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JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Marshall from Section 106 and Jacksonville:
On, Matt Williamson ranked Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley last in the AFC South. This is Bradley's first year as a head coach in the NFL and he is being ranked last. I believe Williamson is being biased with his comment about Bradley. How can he make a statement like that when Coach Bradley has not been given a chance to prove himself as a head coach on the field? Come on, Man, give this guy a break!
John: Loyal O-Zone readers – and he almost certainly knows who he is by now – know rankings mean little here. Bradley may or may not deserve to be ranked higher and people around the Jaguars obviously believe he should be. However, he never has been a head coach, so it's easy for national media to rank him behind three head coaches who have been in their jobs for longer. Just remember how little such rankings mean. They are great for the offseason, but the nice thing about the NFL is they mean nothing, and as soon as the Jaguars start winning, you'll notice how quickly perception changes.
Scott from Ormond Beach, FL and Section 434:
Just wanted to give a big shout out to my wife for buying me four season tickets for my birthday! Thanks Honey!!!!! Section 434, baby! Jags, here we come. Can't wait. Mooddachay
John: WIFE!!!! (Oh, and it's Moodachay).
Mike from St. Mary's, GA:
Let me see if I have this right: Khan is not violating the NFL's cross-ownership rule because the soccer team is not located in an NFL city? Also, I heard Khan say something about bringing "Fulham to Jacksonville." I'm guessing his intent is to host some Premier League games here in Jax? This is a brilliant move and I'm impressed. I would be worried about the Jaguars being neglected, except that Lamping, Caldwell and Bradley are really running the show now, and I'm assuming Khan will be putting similar people in charge of Fulham.
John: The idea the Jaguars might be neglected never crossed my mind upon hearing of Khan's purchase of Fulham, and there's no reason why the move should hurt the Jaguars at all. Khan has been pretty close to pitch-perfect as an NFL owner thus far. He communicates extensively with the people in leadership positions, but there never has been a vibe of not allowing those people to do their jobs. I'd be surprised if that's not his approach with Fulham.
Satchel from St. Louis, MO:
I noticed all the seats in the rookie videos have the old logo. Someone should fix that.
John: Stay in your lane, Satch.
Andrew from Panama City Beach, FL:
Is there an English version of you writing a column for Fulham?
John: No, there is the opposite of me – a stunningly handsome Brit with rippling biceps who writes like a poet and eschews alcohol except for a glass of champagne at weddings. He's devilishly handsome, makes a fortune and had legendary success with the ladies before settling into a blissful marriage with a woman who believes he can do no wrong and never makes "suggestions" about his habits. We have one thing in common. No one likes either of us very much. During the London trip in October my plan is to beat him senseless, a plan that doubtless will go horribly awry with me suffering significant embarrassment and/or pain.
Jared from Madison, WI:
John, what would you do if you were asked to be the personal assistant to Shad?
John: I would think, "Wow, this guy Shad Khan is a great person. I admire him." I like saying this. I say it quite often. "Wow, this guy Shad Khan is a great person. I admire him." There, I said it again.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
Your definition of moodachay, pronunciation included . . .
John: Moodachay (MOO-da-CHAY) isn't really definable the way most people think of "definable." It is many things to many people. I think of it as a Zen-like state, with people able to immerse themselves in the word, become one with it, and then emerge from it better for the experience – even if they're not sure exactly what happened.
Sam from Fernandina Beach, FL:
John: What?
John from Jacksonville:
With the Jaguars being the home team in London, any breaking news yet on whether or not they will adopt "Moodachay" at their stadium to model what we proudly do here? If they don't, our fans here will start to panic, sweat, and walk the streets with fear that this will be the final sign of moving the team over there.
John: No word on that yet, and while I get the humor in your question, as we start the final full week of the Dead Zone let me take this moment to say I haven't gotten a huge vibe of angst and anxiety from Jaguars fans over Khan's purchase of Fulham. Nor do they have reason to feel any. Khan long has stated that he wants the Jaguars to have an international presence and brand, and it's clear that a game a year for the next four seasons in London is keys that. At the same time, he has consistently spoken of and shown a commitment to Jacksonville. There has been and will continue to be speculation nationally about the Jaguars' future. Khan's actions will continue to mean far more on this issue than anyone's words.
Craig from Jacksonville:
In your touching tribute to Uncle Otto, I am reminded that his last word spoken is also a part of famous cinema. If you listen closely in Cool Hand Luke, you can hear the Captain say, "What we've got here is failure to communicate, so Moodachay."
John: Good point, boss.
Charles from Jacksonville:
Well John, you could call it the Otto Zone? I have to tell you . . . that was the funniest read I have had in a long time! LOL on PEDs!! Dead Zone does not equal O-Zone.
John: RIP Otto.
Redmond from Jacksonville:
I am very worried about our defense after you described how the Leo defense is supposed to work. If we're going to be running man coverage I fear we will have the worst passing defense in the NFL. We have absolutely no pass rushers on our team who are going to force opposing quarterbacks to get rid of the ball quick and our secondary will not be able to provide the type of coverage needed to free up the pass rush.
John: Well, you certainly are the rosy-eyed optimist now, aren't you? Based on last year, your concern is understandable. At the same time, you may be looking at the situation different from how Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley sees it. Bradley's approach is that playing aggressive, press coverage helps the pass rush by giving the rush an extra second or two to get to the quarterback. To him, that's what makes the defense "aggressive" because it's not really a blitz-oriented scheme. Is it natural that fans that saw last year's defense worry about this approach? Sure, but this is the beginning of a new approach and the Jaguars drafted and signed corners they believe will play well in the scheme. This is the start of the transition.
Jim from Meridian, ID:
I know you've hit on this several times, but just a reminder with all of the London conspiracy talk: Fill the seats every game, every year, and here the Jaguars shall stay. Simple math.
John: True that!
Joe from Pontypridd, Wales, United Kingdom:
Hey John, not a question - just wanted to let you guys know that Union Jax (the Jags fan club for British fans) gained around 100 new followers on Twitter in just the first 24 hours since the Fulham deal was announced. We also had over 6500 members signed up to the club on the last count just over a month ago - it's almost as though Mr. Khan knows what he's doing, huh?
John: It is a nutty concept indeed – that a man who was wildly successful in international business might see a situation and wants to think outside the box, and actually have some idea what he is doing. On a serious note, I'm getting a lot of emails from people embracing the London connection who seem determined to watch this franchise grow in an unforeseen direction. That's a good way to approach this. I recommend it.
Sean from Asheville "Beer City," NC:
Let's see. Upgrades to The Bank, city talked specifically about soccer games, Shad buys Fulham . . . Chances we see a Premier League Soccer game or two in the future in Jacksonville with Fulham having home field advantage???? MOODACHAY!!
John: I stopped reading at your city name. I wasn't disinterested in your email. I was just all envious and happy inside all at the same time.
Paul from Jacksonville:
I think we need to change the "OW" designation to "MC" for Moodachay!
John: On it.
Matt from Orange Park, FL:
John, is it time for football to dominate the O-Zone yet. Please!!!
John: Soon, Matt. Soon.

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