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Michael from Bartram Park

O-Zone is a quick way to pass time during the morning hours of work, so thanks for that. Anyways, how do you feel about the overall performance of the team during this training camp compared to the last?

The Jaguars have practiced four days in 2021 Training Camp. They look faster and quicker than they did last season. Wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. and running back Travis Etienne Jr. look like good additions on offense. There's little to be gleaned from the defense so far in camp because the work has been without pads or contact. Rookie Trevor Lawrence looks like the best quarterback the team has had in a long, long, long time. So, overall the Jaguars look better. So far. The pads go on Tuesday. #quickwaytopassthetime

Tboy from Fruit Cove or St. Johns (not sure)

Someone must be the designated "hackles raiser" of the KOAF ... so let it be me. Is it still too early to laugh at the ones who laughed and sneered at the local ones who laughed with glee and abandonment when 15/85 was signed?

You're referencing Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow, who indeed was a polarizing subject – as always is the case with Tebow – when the Jaguars signed him this past offseason. Tebow has looked good early in camp and he looked good in the offseason program. He has caught most of the passes thrown to him. That's a good start. The pads go on Tuesday.

Brad from The Avenues/Jacksonville

Ya know KOAF, I think a lot of people are gonna be real disappointed when only those of us who got the vaccine early on develop superpowers.

Probably. Maybe. I don't know.

Dave from Jacksonville

Zone: Two observations. One, our offensive line is plenty big and No. 70 – Derwin Grey – is a very big man playing guard next to No. 72 – Walker Little – with current rotational reps. That will be fun to see once pads come on. I feel kind of bad for the rotational d-line. Also, I am of the opinion that we should give Walker Little a little time for more seasoning. He needs to just get right learning a new camp. He is young and did not attend college camp last year. Be patient and when he's ready he'll be ready. When do pads go on?

I'm sometimes not sure what people mean by "seasoning." In the case of Jaguars rookie left tackle Walker Little, he will participate in training camp and the preseason. If the coaches believe he deserves to play and start – if he is ready for that role – he will do it. If not, he won't. I tend to doubt he will be ready early because most rookies aren't ready immediately. Either way, there's no reason to rush Little because the Jaguars have capable starting tackles. The pads go on Tuesday.

Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL

So you add an extra writer to "Quick Thoughts," but now you only contribute two points each instead of three? I feel like I got robbed. I want my money back!

Working on it.

Bry from Duval

Our weakest position is tight end. Kelvin Benjamin was just released. Why not pick him up and kick the tires? He could offer some pass-catching ability our tight ends lack. What's the worst that can happen?

The Jaguars have scouts and personnel officials who monitor every release and signing in the NFL. If they believe a player has a chance to help a position, they try to obtain that player. What's the worst that can happen? I guess there's no world-altering ramification, but you also don't want to just sign players willy-nilly if you don't think they have a chance to help you or to be developed.

Mark from Archer, FL

Zone, what are your thoughts about Gardner Minshew II and Lawrence both getting time with the first-string offense? We all know Lawrence is going to start the season. If not, then there is a huge problem. Would it not be better to give Lawrence all the first team reps instead of splitting it with Minshew?

My thought is that Head Coach Urban Meyer believes it's important for Lawrence to earn the job – and there is nothing wrong with that approach. I have seen nothing yet in practice to indicate that there is a huge timing issue between Lawrence and the first-team receivers – and many of the receivers to which he is throwing with the second-team offense have a very real chance to either make the team or eventually be on the team in the event of injury. The rep structure early in camp is fine. It's not going to hold Lawrence or the offense back significantly.

Charles from Riverside

Hello, John. ESPN says "receiver is the Jaguars' best position group on offense." I would think that our running backs would have been considered the best? Especially if you compare their performance against the rest of the league? Your thoughts, thanks.

Remember: I don't work for ESPN, so I can't explain the rationale for these sorts of thoughts. I also can't explain the shorts-shirts combinations worn by longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette much of last week. Some things in this world are just … well, unexplainable. Or inexplicable. Whatever. Either way, I actually don't know that there's much to discern between running back and wide receiver for the Jaguars entering the 2021 season. The receivers have some proven, veteran reliability (Marvin Jones Jr.) and a lot of potential in players such as DJ Chark Jr., Laviska Shenault Jr. and Phillip Dorsett II. I also get a good feeling about Laquon Treadwell early in camp. The running backs have a couple of 1,000-yard rushers (James Robinson and Carlos Hyde) and a potentially explosive, dynamic young player in Etienne. Both positions feel loaded with potential. As with pretty much the entire roster, we need to see what happens on the field before knowing what that potential means.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - Do you notice the similarity between Trevor Lawrence's fiery red football when he throws and Gene Frenette's fiery red head when he runs? Even Frenette's head forms into almost a football shape due to how fast he runs.

Good eye.

Marc from Oceanway

Sir Zone, can you recall a time when the Jaguars, or any team really, had so many receivers on the 90? I count 14, and that doesn't include Etienne.

The Jaguars currently have a few more receivers than normal. They have had a few players at the position out of practice in recent days. When a few players return, I expect the Jaguars will have a few fewer receivers.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Josh Lambo is one of my favorite players. With all the talk about a kicking competition, I was worried he wasn't looking good in OTAs. When Aldrick Rosas was released I thought perhaps Lambo was looking like his old self, but with the reports from camp and Meyer not sounding thrilled that Rosas was released, it has me worried. How is Lambo looking? Has he been having as rough an off-season as it sounds?

Lambo didn't have a great day Saturday. He has had many great days in the NFL. It's early in training camp. Stay tuned.

Pete from Queensbury

Just read the Jags released Aldrick Rosas. Lambo won the camp battle pretty quickly apparently... good for him!

We'll see. Meyer on Saturday after practice said he liked Rosas and that he was released because the Jaguars needed receivers because of some injuries at that position. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rosas return.

Joe from Hall of Fame City, OH

How about this for a nickname for Trevor... Hall of fame inductee. Until then it doesn't matter.


Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Any insight on the signing of all these receivers? I had kind of thought it was one of the stronger units on the team already.

The Jaguars as of Saturday had multiple receivers not practicing – including Jamal Agnew, Josh Imatorbhebhe, Josh Hammond. They're running a ton of seven-on-seven and team work in practice. That's a lot of running, which means a lot of wear and tear on the receivers. With those three out, if the Jaguars didn't sign receivers then the other receivers would do even more running – which would increase the chances of injuries to those players. It's Florida. It's practice. They're running. Fresh and healthy legs are at a premium.

Tim from Section 123

Thanks for your kind words for my wife and me. We have been discharged to continue recovering at home. The Jaguars have been a great distraction for me to follow through this ordeal. Let's pray for everyone out there to be safe and get healthy. Especially for all the hospital workers that are taking care of them.

Absolutely. Great news. Good words.