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O-Zone: Either or

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

Wizard, they let Tim go? Say it ain't so, Tebow. Missing practice on multiple days was hard for him to overcome.

The Jaguars indeed released tight end Tim Tebow Tuesday morning – one of five moves made to reduce the roster from 90 to 85. Perhaps I detected a giddy tone to your email. Perhaps not. If so, know this: Any giddiness isn't shared by this writer. While some observers didn't like the Jaguars and Head Coach Urban Meyer giving Tebow an opportunity, and while those observers might relish Tuesday's news, there's no reason to do cartwheels over this. Tebow is 34. He is nearing the end of – or perhaps is past – his athletic prime, so he wanted to give the NFL a final try. The odds were obviously long. It was perhaps far-fetched for Tebow or Meyer to think it could work. But you know what? Meyer's respect for Tebow's competitiveness and history as an elite athlete made him willing to try. It didn't work, and it became pretty evident recently in 2021 Training Camp that it wasn't going to work. As I wrote often throughout the offseason, I didn't see any harm in this – and didn't expect any locker-room fallout – so long as the Jaguars and Tebow moved on if it became obvious it was necessary. As pads went on, it became obvious. The Jaguars indeed moved on. It wasn't about missing practice a couple of days. As Meyer explained it, was a lot about special teams – and the fact that Tebow really couldn't contribute there. And the fact that Tebow never had tackled – and that special teams in the NFL is about tackling. He also wasn't as good as the other tight ends on the roster. That's it. That's what happened. So, now we'll move on. Shall we?

Biff from Jacksonville

I won't pretend to know the tone of O-Zone post-Tebow release. Still o-line focused? Maybe full of those taking shots at Tim? I bet the latter was fairly strong. Isn't the better narrative surrounding his courage and confidence to put himself under the microscope in an effort to continue competitive athletics? The low-hanging fruit seems to be more for the cynic ... the critic. Sure, he failed. But he tried. More than most of us can say. His work ethic is motivational.

Fair. There was nothing wrong with the effort. And nothing wrong with the Jaguars giving him the opportunity. The only thing wrong would have been to allow him to be on the roster if that was unmerited. That wasn't going to happen. Therefore, it didn't happen.

Michael from Arlington

Well, I guess that answers if he'll make the 53.

Well, yes. That's what it means.

Chris from Mandarin

The Dolphins went from 1-15 to the playoffs in a year when they went 11-5 in 2008. Just sayin' ...

Yes, they did. And teams do make dramatic jumps. It's not impossible. There also have been far more cases when one- and two-victory teams need more than one season to make the jump to contending. Perhaps the Jaguars will be one of the teams that makes a one-year jump. A lot of offseason moves must go very right for that to happen and a lot of projections must come to fruition. The skeptic in me believes this is probably a six-to-seven victory team. Here's hoping that skeptic is proven wrong.

Gary from Suffolk, VA

Zone, reading the comments from the game Saturday, I would like to take a page from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers: "R-E-L-A-X." To my knowledge, divisions, conferences nor Super Bowls are not won in one preseason game. I personally choose to focus on the good … the defense looked fast and aggressive. Run defense seemed stout. Work out some bugs on both sides of the ball. We will be okay.

Fans gonna fan, Gary. It's what they do.


I don't understand the logic in moving an underperforming tackle to guard. When Walker Little is good enough to step into the starting lineup, wouldn't it make more sense to keep whoever he replaces as a backup versus messing with the interior (which has been far more reliable)?

If/when Little is ready to move into the starting lineup, I expect the Jaguars to start the five players they believe are the best five offensive linemen. There are cases when a tackle can move to guard and be very good. If, say, Jaguars right tackle Jawaan Taylor wasn't starting at that position, it's conceivable his body type would make it make sense to move him to guard. In this case, I don't get the sense that he would immediately be a better guard than either AJ Cann or Andrew Norwell.

Don from Marshall NC

Tim Tebow is a great young man. He is going to have a career in football but not as a player. Maybe he will find his way on the Jaguars as a coach someday. Sure caused a stir around the country but it was fun to follow. Later Gator! Go Jaguars!

I would guess Tebow could be a success in multiple careers if this is indeed the end of his career as a player. Would he want to work the hours necessary to be a head coach? I wouldn't, but he if he wants that … sure.

_Jacob from New York, NY            _

What is the biggest advantage of practices? To install scheme correctly or for players to get individually better?

Coaches would tell you they want to do both, but in the NFL, getting scheme installed correctly – and making sure players are emphasizing it properly, and are as prepared as possible – is paramount.

Lori from Miami, FL

People can say what they will about Tebow. He didn't pan out and make the roster. But his leadership affected those around him. He may have failed to make a comeback in the end, but show me any armchair expert that could beat Tebow in: strength, athletic ability, character or leadership. It takes a superior athlete to make the 90-man roster … and lead the league in jersey revenue. Thank you to Tebow and best of luck to the remaining 85 (TEBOW) superior athletes! Go Jaguars!


Steve from Woodbine, GA

Georgia Bulldog fan here ... but I was rooting for him to make the team. Would've made for a great story ... maybe even a decent movie.

You know what movie I liked? "Road House." It was no "Short Circuit" or "War Games," though. Maybe if they would have cast Ally Sheedy instead of Sam Elliott, it would have been better. I heard Ally was tougher than she looked.

Cory from Pensacola, FL

That block by Tim was terrible, and he was heavily scrutinized by the media afterwards (and rightfully so). Do you think that terrible block attempt, along with the media circus that came out of it cost Tebow the chance to advance past the first round of cuts? Do you think he is still currently on this team if that block never happens?

A botched block by Tebow against Cleveland Saturday indeed "went viral." That one block didn't get Tebow waived from the Jaguars Tuesday.

Kevin from Jacksonville

You said "rookie Walker Little played well." Did you even watch the game? He didn't play well at all.

I thought at first glance that offensive tackle Walker Little played well Saturday. This was without the benefit of grinding down and watching tape – and without the benefit of a trained offensive linemen/coaches' eye. Little indeed struggled Saturday, particularly with hand placement. I was wrong. Get used to it. It happens.

Mark from Prescott, AZ

Why do you think the stadium appeared half empty at the Browns game?

Because it was the preseason.

Rob from Jacksonville

Do you think instead of trading quarterback Gardner Minshew II we could try using him as a slot receiver? He has the size and speed and understands what the quarterback is thinking which always helps? And since he is lower to the ground, he can be more effective chipping linebackers to create more space in the second level of the defense. Just an idea but I think it's a good one.

I do not concur.

Rex from Togolese

Mr. Ozone. Based on Saturday's preseason loss, do you believe that this team's talent level is less than the second and third stringers on the Cleveland Browns team? I know then-General Manager David Caldwell said he "loved" last year's squad, but the results were disastrous. I know this year's team is better than last year's team, but is it better than our opponents? A blowout by second-stringers makes us look uncompetitive.

I don't typically base much on the first preseason game. The Jaguars' first-team players not faring well against the Browns' second- and third-teamers could in retrospect prove to be concerning. It also could in retrospect be a case of the Jaguars' first-teamers simply not making a play or two here or there on the series in which they played and it not being a big deal at all. Stay tuned.