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O-Zone: Bloodied and bruised

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Chris from Niagara Falls, Canada

Hey, Zone. I'm starting to feel much of the blame falls on Mr. Khan's shoulders. It's hard to believe they have been so reckless addressing the quarterback position in recent years. This position is likely the single most important position in all of sports, yet they seem to get it wrong year after year. Even when it was obvious Blake Bortles was not the answer, they failed to draft a replacement for him and kept selling the notion that they could do it with him. Deshaun Watson of Houston, Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City and Lamar Jackson of Baltimore were all available. Now, we are tied to Nick Foles for the next few years. I don't know much, but I do know that's the position Mr. Khan should've been obsessed with since with since he purchased the franchise.

The Jaguars in retrospect have mishandled the quarterback position in recent seasons. Considering the quarterbacks available when they have drafted, and considering the current state of the franchise, this is unarguable. An argument can be made that the Jaguars had reasons for each move when they made it, but this discussion has taken place ad nauseum in recent seasons and people are pretty much dug in when it comes to their stances. Is Owner Shad Khan responsible for the Jaguars' quarterback situation? I suppose; as the owner he is ultimately responsible for everything with the team. What will he do to address it? Keep putting who he considers the best people in charge and keep letting them do what they can to find an elite quarterback. That's really the only thing to do.

Art from Drexel Hill

I just want my favorite team to be good.

Fair. More than fair, actually.

David from the Island

Hi John, I think you take a quarterback in Round 1 every year until you get the right one. Too much depends on the position. You can find good to serviceable players at every other position. What say you?

This is a question I get a lot. It's a good idea in theory. Because of needs at other positions, and because of the need to get early-drafted quarterbacks enough playing time to develop, it's difficult to do in practice.

Alex from from Vegas

Zone, how does Todd Wash still have a job? This "elite defense" has regressed significantly every single season since the AFC Championship season.

Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash still has a job because Head Coach Doug Marrone doesn't believe Wash is the reason for the defensive decline. Perhaps age, injury and the departure of a lot of players has something to do with the defensive regression. Is that not even a remote possibility? Of course not, because it's always coaching in the NFL.

Ryan from Franklin, TN

What's the likelihood of Freddie T being inducted before Edgerrin James? How likely would the writers consider that even though James has more rushing yards then Fred, that had it not been for the 23 games that he had missed from 1999-2001 there was a strong possibility that he could have surpassed James' 12,246 and on fewer carries? Either way both are very deserving and both will be immortalized in bronze one day.

Slim to none. James has been a finalist in recent seasons and Taylor has not, so it would be surprising if Taylor was elected in the next year or two and James was not. I agree with you that both should get in.

Sam from Orange Park, FL

Elephant in the room, Telvin Smith being removed from his home by police. I'm assuming you were told not to answer questions about this *yet* but for a Jaguars news forum to have NO information on a player as beloved as Telvin Smith seems a little too typical of the way this team operates right now.

Typical of what? There's no "elephant" and there's no "room." There's no one telling me not to answer questions about Smith. There are couple of reasons what's going on with Smith hasn't been mentioned on this site. One is that not a lot is known about what's really going on. Another is that Smith is retired and therefore not a member of the Jaguars. There's no suspension forthcoming. No roster move. No Jaguars news that must happen. So, while I certainly will answer questions about Smith as merited, I wouldn't expect him to be a major topic on this site moving forward because I don't expect he will ever be on the team again.

Robert from St. Augustine, FL

The Jags will beat Tampa Bay on Sunday. They'll win not because of spiritual uplifting, pride, pregame preparation, clubhouse brotherhood, desperation or even divine intervention. They'll win simply because they'll be "scared to death" to lose.


Jesse from Layton

So, you have been called a shill, a liar, a company voice because you say things some fans don't want to hear, then Kevin really has the nerve to say that YOU are the one who is toxic? Really?

I am the King of All Funk.

Charlie from Jacksonville

Hey, John. Wow, the Jaguars have been losing lately and haven't looked competitive either. I wish I had a snide, cutesy way of saying that. Maybe as I read more of the submissions to you, something will occur to me. Oh, and fire someone. It might not help them win, but somehow it will make me feel better, like they're at least trying something different.

Yes, firing someone for the sake of firing someone is always the solution.

Kyan from Iowa

How would you rank the offensive linemen in how they have played this year? Who do you feel the team should be comfortable bringing back next year and who should be worried about being replaced?

This is from the untrained eye, but let's go right tackle Jawaan Taylor, center Brandon Linder, left tackle Cam Robinson, left guard Andrew Norwell and right guard Will Richardson/A.J. Cann. I expect Robinson and Taylor to be back, and most likely Linder. Richardson also will be back. We'll see on the others.

Sam from Winter Park, FL

Jarrod Wilson and Ronnie Harrison with their glaring lack of NFL experience weren't the answer to our prayers at the safety position this year? No way! Nice to see our best safety since Reggie Nelson playing at a high level for a division rival. Front Office Gonna Front Office.

I don't know where you think Nelson is playing, but your passion and anger are impressive.

Kevin from Danbury, CT

What have you heard about General Manager Dave Caldwell? I know people are talking about Head Coach Doug Marrone and Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin possibly losing their jobs, which I think they should as should defensive coordinator Todd Wash, but I haven't heard anything on Caldwell. Do you think he comes back next season? Or do you think they clean house and start over if they end up finishing the season, say, 5-11?

When teams lose, owners made decisions on futures of coaches and front office personnel. The Jaguars have lost enough that is probably considering a lot of options. As to what those answers will be … stay tuned.

David from Broward County, FL

O-Man, I think most observant Jags fans understand where the Jags D suffers from inexperience and talent deficiency. What I don't really understand is several games numerous defenders are out of place and are diving and flailing to try and make a play. Coaching is what puts players in the right position and when they are routinely out of place, why shouldn't we question the coaching? Being where you are supposed to be has nothing to do with talent level. If the players are going off script, they are ignoring the coaching. Something needs to give.

Wash put players in the right place well enough for three seasons for the team to be in the Top 10 in total defense. I suppose it's possible that he suddenly no longer tells those players to be in the right place. That defies reason, but yes … it's always coaching in the NFL.

Spazman from Jacksonville

John - Your response to my most recent question was: "First, Capers wasn't and isn't a mediocre coach; far from it. Second, his job is defensive assistant. It doesn't mean he's the coordinator. It means he is on staff to assist where and when needed." So, the obvious question now is, based on your response, wouldn't NOW be the apparent time where his "expertise" would be most valuable?

Sure. Why not?

Dave from Dallas, TX

Hey, Mr. O: You say that you are not – and cannot – be a "fan" of this Team. Independent and objective journalism, etc. Reading your reports immediately after the game though, it's obvious that you are emotionally invested and respectful of fans' feelings. I was moved.

While not a true "fan" in the sense that I don't get emotional of Jaguars victories and losses, I talk and interact with fans enough daily that it's difficult not to have empathy for what they endure. I am, after all, human. When cut, I bleed. When punched, I bruise. When pushed, I fall. When tripped, others laugh. When bullied, I weep. When challenged, I surrender and sometimes, I weep more.