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O-Zone: Best bet

JACKSONVILLE – All Urban all the time? Still?

But of course.

Let's get to it …

Tom from Mandarin

"I've analyzed this decision from every angle" and I have decided that the time is right for me to leave the Jacksonville Jaguars in my wake. I have supported this team from the beginning. The organization was one of pride and passion. Since Shad Con bought the team in 2011 that pride and passion has waned. My bonds to this organization unraveled when the Con man decided to move a second game to London. Now he has chosen a head coach with no NFL experience and a reputation as a quitter when he gets bored. It has become too much con from the Con man for me to continue. Going forth I will find a new team to support. Mr. Con can continue to hold the city hostage if the population is foolish enough, but as for me, Con has conned me for the last time. I could care less if he packed up and left town tonight.

I honestly hate to hear this, because I value readers to this column – and because I value Jaguars fans. I guess my only response is that your read on Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is far different than mine. I see him as someone who has done more than pretty much any other owner would have done to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville – and to strengthen the Jaguars in Jacksonville. I know that and trust it because I hear and see him speak, and because I talk to people within the organization. I know that the London initiative and other outside-the-box moves he has made have been done to deal with the realities of the league's most-difficult market. As for the hiring of Urban Meyer as head coach, I probably can't change how you feel about that. I understand it's controversial to some, but I also understand it's a move to boost the organization and get it moving in a new – and theoretically, winning – direction. I can't promise that will happen. No one can. I can tell you that the Jaguars aren't packing up and leaving town. Not tonight. And I honestly believe never. And while I can't control it, I hope for your sake you don't leave the Jaguars in your wake. It feels like the future could be worth watching. We'll see.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

Urban Meyer is a great coach. Not just a great college coach. I believe he will be more like the Jimmy Johnson in Dallas hire. Many local critics seem to still be mad at Urban for leaving Florida and then coaching relatively soon again at Ohio State. His health is the only question to me. What do you think?

I think Meyer has a chance to succeed in the NFL. I believe this more now than I did a week ago because I have heard people I respect speak about his ability to adapt – and because I have heard him speak about the importance of adapting. I also liked what I heard from Meyer when he spoke to the media Friday. He spoke about the time he spent researching the NFL before deciding whether to indeed return to coaching – and to do so in the NFL. That research doesn't guarantee Meyer will succeed. Nor does the ability to adapt. But that ability and approach served him well at the college level. And it certainly sounds as if he understands what it will take to succeed in the NFL. That's not a guarantee, but it gives him a chance. That's all you can ask when hiring an NFL head coach. And yes: his health will be a question. It can't not be a question with Meyer. But he seems comfortable with it. And for now, that's where we are on that.

Carter from Wilsonville

Who do you feel Shad will hire as general manager?

Whoever Meyer believes is the right fit.

John from Jacksonville

"The one thing about our offense, you can't have a bad quarterback," Meyer told the "Eleven Warriors" website in 2012." Do you think Urban Meyer would take the job if the Jags were picking fifth instead of first?

Probably not. Then again, if the Jaguars were selecting fifth instead of first this wouldn't have been one of the most coveted jobs in recent memory. But it was. So, he did.

Sweeney from Glasgow, Scotland

"Elite in all areas." Goosebumps.

This references Meyer's emphasis Friday on hiring a quality coaching staff. He said multiple times during his media availability that it's his No. 1 priority. As far as the elite-in-all-areas quote … you liked that, did you?

Charles from Savannah, GA

Can the Jaguars learn from history? Teams in the NFL have done this experiment before. Washington with Steve Spurrier. Miami with Nick Saban. Philadelphia with Chip Kelly. There are coaches that are meant for college and there are coaches for the NFL. What makes Urban Meyer different?

Jimmy Johnson succeeded with the Dallas Cowboys and so did Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks and Tom Coughlin with the Jaguars. What makes Meyer different? We'll find out. Maybe it's the research he has done. Maybe it's his ability to adapt. I'll repeat what I have said and written here, and I'll probably repeat it often in the coming days: More coaches fail than succeed whatever the background. There's no blueprint to hiring a head coach. If there were a blueprint, every team would follow it and no team would ever lose.

Braddock from Jacksonville

I think what people are not grasping is Meyer is a program builder and the best in history at doing so. Winning and losing is an attitude and a culture and there is nobody better equipped to build a winner here. I don't care if he has no NFL experience. He will identify talent, cultivate it and make winners out of them. Period. Go Jags!

Hey, one fer Urban …

Jim from Jagsonville

I've got a bad feeling about this... maybe I'm just so used to losing, this hire has me nervous we might really change into something worth watching! Or maybe it'll prove what the others have said all along, we are perennial losers. I'll hold on to hope this will be the change we need. In Khan We Trust! Go Jaguars!!

… and fer Urban, but kinda nervous about it …

Logan from Wichita, KS

I refuse to get up or down about Meyer until we: 1, Know the next GM; 2, Make the right picks in the draft, specifically at quarterback.

… and one not ready to be fer Urban…

Jordan from Jacksonville

I don't know if Urban will be the next great coach and live up to all our hopes, but today, I must say that I am impressed by Shad Khan. Not every owner could have pulled off getting the top candidate in the coaching cycle.

… and one fer Shad …

Michael from Middleburg, FL

Well, they did it. I really believe they have made a major mistake. He has a good record of course but absolutely no NFL experience. His health, attitude and narcissism are going to be problems. And when he starts losing, what?

… and one not fer anything at all.

Matterhorn from Jacksonville

I get the smoke and mirrors, but we're going to draft Trevor Lawrence right? Please tell me yes.

Meyer made news Friday when he discussed quarterbacks and the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. The reason it was news is he discussed Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Brigham Young quarterback Zach Fields as elite instead of anointing Lawrence as the clear-cut No. 1 choice. Remember: Meyer and Khan haven't hired a general manager yet. And football people believe in these "weird" things: scouting all players and doing due diligence before making draft selections. Three-and-a-half months remain before the draft. There is plenty of time for the Jaguars to decide who to select No. 1 overall. Is it guaranteed to be Lawrence? No. I believe he will be the selection. I believe something will have to be very, very convincing for him not to be the selection. We'll see.

Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

Is there any concern that Meyer was hired to sell tickets rather than to win? Since Khan has taken over, we've used first round draft picks on players from FSU, UF and even UCF. At least two of those were considered a reach at the time and didn't work out at all. Now we hire a coach with deep ties to the area. It seems like Khan's plan is to pander to the fan base rather than build a winning team. This obviously hasn't worked out for him.

Khan never mandated that the Jaguars select players from Florida, Florida State or even Central Florida – and I assure you Meyer's ties to Florida had nothing to do with the hire. Will season tickets go up with Meyer's hire? Sure. But Khan hired Meyer because he believes he's the best bet to solidify the franchise and turn it around on the field. That's it. That's the reason.