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O-Zone: Dumb luck

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Naim from Port Orange, FL

I'm having a hard time understanding fans. This season is not about wins and losses; it's all about the improvement of Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. If he's a bust, we're back to the drawing board. If he improves, we have a lot of optimism for the future. This is a quarterback league – and if you don't have one, you suck for a long time. Every time you draft a quarterback and he's a bust, it sets you back about five years. Just ask the Cleveland Browns.

I smiled at your first sentence. Fans aren't hard to understand. They want their team to win, and that's what they're supposed to do. They're not supposed to be reasonable, see the big picture or take the "long view" when thinking about their team. Sure, some do – but that's not the role of the fan. But what you're discussing is indeed accurate. In the long view, this season is a success if we know by December that Lawrence is going to be a big-time, franchise-level quarterback. That will give fans confidence for the future – and as importantly, it will enable the Jaguars to move forward building around a player who could be the foundation piece for a decade or more. In the modern NFL, it's very difficult – if not impossible – to have sustained success over multiple years without that at quarterback. The Jaguars in their 28-season history never have had it. Maybe they do now. We'll see.

David from Oviedo, FL

O – Do you know if Travis Etienne Jr. is experiencing any soreness or any other aftereffects due to his recovery from the Lisfranc injury? I'm wondering if during the regular season it will be necessary to hold him out of practices to help him manage his recovery?

All reports and indications are that Etienne is fully recovered and 100 percent. He has participated in pretty much everything possible except the preseason opener. Trainers and doctors will certainly monitor his and be smart about his workload/practice routine during the regular season. But there's no reason currently to believe he's not fine.

Larry from Cheyenne, WY

Sloter played better than the guy that started the game. Will he get a real shot or is he just cannon fodder?

Kyle Sloter indeed finished Thursday's preseason-opening loss to the Las Vegas Raiders with marginally better statistics than Jake Luton. Sloter, who played the second half, completed 13 of 25 passes for 127 yards and a touchdown. Luton, who started and played the first half, completed 10 of 17 passes for 94 yards and no touchdowns. Neither player threw an interception. I wouldn't assume that Sloter would move past Luton on the dept chart based on one preseason game. But sure … Sloter will get a real opportunity. This is a new coaching staff with a lot of new eyes evaluating a lot of new players. There's no reason at this point to assume any reserve player is "cannon fodder."

David from Chuluota, FL

Ozone – I don't see how it could be seen as anything but shameless name-dropping that Tony Boselli would mention his connection to the King of All Funk in his Hall of Fame speech.

I confess I was briefly honored when former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli mentioned me in his Pro Football Hall of Fame speech Saturday. But I – like you – realized the thing about the name-dropping soon thereafter. I understood and I wasn't mad about it. It was just a little sad.

William from Savannah, GA

The fact that Tony Bo knows where to find you and you're still here speaks volumes about Tony being a gentleman off the field.

I'm glad you emailed. I actually need to call Boselli. Someone needs to let him know it's OK to take jacket off. I mean … it has been two days.

Gary from Suffolk, VA

I was pleased to see that Chaisson had some really impressive plays in the HOF game last week. I think it is easy to write off someone who has yet to live up to expectations, however, I think he is still a gem and will be great in this defense. Your thoughts on this, sir?

I don't expect K'Lavon Chaisson to start because of the presence of outside linebackers Travon Walker and Josh Allen. I do think it's very possible he could play a significant role as part of the front-seven rotation. Chaisson really doesn't appear to be a pure pass rusher at the NFL level. He does appear to have the athleticism to make plays off the ball.

Daniel from Howes Cave

Hey, O. From the perspective of a Jags fan of 27-plus years, from before the first game, through the best and the worst of the franchise, and through the highs and the (at times, very low) lows of the franchise, seeing Tony Boselli finally donned in that gold jacket and delivering that speech, especially in consideration of what he has done for this team and community since retiring … well, I teared up a bit. Jokes aside, did you?

A bit. /ducks

Fred from Naples, FL

Mentioning your name in Boselli's speech was no surprise to many of us who know you was not a surprise but PRISCO?

This was not surprising at all. Pete Prisco, the original Jaguars beat reporter for the Florida Times-Union from 1995-2000, is now a national analyst for CBS Sports. He also is one of the more respected NFL analysts. Prisco more than any media member – and perhaps more than anyone – helped get momentum started for Boselli's Hall candidacy. He spoke to, lobbied and sometimes kind of harassed Hall voters about Boselli's Hall credentials. Boselli more than deserved to be enshrined. But in the early part of last decade, he had slipped from the radar of Hall voters. Prisco is one of my best friends in sportswriting and in life, so I say this fondly: He can be persistent. He can even be a pain in the ass – particularly if he believes he is right about something. He was a persistent pain in the ass about Boselli with Hall voters. And while Boselli and Prisco like to bicker back and forth on their media appearances and in real life, Boselli knows how important Prisco was to this process. Prisco absolutely deserved thanks, perhaps as much as anyone. Except perhaps Boselli. He kind of contributed, too.

David from The Island

NFL Network was discussing possible future HOF inductees. If Head Coach Doug Pederson wins a Super Bowl with the Jaguars, does he get in?


Diego from South of Tierra del Fuego

Speaking of Jaguar field goal kickers, Diego believes Mike Hollis was best of all time. He won so many games for them with last-minute winning kicks during the Jags' golden years that people tend to forget. Others performed well but he by far was the best kicker when the game was on the line.

Were we speaking of Jaguars field-goal kickers? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The Jaguars have been fortunate to have had three really good kickers in franchise history – Mike Hollis, Josh Scobee and Josh Lambo. Hollis' reliability indeed gets overlooked at times, but he was really consistent – and he at one point was the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Scobee had a remarkable number of clutch kicks, providing the franchise a few of its best moments in the late 2000s and early part of the 2010s. Lambo was unbelievably good when he was good. Who was best? Yeah, I probably would take Hollis by a hair over Scobee. But it's close.

David from Orlando, FL

O – Jaguar fans do not want to hear that we're another year from the playoffs or that if we win half our games, we should be proud of our participation trophy. WHY NOT US?! WHY NOT NOW?! WE WANT IT ALL AND WE WANT IT NOW!! AAARRRGGHH!!!!

David is "all in."

Adam from Round Here

I didn't remember much about 1995 draft as I was still a Giants fan living in the Northeast. But now as a long time Jags fan, really glad the Cincinnati Bengals took running back Ki-Jana Carter first overall.  Pretty impressive first round overall with four HOFers, and Tampa with a historic first round drafting two Hall of Famers in Round 1. Pretty good draft class.

The 1995 NFL Draft indeed was impressive, with the four Hall of Famers as follows: Boselli (Jacksonville, No. 2 overall), defensive tackle Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay, No. 14 overall), cornerback Ty Law (New England, No. 23 overall) and linebacker Derrick Brooks (Tampa Bay, No. 28 overall). So yeah … good draft, good first round. And a damned good first selection in franchise history for a certain 1995 expansion team.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, that was a good try, but there was no way I was going to Google "Oehser in a formfitting gold color rush" to check. Do you think anyone else fell for that?

Only a lucky few.