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O-Zone: Break of day

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

Michael from St. Augustine, FL

I'd just like to give a shoutout to Dave Caldwell. It really does take special skill to truly convince people that the Jags were serviceable while at the same time easily being the worst roster in the NFL. Truly operating on another level. One for Dave!

It's perhaps time to put the topic of former Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell away for a while. We've discussed it for months in this forum – years, actually. And rightly so. Now that he has been dismissed and a search for a new general manager has begun, it's fair to wonder if there's new ground in this field left to till. And while your email's sarcasm was impressive, Caldwell in fact should be acknowledged at least for his moves this past offseason to get the salary cap in order and to compile draft selections/young talent – thereby setting up 2021 and the long-term future to look significantly better than 2020 and the immediate past. He spent draft equity and free-agent money as much as possible last offseason with an eye on the future; with the possible exception of defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, the players released/traded last offseason weren't going to impact this roster much beyond 2020 – if they were going to impact it then. So, one fer Dave? In that sense … yes. Very possibly.

Chris from Vienna, Austria

On TV it always seems as if there are more opposing fans in the stadium. There are no more Jags fans in Florida?

There are plenty of Jaguars fans in Florida. Witness 2017 and early 2018, when the Jaguars last gave fans reason to be excited. The last few years have been difficult for Jaguars fans, and 2020 was an unusual season because of COVID-19 and a 14-game losing streak. There will be a lot of change around the Jaguars this offseason. I expect far fewer of these questions moving forward.

Nicholas from Virginia Beach

When do Trevor Lawrence jerseys become available?

Player jerseys will become official when players officially join the organization.

William from Jacksonville

Whatever happened to David Garrard? I know he was treated very badly by then-Head Coach Jack Del Rio, but I always thought that he had great potential: Big, fast, could run over people and a rocket for an arm! The second-best quarterback the Jags ever had and just thrown away – and a member of the "All 25." What a waste!!!

Former Jaguars quarterback David Garrard now lives in Jacksonville. The Jaguars released him shortly before the 2011 regular-season opener. He had back surgery shortly thereafter and did not play that season. He spent time with the Miami Dolphins in 2012 and New York Jets in 2013, but never played for either team.

John from Jacksonville

Sir KOAGF: What is it that requires a major stadium upgrade? It seems to me that fans come to games to see a football game. Do they really care about the glitter and flashiness of the stadium? Yes, the pools and the dog parks are a conversation topic for the network but add no value to the goal of the game. Fans will come to a wooden box to see a winner on the field. Unless it is a dangerous place to walk and sit, or the structure is weak in that it sways with the wind, the stadium is fine. Does the NFL really mandate "pretty stadiums or else?"

It's true that fans come for the game and team more than the stadium. But it's also true that the NFL is the big leagues – the biggest of all American professional sports leagues. To play in the big leagues these days you must have big-league facilities. You don't have to have the most state-of-the-art stadium, but you must over the long haul remain comparatively modern. TIAA Bank Field's days of being an NFL quality stadium – or even comparatively modern – in its current state are running out.

Unhipcat from carlsbad ca

Hi, John. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is a businessman. He's in business to make money, and he has been pretty successful so far. He doesn't need anyone's permission to move the Jags to the city of his choice (excluding other NFL-team cities, maybe). Same with Wayne Weaver. Jacksonville is fortunate to have had two owners whose commitment has been to strengthen the "Jacksonville" Jaguars, instead of carpetbaggers who relocated their team to a different city, sometimes literally in the middle of the night leaving decades of fans high and dry. If Shad's sole purpose was "more money," he wouldn't be trying to make it in Jacksonville. There are much greener pastures elsewhere.


Jaginator (formerly of) Section 124

I've had an employee, named Jack Warr, for nine years. He tries really hard and I can't fault all of his decisions, but for eight of those nine years, his results have been horrible. I keep paying a ton of money out of my own pocket to keep him employed. Nevertheless, he won't stop talking about how little he's paid, compared to other guys in other cities (guys who deliver much better results). It may actually be true that he's underpaid. But I'm tired of his poor results and I'm tired of hearing him talk endlessly about his pay.

I guess you should get rid of Jack Warr. Then he won't be around anymore. Is that what you want? Or is that too high a price?

Stephen from Belfast, United Kingdom

John, I'm sure you will get many variations of this question (at least it's not about the draft pick), but is there any downside to claiming Washington Football Team Quarterback Dwayne Haskins? Obviously he has had his issues in Washington, but that's one of the most dysfunctional franchises in American sports. The guy obviously has talent. Why not bring him on roster for one game so that we can bring him to camp next year to compete for backup spot behind you know who? Worst case, it doesn't work out but to no great cost. Best case he shows up well and maybe we could flip him to a quarterback-needy team for a draft pick.

The Washington Football Team is now coached by Ron Rivera, and I don't get the feeling there has been much dysfunction under his watch this season. I expect the Jaguars' new general manager to decide the backup quarterback moving forward.

Jozy from Jax/Tally

Ozone, as much as I wanted No. 1 overall, it was still rough pulling for a loss. I'm certain all fans felt that way. That being said, with mission accomplished, could you foresee any scenario with any new general manager involving the Jaguars trading out of the first? Thanks

No. I do not foresee that scenario. Perhaps a new general manager will come in with a plan that makes me feel differently. I doubt it. I would be stunned.

Ben from Columbus, OH

_What are your thoughts on Charles Robinson's article on the Jaguars? He listed three likely outcomes to the future of the franchise, and two of the three didn't sound so promising. _

Robinson did a nice job in a recent Yahoo Sports story outlining the importance of Lot J to the organization – and the wide-reaching importance of potentially selecting Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. The article is too lengthy to get into every detail, but he overall did a nice job explaining a few complex issues.  One of the major points is that the Jaguars must get more stable financially somehow by thinking outside the box with a project such as Lot J and with increased interest and energy in the fan base created by Lawrence – and, of course, by having much more long-term success than the team has had recently. He didn't get everything precisely right because longer stories that involve issues so complex often miss a bit in the details. But I thought a lot of points were well-made.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Are you at all excited about Trevor or does your professional detachment not allow for such things? As a season-ticket holder I am positively giddy.

I would love to see the Jaguars select Lawrence because I would love to see the franchise reap the benefits of a franchise quarterback. It has been without those benefits for far too long. I'm not sure if I'm "excited" about it. But it damned sure would be cool.

Charles from Port St Lucie, FL

How do you think potentially drafting Trevor Lawrence affects the upcoming Lot J vote?

It can't hurt, though I expected – and still expect – the Lot J plan to go through regardless of who the Jaguars draft. Why? Because I'm a wide-eyed optimist, I suppose. And I trust – perhaps blindly and naively – that those voting will grasp the Jaguars' importance to Jacksonville, and the importance of revitalizing the area around TIAA Bank Field.

Tudor from Saint Augustine FL

The night is darkest just before the dawn.