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O-Zone: Expansion theory

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Greg from Saint Johns, FL

Hey, I think we all want defensive end Yannick Ngakoue back, but is it just me – or is anyone else seeing the mistakes he makes by crashing in and not containing outside runs? I am no expert but seems like this is an easy fix and something we have struggled with consistently.

Ngakoue is a big-time pass rusher. He is not nearly as good against the run as he is rushing the passer. This doesn't make him a bad player. This doesn't mean he won't be paid a lot of money in the future. He is a good player and indeed will be paid a lot of money. I expect him to be with the Jaguars next season – either with a long-term extension or on the franchise tag. I don't know what scheme the Jaguars will use defensively moving forward, but I could absolutely see Ngakoue used more as a pure edge rusher in passing situations and an off-the-ball linebacker in other situations. There's a long way to go on this one, and there's a contract situation to solve. Stay tuned.

Saud from Virginia Beach, VA

I think it's unfair to judge the abilities of either Gardner Minshew II or Nick Foles or make a call on who is the starting quarterback between the two without having an offensive line that can pass and run block – and a semblance of a running attack. I do think next season we need to take a second look at Foles once/if we have an offensive line that can give Foles time in the pocket along with having a strong running attack. Foles was successful in his Super Bowl run because he had talent on his O-line and a running attack. Right now, the Jags have neither, making it unfair to access the abilities of any quarterback. What are your thoughts? Should we give Foles another look next season?

This will be the hot-button issue of the Jaguars' offseason, and I think there's a good chance Foles starts next season.

Dave from Jacksonville

So when ticket sales plummet after Head Coach Doug Marrone and General Manager David Caldwell are retained, will Khan blame the fans for not having an "appetite" for football? Have you seen "Major League"?

Jaguars Owner Shad Khan understands teams must win for fans to attend. That never has been an issue, public perception notwithstanding. He also never said Jaguars fans didn't have an "appetite" for football. He did discuss the demand for football in Jacksonville as it relates to filling TIAA Bank Field in a way to maximize revenue. It's a nuanced difference, but there's a difference.

Eric from Jacksonville

How many Mondays after a loss does Marrone have to get up to the press and tell them that "it's my fault, and I have to do better" before Shad realizes that MAYBE he cannot do better than what he has shown?

Marrone is a head coach and therefore a leader. As such, be believes he should take responsibility for all that happens with the Jaguars on the field, and he doesn't believe in implicating anyone else in the team's issues. He believes this and acts on this belief to the extreme. Khan certainly understands that Marrone believes this way and understands what Marrone is saying. No one who understands football believes that Marrone is coaching a team with nearly as much talent as the one he coached in 2017. Marrone got a lot out of this team considering the circumstance. But it's always coaching in the NFL.

RJ from Tally from Jacksonville

O (KOAF), you're taking heat, but I wanted to defend your honor. Compared to other team sites, you are leaps and bounds more grounded and objective than others playing the PR game. I feel you're similar to Doug on constantly having to defend this franchise. Hope you know the Jags fan base really appreciates you and hope you have a great holiday.

I am the king of all funk.

Travis from North Dakota

If Andrew Norwell is released this offseason (let's hope) could you see us moving Cam to left guard if we draft a left tackle? Oh – and Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal, and a Happy New Year.

I could see that happening, although I wouldn't in any way say it's a done deal that that would happen. And yes … Merry Krimma.

Alan from Mandarin, FL

I believe the front office has done pretty well in recent drafts. Where we have fallen down is in player development. This was driven home in recent days watching defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. and even worse, seeing wide receiver Allan Lazard (pulled from our practice squad) start and star for Green Bay. There are far too many ex-Jags playing at a high level for other teams. Do you see this as a major failing of our staff?

I'm happy to see Lazard performing well for Green Bay, but I'm going to stop short of calling him a star – and I might point out that perhaps he benefits just a little from playing with one of the best quarterbacks of all time. As far as Fowler, I understand that people are impressed with his sacks totals. I'm not going to spend sentences criticizing him. I will say that on the list of errors this franchise has made in recent seasons, trading Fowler remains low on the list.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

If Shad brings these guys back, he will prove to be an incompetent owner.

Merry Christmas, Jerell.

Cliff Lives from the Underworld

If I were an NFL owner and I wanted to move my team, I'd sell as many tickets as I could while making the product so bad that the fans finally stop buying. Then I'd come out and say, "There clearly is a ceiling and not enough of an appetite for NFL football here to support a franchise" and then move. Need to keep the losing up, though, so I'd retain the people responsible for the losing of course.

This is a popular conspiracy theory. The problem with the theory is that Khan wants to win, and that if Khan wanted to move the team he would just … move it.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

My Jaguars-centric Christmas list this year: 1) Keep the coaching staff, which somehow has kept a team with nothing to play for motivated. 2) #Payyann 3) Beat the @$&#* Colts. Go Jags!

You go girl. Merry Krimma.

Josh from Harrisburg, PA

Ramsey was ruled out (knee) for Saturday's game sure hope that doesn't linger into next year.

Here's wishing former Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey good health at the holiday season. The man has been through a lot.

Austin from Jacksonville

Did you see that Ramsey won't be playing this week? The Jaguars' decision is looking better and better. How good do you think the Jaguars could be in 2022?


Rob from Orange Park, FL

I don't see Dave C surviving. His record of finding top talent with a whole lot of high draft picks just hasn't panned out. What do you think the odds are of him sticking around?

Very good.

Tom from Charleston, SC

Your comments of late suggest that draft picks that have led to poor performance has only happened since Tom came onboard. Let me remind you that Dave Caldwell has been the Jaguars' general manager ever since Khans arrival. He was tasked with creating a "sustainable team that would win for a long time". He failed at that before Coughlin, with Coughlin and all evidence says he will fail post-Coughlin. The only member of the brain trust that has been here for the "Khan failure" is Dave Caldwell. If anyone needs to be replaced, it is he. It was expected that sustainability was expected to be a winning culture. Under Dave we have sustained a cellar culture as annual bottom dwellers. I know that you will support Dave just as you have supported Tom, Jalen, Dante, etc. – at least until they are gone and you don't have to face them.

"Your comments of late suggest that draft picks that have led to poor performance has only happened since Tom came onboard." Try again, Tom. This simply isn't the case. I repeatedly have said and written that the Jaguars have drafted better in recent seasons than in the early part of Caldwell's tenure. I could go on and get argumentative about this, but it's Christmas. Who wants to bicker?

Matt from Green Cove Springs, FL

With it sounding more and more like Marrone sticking around, how much turnover do you expect from the coaching staff? Other than Keenan McCardell, everyone should be expandable at this point. We at the very least need a new offensive line coach and defensive coordinator. I'm sure defensive coordinator Todd Wash will be great elsewhere, but our talent seems like it would fit a different scheme.

After eating Christmas dinner, I think we're all expandable.