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James from Salt Lake City via Jagsonville

Big O, I think Myles (wasn't down) Jack – if he stays healthy – finally has a chance to make the Pro Bowl. It looks like he's got a much better surrounding cast, and he's in his natural position. Also, he doesn't have to worry about covering for other positions because they might screw up. What's your take? I know it's early, but ...

I agree that Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack could have his best chance yet for postseason honors in 2021 – for essentially the reasons you cite. He is at his best playing weak-side linebacker – and although the role won't be exactly the same in the Jaguars' new defense as before, he likely will be used creatively and extensively this season. And he shouldn't have to worry about making up for inexperience around him, as was the case in 2019. Jack played at or near a Pro Bowl level last season in his fifth NFL season, but had minimal chance at postseason honors because of the team's 1-15 record. I expect the Jaguars' defensive front to improve this season, which should help Jack make more plays from the weak position. If the Jaguars' record indeed improves a bit, that should only help Jack's national presence – and his opportunity for postseason accolades.

Mark from Archer, FL

John, I do not know Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer. I have read some things about him. Based on what you know and see, do you think Meyer will be arrogant and let that affect him? My worry is that since he did so well coaching in college, he might think he can't make bad choices and will refuse to admit when some of his choices are not that great even if it is obvious to everyone else that he is making a mistake. Do you get the impression he could be that kind of coach?

I can't speak to whether Meyer is arrogant; while some observers may perceive him that way, I haven't spent enough time with him or spoken to him enough to know – and my experience tells me perception in these matters can differ from reality. I do know a couple of things about Meyer. One is he has seemed strikingly willing to listen and learn during four-plus months as the Jaguars' head coach. Another is that he values winning over all else. Those two factors should counter any decision-making instinct observers might perceive as arrogant.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF. I say, "Forget all the red zone offense and just score consistently from 25-to-40 yards out. Makes an easier play overall and makes everyone happier."

Good plan. Go big or go home.

Tony from Richmond, VA

Just saw video of Urban Meyer doing a wrestling segment over the weekend for AEW. Still think he doesn't want to do Hard Knocks?

A one-off AEW video in a contained office with two coaches – Meyer and assistant head coach/linebackers Charlie Strong – is one level of off-field fun and intrusion. A Hard Knocks crew in personnel and coaching offices, on the practice field and around coaches and players for upward of a month is another.

Jeff from Jacksonville

That was very uncouth of Cynthia Frelund of to publish the "Tom from Charlottesville, VA" comment in her "Most Underappreciated Players" piece, verbatim, without properly crediting him. She even had the audacity to publish it a day before he asked it.

This happened this week, with an O-Zone questioner essentially reposting Frelund's thoughts and analysis of Jaguars center Brandon Linder without attribution. I didn't realize they were Frelund's words when including the question in the O-Zone before commenting on the statistics included. Apologies to Frelund on this.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Words can't describe how tired the entire Tebow subject is. Okay, so it is the dead zone. I get it. This town deserves a better class of fans, fawning over a past his prime quarterback converted to tight end is just … stalkerish. The more interesting questions are how is the main man TL looking and does the offense give you hope?

This town and this team's "class of fans" is just fine. Tebow is an intriguing offseason story and he's a polarizing topic; it's natural fans want to discuss it until he shows if he deserves to be on the team or not. As for Lawrence and the offense, we have observed one Organized Team Activities practice and will observe another Thursday. Lawrence and the offense didn't look great in the one observed practice, which Meyer attributed largely to the day being mainly about red-zone work – an area that usually is difficult for young NFL quarterbacks in new offenses. We should have a slightly better perspective on the hope around Lawrence and the offense when the on-portion of the offseason program concludes June 16.

Rob from WhatsAHomeTown, USA

John, the OTA videos are cool, people really seem to like them. That being said, I had a question after watching the interviews. What's a "Dee-Rock" and what does it do?

Strikingly little.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looking at Diana from Greenville, I couldn't help but remember that NFL history here in Brazil started with Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers (probably the biggest NFL fanbase around here) being presented to us. Cable TV and more recently social media gave the NFL popularity a big boost. That said, I suspect that Trevor may replicate, in a certain way, what Montana did here in the late 80s, early 90s.

Diana from Greenville is a new Jaguars fan who introduced herself as such to O-Zone readers recently. She is a Clemson fan who now is "on board" with the Jaguars because of Lawrence, who played collegiately at Clemson. Indeed, Lawrence is the sort of player whose brand can expand a fan base – whatever the fan's collegiate allegiance. Providing he and the team succeed.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I'm listening to the old interviews and podcasts since the draft because life has been busy. Jaguars Reporters Day 2 Recap, John Oehser: "I have a feeling this year that TE will be interesting." Haha wild, you're the best. Related: I appreciate your insight over just arguing and yelling. It's why I don't listen to a lot of national media coverage.

I am the King of All Funk.

Dave from Jacksonville

John, Wizard of Oz, just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for sticking around. Thanks for covering the stories good and bad. Lots of material now, looking forward to your work.

I am the King of All Funk.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Did you hear the bad news, John? Trevor Lawrence in his first practice didn't look how Tom Brady looks after 20 years in the league. I saw articles about it so it must be bad news. In all seriousness though, how does Lawrence's arm look up close? It's his first work with an NFL team so I don't expect much. Just curious how "live" of an arm he has.

Lawrence looks the part of an NFL quarterback – up to and including having a very live arm. That arm wasn't quite as accurate as would be ideal last week in a non-padded offseason practice in which he was working in the red zone less than four months after labrum surgery with entirely new teammates in a new system so people have a tendency to panic. But he looked fine up close. More than fine.

Darren from Las Vegas, NV

Okay, fine. You're cool again.


Chris from Mandarin

I saw that Nick Sorensen was named the special teams coordinator. What happened to Brian Schneider? He was named the coordinator in February, right?

Schneider, who indeed was hired as special teams coordinator in February, left the Jaguars for personal reasons on May 21.

Cliff from Orange Park, FL

Could we be overlooking the potential of Chris Manhertz in the passing game? As a basketball convert, he must have some athleticism. Could it be just newness to the position and the potential is about to be realized? I am intrigued.

Manhertz, who signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent from Carolina this past March, is entering his sixth NFL season; it therefore would be a reach to saw he is "new" to tight end by NFL standards. But while the Jaguars signed Manhertz primarily because of his strengths as a run-blocker, they do believe he also can contribute as a receiver. He showed good athleticism in this area in practice last week. That's one pad-free practice. We'll see how this goes moving forward.

Unhipcat from Hopsville, Ua

Hi, John. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA (9%) is "a rare blend of CHOICE hops" and Elysian Space Dust IPA's (8.2%) "hopping is pure star glow energy."

Those sound great. I'm sure I would enjoy them. I also prefer not to be on the floor at 8:45 p.m., so I'll probably hop toward something a little lighter.