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Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

If Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II is traded, what would be the most likely timeframe? And if no other teams offer "acceptable" compensation, is it realistic to think Gardner could be released?

This is a big "if" because there has been no official statement on whether the Jaguars would trade Minshew. More significantly, neither Head Coach Urban Meyer nor General Manager Trent Baalke even has hinted that that might happen. All discussion about Minshew being traded has been outside speculation and circumstance, so who knows? But IF it happens, one would think the most likely time would be shortly before or during training camp – or even early in the regular season. That would enable teams to either realize an urgent need for a quarterback, or for a team to need a quarterback in the event of an injury. But I don't have a real feel for whether the Jaguars would release Minshew if they can't trade him. It's a possibility, but it seems relatively remote.

Doug from Jax Beach

John, I assume you choose to print a proportionate number of received emails about Tim Tebow either pro or con. If so, you get way more con emails. Seems to me that with Tebow's jersey being the No. 1 seller in the NFL, there are WAY more Tebow fans out there than the emails you receive would indicate. Thoughts?

This is tricky, because Tebow is such a polarizing figure that much about how people feel about him defies explanation. I do indeed seem to receive more "con" than "pro" emails regarding Tebow, and you're right that that doesn't seem to reflect the reality that there are many, many Tebow fans. Why is this? My best theory is that a lot of O-Zone readers are what I consider "hardcore" NFL fans who follow storylines and the league closely, and a lot of these fans over the years have grown tired of hearing about Tebow. Many of those fans are also ones who argued "against" Tebow because of his shortcomings as a quarterback – and who therefore just aren't going to like the idea of him being on the Jaguars. More casual observers and fans seem to like Tebow – not because of anything related to "inside football" but simply because they like him. This is way too simplistic an explanation and may not make sense. It might not even be accurate. I suppose it does qualify as "thoughts."

Tudor from Saint Augustine, FL

How much longer until you stop posting these Tebow questions? It's really starting to ruin my mornings, having to read about this washed fool day in and day out. Find some better material bruv.

People ask questions. I answer them. That has been the formula for this forum since it began and will continue. Besides, where do you think the material comes from? Bruv?

David from Myrtle Beach, SC

Could Tebow potentially be added to the practice squad after cuts are made?

Yes, the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for two players per team with any amount of experience to be on the practice squad. Under previous CBAs, players beyond two- or three-years' experience couldn't be on the practice squad.

Ryan from Detroit, MI

Three months ago, this would have sounded absurd, but real honest question - do you think Justin Blackmon would be a better tight end option for the Jaguars than Tim Tebow? He's a couple years younger and has actual experience catching a football, which might be important for the position.

I just can't get my head around Justin Blackmon questions until we have a more tangible idea of Blackmon's situation – i.e., his conditioning, his seriousness about a return, his off-field status. But the first thought is that Blackmon – if by some chance he ever played in the NFL again – would be a wide receiver.

Timothy from Lawrenceville

Zone, the last few days I've tried to read the O-Zone. I get partway through and I get too distracted to finish. Do you have any idea what might be causing this distraction?


Jason from North Pole, AK

Aaron Colvin surprised me. Can you say more about why he was one of your favorite players to cover? Aside from having a healthy back of course ...

Former Jaguars cornerback Aaron Colvin was mature beyond his years, and notably self-aware – and aware of his surroundings – as a rookie. We had multiple conversations about football and other topics from early in his career until he signed elsewhere as an unrestricted free agent. Colvin "got it" when it came to the league and life. He wasn't unique in that area, but he was comparatively unusual for a person his age.

_Josh from Atlanta, GA  _

What will be the most specific info you will be able to report on through OTAs? Can we expect to read about how pretty the ball looks coming out of Trevor's hand and into ETN's? Or will you be able to tell us more specific details like the defensive base and who is getting most reps with the ones?

Information about depth chart, personnel, strategy, formations, etc., typically is off limits for offseason practices. That means those covering practice can't tweet or write information based on what they see in practice. If Meyer opts to discuss those things, then they will be reported.

Drew from Redding

So PFF said we have two of the top 32 guards and a top 10 center, but everyone says we have a bad o-line? "Shrugs".

Well, if PFF said it …

Jim from Callahan, FL

So, I'm new to Duval by way of Indy and didn't realize you covered Peyton Manning some years ago! If you remember when the Colts drafted Manning, the Colts signed that one guy just to be a leader and help with the team culture ... yeah, no, they didn't do that. You earn that in practice and on the field in the NFL. Manning broke his jaw and played through it his first year and earned his respect and leadership role. THEN they released him in favor of Luck! The greatest franchises do everything to win for the long haul. Tebow could only sign with Jax because of Meyer. It's a silly bet. We were spoiled in Indy, but I think moves like Tebow help me understand just why this is a perennially losing franchise.

Thanks for reading, Jim – but you're perhaps trying to overgeneralize an entire franchise based on one move. You're far from alone in trying to do that, but that doesn't make you right. The Jaguars have been a perennially losing franchise because they never have gotten the quarterback position right. That's not the only reason, but it's the major part. Signing tight ends to the 90-man offseason roster are not the sort of moves that cause a franchise to struggle for decade. And not to be nitpicky, but Manning sustained his broken jaw in 2001. This was in his fourth season, and he already had more-than-begun to earn the respect of his teammates.

Jason from North Pole, AK

The fans writing in every day demanding that Taven Bryan get released are the same fans who will be writing in complaining that we cut him when they see him as a situational role player on a good team later this year. Seems like we ought to just let him be a role player for us instead...


Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear, John. Do you think Taven Bryan could transition to offensive guard since we passed on Hernandez?


Marcus from Jacksonville

John, I don't think that "distraction" is the right word for what could potentially take place as a result of the Tebow signing. I don't anticipate the team, especially this early on, to be distracted by any such roster move. But, what about the perception of the front office from players on this team and around the league? The Jaguars have a reputation (deserved or not) for paying bad players and upsetting good players. The NFLPA famously discouraged free agents from signing here, and several outspoken players have been very … outspoken with their feelings toward the organization. Tebow signing might not cause a distraction in the locker room, but it is possible that his signing could perpetuate opinions about this franchise as one that doesn't take care of star players but continually gives chances to guys that may not deserve it. What do you think?

How players perceive the Jaguars will largely depend on how the team fares on the field and how this front office/coaching staff deals with players on the field, in the training room and in negotiations. Yes, the franchise had difficulties in the past on this front. But how players feel about signing here in the future will depend on what happens in the future, and players – and their agents – are fully aware that this is a new regime.

_Zac from Austin, Tejas  _

Can there even still be a Dead Zone in a Trevor Lawrence Era?

Just you wait.