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O-Zone: Dance ... dance

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Matt from Stroudsburg, MA:
How good can A-Rob be?
John: I thought throughout last season that Allen Robinson could be a solid, long-term starter in the NFL. That's a good thing for a second-round selection – or any player, for that matter – to be, and it appeared during the games he played that he had the size, physicality and hands to play at a good level for a long time. I altered that thought after speaking to him shortly after the season, because it seemed he had the work ethic and the ability to focus on improving that's necessary to get beyond a good level. I now think Robinson has a chance to be a go-to receiver – and at the very least, a very good No. 2 or 1a-type receiver. Does he have the top-end speed to be an ideal deep-threat, No. 1 receiver? Perhaps not. But with his size and ability to go up and get the ball over a defender at its highest points, he's starting to look like he could be a very interesting player.
Troy from Anaconda, MT:
Mr. O, how come it seems that every single opposing team fan is always harping our team? I've noticed we get attacked by haters more than the other bottom-feeder teams. Can we light them on fire?
John: Does every single opposing team fan really harp on the Jaguars? Have you noticed the "haters" attacking the Jaguars more than other struggling teams? Maybe. I guess. OK. Whatever. Don't light them on fire, though. You can get a ticket for that.
Fred from Naples, FL:
You of all people should know that Gene Frenette's hat was over his eyes because he was napping!
John: It was? I thought sure he just thought he was "stylin'."
Rick from Gainesville, FL:
Who is making the most of Sen'Derrick's snaps? If he's not ready to go Week 1 who gets the nod? Ziggy Hood? Michael Bennett?
John: Ziggy Hood is projected to start if defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks can't go early next season. Michael Bennett has ability, but it's probably a reach to project him as starting over Hood as a rookie.
Jeff from Duval:
I am finding hard to get excited about the Dream Builders Home at EverBank. It has been reported at several outlets, but I just don't see why it's a thing, Am I missing something? Can people rent it out or something? Is it something different for the sake of being different? Why is this a thing?
John: The Dream Builders Home is a home being built on the EverBank Field grounds just outside the stadium. It should be completed by the season and it will be a display house where people can see a Dream Builders Home. It also will be used for hospitality. After 24 months on site it will be donated to a military veteran. I don't suppose there's anything wrong with you for not getting excited about it. Not everyone has to be excited about everything. But it's a unique promotion/partnership initiative, and it's something that will be part of the game-day experience.
Paul from Jacksonville:
I remember a running back who had some injuries early in his career getting tagged with the "fragile" moniker. We should have cut our losses with him, too. Right, Tom from Charleston?
John: You're referencing an email from this week in which Tom from Charleston said wide receiver Marqise Lee is obviously too fragile to be a front-line NFL receiver. This, of course, is phenomenally premature. I could list the litany of players who have been hurt early in their careers and had fine careers – yes, Fred Taylor is one – but it's a pretty obvious point. Is it possible that injuries will continue to hamper Lee? Of course. Anything's possible. But to write off a player who missed three games as a rookie because he's fragile would be ridiculous.
Tim from Jacksonville:
John, is the talent pool large enough to allow the league to expand without diminishing the level of play or will they have to continue to find other revenue streams like returning to LA and more investigation into the online broadcasting realm?
John: I haven't heard any serious talk of expansion. One of the biggest reasons is that 32 teams make sense in terms of scheduling – both single season and long-term. Still, to answer your question, if the NFL were to expand – and I doubt that's coming soon – it would by definition hurt the level of play at least somewhat. There already is a shortage of quarterbacks and putting another backup quarterback into a starting lineup wouldn't help that. You also would be adding at least 53 players into the NFL that currently don't make NFL rosters. As far as revenue streams, the NFL always is looking for ways to increase them. Los Angeles being the second-largest television market would help that a bit, as would increasing online revenue. The biggest revenue boost will likely come from the next television contracts, though. They have been the gifts that have kept on giving for a long, long time.
James from Jacksonville :
So the moral of week 3 of OTA's is that Allen Robinson dominated Nick Marshall, and every other defensive back.
John: I guess you saw the photograph on the home page of Robinson catching a touchdown over Nick Marshall – and yeah, that happened. Robinson had an impressive week. That's no knock on Marshall, who happened to be covering Robinson on that play. The guess here is Robinson will do that to more than a few teammates and opponents this season.
Doug from Jacksonville:
Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the team it seems last year to this year might have an opportunity to be a complete 180. Understanding that predictions in June are worth about as much as a Week 4 preseason game ticket, it seems like the offense has a real opportunity to make a big leap. You have cited the young players making that Year 2 jump, along with a healthy Gerhart and a tandem of tight ends creating havoc all with an (expectedly) improved Bortles seems exciting. The improved O should take some pressure off the D but it still seems the O has a chance to be the strength of the team. Your thoughts?
John: I think the offense has a chance to be much better than last season. I also think it still has significant improvement to make before it's the strength of the team.
David from Orlando, FL:
O-man, once I was getting out of bed and I twisted my back. It was a freak injury. I was hobbled for a month. Nobody called me fragile.
John: Not as far as you know.
David from Jacksonville:
John, I'm losing a lot of REM sleep each night, because of all the Talking Heads. Maybe I'm being Petty. They predict our team will be a Motley Crüe of Pretenders, but I think our team will be Slayers this year. This year I will B-52. I don't want to shed Tears for My Fears, but hope the Journey takes us to the Promised Land. That would be Sweet. I hope we answer The Call. U2?
John: I don't have time to answer this right now. I've got to Jam across town to take a class in Modern English. Last time I was in Boston, they said I look like a Foreigner.
Jake from Hamden, CT:
In regards to Bill's question, I'm of the same opinion; it's all about getting the ball where it's supposed to at the right time. I also think that Bortles' focus on mechanics is about developing a much more consistent way to do just that. I don't think he's locking in on mechanics for style points.
John: I've said quite often this week that the focus on Bortles' mechanics indeed has become a bit overblown. It's something he touched on a bit when he was drafted, and something he discussed again late in the season. He then went to work with quarterback guru Tom House in California this offseason – something many quarterbacks do – and has been willing to discuss what he has focused upon while there. If Bortles is playing well once the season begins, I imagine the mechanics topic will go away. If he's not, it will continue.
Ben from Mandarin, FL:
What does #DTWD stand for?
John: It's not "Dance, Ted Williams, Dance," though my grandfather once spent an afternoon talking fishing and outdoors with Ted Williams without the faintest clue who he was.
Glenn from Jacksonville Beach and Section 146:
O-man, in the past month I have been to Atlanta and St. Lucia, one for family and one for vacation. In each place I proudly wore a Jags shirt and had someone stop me as a Jags fan as well. One guy was from SC and another from NJ, but still Jags fans excited to see other fans and talk Jags football. Whatever Mr. Khan is doing, I think might just be working. That guy is pretty smart. #DTWD
John: Dance, Ted Williams, Dance … wait! What?

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