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Iron John from St. Augustine, FL

I really dislike the tone Mark Lamping (and to a lesser extent, Shad Khan) takes about what is "necessary" to keep the Jaguars viable in Jacksonville. So, we just have to give up a home game forever? And a large commitment of taxpayer dollars every three-to-five years? I respect the business part of this, and I want everyone who works for the Jaguars to get rich – and for the team to be wildly successful. But they are using our name and are located within our city limits. Where is the respect for the fans (and non-fans who support economic development?) How does this team's leadership show their loyalty to us? By not leaving? Irsay was wrong and Khan is right in so many ways. Can you help provide a balanced perspective?

It's unfortunate people sometimes don't like the public tone taken by Jaguars President Mark Lamping and Owner Shad Khan, and it's also unfortunate that some people sometimes are rubbed the wrong way by message delivered during the team's State of the Franchise event. But the SOTF's annual message – that the franchise faces unusual challenges compared to other NFL teams because of its market size – is a real and necessary one. Understanding that message is critical to understanding what it takes for the franchise to remain stable in Jacksonville. And yes … part of that stability is an annual home game in London, and part of that stability is a commitment of taxpayer dollars. The NFL is a league of teams with state-of-the-art, revenue producing facilities – and producing local revenue is critical for teams; that's true whether fans like it or not. As for the team's leadership, the group has been staggeringly loyal to Jacksonville since it took over in the early part of this decade; it has shown loyalty by working tirelessly to keep the team financially stable despite the challenges of the small market – challenges that include comparatively low income base, comparatively low population base, comparatively low local revenue. Whether or not local fans understand or like it, the local revenue is a constant challenge – and critically important to the franchise. And it's a constant focus for the organization. And incidentally: Everyone who works for the Jaguars doesn't get rich. Just me. And Shad.

Jeremy from Bellevue, NE

I respect Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey's abilities as a player, but one player does not make a team great unless they are a Hall-of-Fame quarterback. Give me a great team over a great player all day every day.


Tom from Old forge pa

If ed Oliver is there at pic 7 do you think hes a possible pick we lost Jackson and cambel and r other dt r getting old would look pretty good to have yannick Bryant and Oliver as 3 of r starters for years to come especially with Oliver looking like he could b the next strong Donald

I think the jaguars might take ed Oliver but I dont no cuz u never no bout the draft maybe they take guy from clemson or Kentucky or rt named taylor or hock or maybe who nos

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

How likely do you think it is that the Jags draft a cornerback in Rounds 2-4 to replace A.J. Bouye in 2020?

Not very.

Roger from 9965

Hey, O ... little confused about an article I just read about a statement from Ramsey's agents on TC's "voluntary" comments. So, Ramsey's take is he's worried about injury during "voluntary" activities. So, he's working out in Nashville like last year. So, Ramsey can could be injured bonding with his teammates, but can't be injured away from his teammates???

I suppose we can continue to go over the ins, outs, whatnots, what-ifs and a million other minutiae on this issue. Bottom line: Ramsey is not going to participate in voluntary offseason activities – maybe ever. Jaguars Executive Vice President Tom Coughlin isn't going to like it – maybe ever – but there's not going to be anything he can do about it. As long as Ramsey plays at a high level – which so far, he has done – I don't anticipate it being a major problem once the regular season begins. I do anticipate it being a burr in the saddle for fans and Coughlin each offseason, but what's life without a few good burrs in the saddle? Pretty boring, I suppose.

Blues Man from Jacksonville

Voluntary Workouts? You seriously brought up Tom Brady not attending? LOL … please don't put Brady's situation in the same light as to that of Telvin Smith and Jalen Ramsey. You're smarter than that, John.

I wrote recently that the voluntary offseason program is overrated for many players. I noted that New England Patriots won the Super Bowl last season despite quarterback Tom Brady not attending voluntary workouts the previous offseason. Is that comparable to Smith/Ramsey? Only in the sense that absences from voluntary offseason workouts are among the NFL's most overblown stories every year. If Smith and Ramsey show up in shape and physically prepared for mandatory activities, this is close to a non-issue. And there's no reason to believe that won't happen.

Bradley from Nashville, TN

Having a Thursday Night Football game shouldn't be considered a prime-time game if every team gets one.

Prime-time games are games played at night. That's the definition. How many teams get one has nothing to do with the definition.

Bo from Linwood, NC

I'm not even bummed that we have no prime-time games on the schedule. I have been super-excited ever since I found out the Jags would be playing in charlotte this year. However, I now know the due date for my child is the beginning of October. Do you think my wife will be OK if I asked her to just FaceTime me from the delivery room?

One would hope.

Greg from Jacksonville and Section 122

You said the only way to get more prime-time exposure is for the team to consistently win. I would humbly like to disagree. Winning is a part, but in the case of smaller-market and much smaller fan demographic teams like ours, winning will never cure this issue of not getting primetime exposure.

The Jaguars were prime-time regulars in the 1990s when they were a perennial playoff team with stars on the roster. If they were a perennial playoff team with stars on the roster, they would be primetime regulars again.

Nick from Palatka. FL

Z, if we have to play arguably the best team in the AFC, I think the best possible scenario is Game 1 at Ever ... er ... TIAA Bank Field. And for what it's worth I agree with Tom.


Superman from Superland

If the Jaguars were to take Jonah Williams or Jawaan Taylor, do you foresee them kicking Cam Robinson to right tackle? Surely their grade on the JW and JT would be higher than Cam's if they do indeed take him at No. 7. I know the tackles spot are both incredibly important, but you still would give the edge to the blindside.

If the Jaguars took Williams, I would guess they would play him at left tackle and move Robinson to right tackle. If they took Taylor, I would guess they would play him at right tackle and keep Robinson at left tackle.

Tim from Jacksonville

I'll be the first to say I wish our schedule featured more primetime games but understand why it doesn't. The good news is our primetime is at home and that means we only have one 1 p.m. home game the first month. That's a nice break from the heat.


Jason from North Pole, AK

I hate not having primetime games as much an any other Jaguars fan. However, the NFL gave us some high-profile late kickoffs last season against the Cowboys and Chiefs. Both games got a lot of media attention and were broadcast across most of the country. The Jaguars weren't competitive in either game and the television analysts spent the entire second half looking for things to talk about. That's bad television. The Jaguars didn't seize their opportunities last season, so we have nothing to complain about. We had big Monday Night Football games when I was a kid against the Steelers because the team was fun to watch. The NFL has proven they will give us the prime-time slots if we earn them.


Dweezil from St. Augustine, FL

Are you off your biased rocker? Tom Brady, a multi -Super Bowl winner and multi-Super Bowl MVP ... and you just compared his missing voluntary workouts to Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith. You're all over the board with your responses and thoughts. You remind me of a belligerent drunk playing darts at three a.m. on a Sunday morning. Just sayin'.

I never have wavered from saying voluntary means voluntary, and that players have every right to not attend the voluntary portion of the offseason.

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