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Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, how did OTAs look and feel versus this time last year?

The Jaguars opened 2022 Organized Team Activities Monday and a few things stood out compared to this time last year. One was locale, with the team practicing inside TIAA Bank Field because there are no "practice" fields on site due to the ongoing construction of the football performance center. Another was ambience; practice was quieter than last year because there were no practice-long announcements over a loudspeaker due to the head-coaching change. As for how the team looked and worked Monday, it would be misleading to say there was a huge difference in tempo/optimism/focus, etc., compared to last year. OTA practices are unpadded and optimism reigns during the offseason. Teams are always excited with high energy this time of year. That was true for the Jaguars last season and it's true this season. The Jaguars looked good Monday. They looked organized. The receivers looked fast. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence looked sharp and spoke positively – and encouragingly – following practice. Running back Travis Etienne Jr. looked healthy after missing his 2021 rookie season with a Lisfranc injury. It was hot. The defense got some pressure on Lawrence early, but Lawrence hinted that perhaps the defense was playing a bit higher-tempo than should have been the case. Those were some of Monday's storylines. They're fun to discuss in May – and we'll certainly discuss them – but they likely will matter comparatively little come August.

JR from The Squatchlands

If I learned anything about "No. 1 receivers" this offseason it is that they are expensive! Are these mega-contracts even worth it for one player if you have to skimp elsewhere? Would you prefer to build a team with a handful of superstars and then mediocrity on the rest of the roster, or is it wiser to have quality across the board but lack the generational talents?

Many in the NFL agree with your instinct – that paying second-contract, mega dollars for a wide receiver indeed is not worth it. That's why the Green Bay Packers (Davante Adams), Tennessee Titans (A.J. Brown) and Kansas City Chiefs (Tyreek Hill) traded premium, No. 1 receivers to other teams this offseason rather than sign them to long-term contracts. As for building a team, I would prefer to have a roster with a generational quarterback. You can make multiple combinations and levels of talent/mediocrity work if you have that.

Chad from Palatka, FL

Can we fix the logo on Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson's visor? It looks too much like the Carolina Panthers.

I'll take your word for it.

Don from Marshall, NC

I could be wrong, but I think that everyone collectively thinks that Christian Kirk is the No. 1 receiver. I also know a lot of fans do not believe him to be that guy. I am hoping for him to be a star because sometimes hope is a good thing. Go Jaguars!

I, too, know there is some skepticism among Jaguars fans about wide receiver Christian Kirk, who signed with the team as an unrestricted free agent this offseason. That skepticism stems in part because of a huge contract and in part because he hasn't had huge statistics in his NFL career. And because he doesn't have prototypical No. 1 receiver size. I don't know if Kirk will become known as a true "No. 1 receiver" for the Jaguars. I know he looked good and very, very fast in OTA Day 1 Monday – and I think his talent, route-running and speed will make him a very good receiver for the Jaguars. I think he will mesh well with Lawrence. I think he will improve the receiving corps and be a very productive player. I think his presence can make the Jaguars better. Stay tuned.

Richard from Jacksonville

O'man. Can the Jaguars start 5-2 if everything goes right?

If everything goes right, the Jaguars will go 20-0.

_Corey from Middleburg, FL       _

O Dawg, all of our draft picks/free agency pickups look great in my opinion. But I really think we should look at signing Tim Tebow for the tight end position.

Of the many "odd" occurrences around the Jaguars in 2021, having Tebow on the offseason roster ranked pretty low in terms of things that really mattered. It was odd and futile, but it didn't hurt much. Either way …

William the Contemplator from Jax

Mr. Z, Given that early in the season Trevor will be trying to find his game behind a rebuilt offensive line, throwing to a group of mostly new receivers and handing off to recovering running backs, it seems to me that the Jags have a real possibility of starting 0-4. By that time, however, both the offense and defense will have begun to gel, and they will begin to win some games against quality opponents. If this scenario plays out, and the Jags go 5-8 in the balance of their games, would you consider it a successful season?

That would leave the Jaguars with a 5-12 record for the season. You would be hard-pressed to call that season successful, though you could still feel good about the progress and outlook moving forward based on how the team played.

Westside Mike from Jacksonville

Hail KOAF! If Trevor used audibles at the line of scrimmage, such as "Omaha" or "Culligan Girl," would your journalistic integrity allow you to write about it?

What's "journalistic integrity?"

Josh from Atlanta, GA

In your opinion, was the best Colts team you covered the one that won the Super Bowl?

I'll keep this answer short; this is a Jaguars website and many fans understandably care not a whit about the Colts teams I covered. But no, the 2006 Super Bowl champions weren't the best team of that era over the course of the entire season. I would rate the 2005 team that started the season 13-0 ahead of it – and probably the 2007 team, too. The '06 team peaked at the right time and was healthy during the postseason. That's the short answer – and it may have been too long.

David from Chuluota, FL

KOAF - No run-ins with the law, contract hold-outs, voluntary workout absentees, covid drama, coaches learning on the job, tight-end experiments … heck, don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?


JR from Orange Park, FL

What areas of the roster will Jaguar management look to bolster per trades or pick-ups during pre-season? Offensive line, linebacker?

I expect the Jaguars to continually look to upgrade the roster, and you could see a waiver-wire/free agent acquisition in early September. Such moves are common. There's not really a position that stands out in this area over another on the Jaguars' roster. Safety perhaps? Maybe a reserve offensive lineman or corner with the ability to play special teams? You can supplement a roster with them. It's far more difficult to improve your team with such moves.

Justin from Jax

Hey, Zone. Our uniform combo of black helmet, teal jersey and white pants is very basic. Our default combo should absolutely be black helmet, teal jersey and BLACK pants. The people who prefer the white pants are not the kind of people you need in your life. I'll die on that hill, O. Even for someone who doesn't really have much of an opinion on uniforms, has to agree with that, right?


Al from Orange Park, FL

What do you think about Bud Grant's suggestion to reduce QB kneel downs to run out the clock. I like it.

You're referencing former Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Bud Grant – now 95 – recently saying he would implement a rule that teams had to gain a yard late in the game or have the clock stop following the play. I disregarded the idea at first. Then I liked it a bit more. Then I liked it a lot.

Cameron from Orange Park, FL

I keep seeing in our projected defenses that Andrew Wingard is filled in as the starter over Cisco. Do you believe this to be true? I think Cisco flashed in his limited time starting last season.

I expect Andre Cisco and Rayshawn Jenkins to start at safety for the Jaguars next season.

Tom from Shanghai, China

What you think of your old friends in Indianapolis bringing in Nick Foles after trading for Matt Ryan? I'm all for a good backup, but is the type of big name that can cause a distraction if Ryan faulters?

The people running the Colts are not friends of mine, old or otherwise. I don't expect Foles' presence to hurt the Colts next season.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, did you show up to the field Monday with a helmet on in order to get closer to the "news?"

No, I wore a straw Quicksilver hat for a couple of reasons. One, to shield my fair – almost porcelain – skin from the sun. Two, I'm just "cool like that."