! #adishin
John: Heh, heh -- #moodachay
Herbert from Midstate Office Supply Accountz Receevables:
Why are the Jags going with McCray over Harris on the outside? Is it because they drafted one and inherited the other?
John: Certainly not, and there really have been no moves to suggest the Jaguars' decision-makers operate that way. Mike Harris won the nickel corner job in the offseason over Marcus Trufant and played well there in the opener. The nickel corner is on the field enough in the modern NFL that it's almost its own position separate from outside corner. Will Blackmon played in place of Dwayne Gratz in the opener, and McCray has worked at outside corner throughout training camp, so the thought process it to have McCray, Blackmon and Harris continue working at spots whey they have been practicing and where they presumably are comfortable.
Al from Orange Park, FL:
If a man speaks in the forest, and his wife isn't there to hear him, is he still wrong?
John: It is if you're me.

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