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O-Zone: Far from over

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Nathan from St Augustine

If this was a preseason game it would be concerning, the fact it was after a bye week in the middle of the season is downright scary! Delay of game penalties, dropped passes, bad throws, this got ugly again real quick! How can a team look this unprepared after a bye week against a 2-5 team?

This was a common theme in the inbox following the Jaguars' 31-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field in Seattle, Wash., Sunday – and correctly so. While many observers believed this would be a close game with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson injured and with the Jaguars having improved in recent games, there were multiple reasons for serious concern – a trip West, a difficult venue for road teams, some of the Jaguars' lingering flaws, a desperate Seattle team that was still playing hard, etc. But what was unexpected – and what was a mystery to Jaguars players and Head Coach Urban Meyer afterward – was the sloppy first half. There were penalties, miscommunications and avoidable mistakes – this after a bye week, and after what Meyer and players said were two weeks of very good practices. Those mistakes point to preparation, which points to coaching -- and at least to some degree, also to players. It points some to youth. It points at least in part also to the Jaguars overall not being a great roster, which makes sense for a team that has lost 21 of 22 games. How does a game as sloppy as Sunday's happen? I honestly can't tell you. I haven't seen that many like it, just as I hadn't seen many games like the loss to the Texans in Week 1. That will be a major topic for the coaches as they review this thing Monday. It was a bad look, to say the least.

Nick from Holte, Denmark

I feel like the Jaguars owe us dedicated fans an apology at this point. I realize Trevor should give us some hop but how is this acceptable?

I never know how to answer questions about team apologies, hope and whether losing by wide margins is "acceptable." Results such as Sunday's aren't "acceptable." The team doesn't want to lose like that. The players don't want to do it. The coaches don't want to do it. They work hard. They prepare as well as they can. They give countless hours and care more than any fan could possibly imagine. Yes, the franchise understands the dedicated fans' frustrations. Owner Shad Khan understands them. All involved understand. And all involved will continue to work because it's all they can do. It will turn. Some day. And yes … rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence is reason for hope. A real, tangible reason. When will that hope turn to winning consistently? That, I can't predict. It looks as though it will take a while. Almost certainly.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Remember when some people thought the Jags would be competitive in this game? Or even win? Those were good times.

I spent all week worried about a few things when it came to the Jaguars' chances Sunday. One was a lack of playmakers at skill positions. Another was that their "momentum" was largely from a last-second victory over a struggling Miami team. Another was the Jaguars' defense's struggles against the pass. Another was the long trip West. All felt like they played a role Sunday. Oh, to have been wrong.

Logan from Wichita, KS

Name one thing more worthless than the Jaguars defense. Nothing.

I have a bunch of baseball cards from the late 1980s that are barely worth anything. I remember spending a fair amount of money thinking "they would be a lot of money someday."

Jacob from NY

When can we expect the jags to win against competitive teams and can it happen with Urban Meyer?

It could be a while. It seems they're a good ways from beating competitive teams consistently right now, though there are some struggling teams remaining on the schedule. Yes, it can happen under Meyer. But again … it absolutely appears it could take time.

Mr. NFL from Unfortunately Jacksonville

I agree with the commentators. The Jacksonville defense is pathetic, embarrassing and looks totally inept. I'm sure you think they're getting better, right?

The Jaguars' defense looked better in the second half Sunday. It didn't look good when the game was in doubt. How a defense plays with the game in doubt is what matters, so do I think the Jaguars' defense is getting better? Not particularly. Not until I see this unit shut down a couple of decent offenses in succession. That hasn't happened yet.

Bo from Linwood NC

It pains me to say it but regardless of our record, we look like the worst team in football. Too many delay of games, 12 in the huddle, 12 on defense, etc. Is this an issue that falls on Urban, the coordinators, or the players?


Eric from Columbus, IN

This receiving corps is horrible. Can't catch, even more so on big plays. Can't run routes. They're playing like it's preseason Game 2. Remember when everyone thought this was a team strength? Yikes.

I do remember when people thought the receivers were a strength. I believed that. I believed it would be a balanced group capable of having two or three players with 900-ish yards and nine-ish touchdowns. I was wrong.

Noel from Saint Augustine, FL

The Jags sure have a knack for making any QB look like an All Pro.


Roger from Houston, TX

Sometimes, it just seems like the Jaguars do everything they can to help their opponent beat them. It's just maddening.


Kris from Neenah, WI

What is wrong with Laviska Shenault Jr.? He seems like such an X f-Factor yet they can't get him involved on offense. When they do it's drops.

Shenault is a good runner with the ball in his hands. He has not yet proven to be a great route-runner or to be able to get open consistently downfield. He also has struggled with drops. It's difficult to be consistently productive as a receiver when you primarily get the ball on screens and quick passes near the line of scrimmage. He's also not particularly fast for an NFL receiver, which means having to break tackles to be effective. He has done this at times during his career.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

So you don't go for two but you try an onside kick how does that make sense?

This is a fair criticism, and many fans wondered this after the Jaguars went for two following a touchdown in the final two minutes. Meyer opted to kick an extra point then try an onside kick. He said later he should have kicked it deep.

George Pipik from Drummonds


There were a few. The defense played better in the second half than the first, though a case can be made that a defense that only plays well when the game is basically decided didn't actually play all that well. I would agree with that case. Defensive end/pass rusher Josh Allen had one of his better games. Defensive end Dawuane Smoot did, too.

Andrew from Little Elm, TX

Another game exposing our inability to stop a team and third down. And when they do, the year after year undisciplined Jaguars show up. No coaching staff has been able to stop this. What's it going to take KOAF??

Better players and more discipline.

Dewayne from Palatka

Agnew is not a No. 1 receiver. Just saying.

I recall many people in recent weeks saying Jaguars wide receiver/returner Jamal Agnew could contribute as a receiver. I recall no one saying he is a No. 1 receiver.

A.J. from Scottsdale, AZ

All-around trash performance from coaching to players. Trevor looked like he took a step back. What did we do over the bye week? Looks wasted to me.

The Jaguars played poorly Sunday. Lawrence didn't play all that well, but neither did anyone else on offense. I don't expect Lawrence to play all that well this season when the Jaguars are down double digits early. He's going to be under pressure in those situations and his wide receivers don't separate enough – and aren't dynamic enough – for this offense to be very good playing from behind. This doesn't mean he won't be good. It doesn't mean he's regressing. It doesn't mean he's a bust. It means the Jaguars need more serviceable playmakers.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Same story, drops and penalties. No defense.

Yeah, it's not a good story.

Bryan from Tampa, FL

I am starting think this coaching staff has no idea what they are doing.

Sunday was the sort of performance that gets coaches criticized. Linebacker Myles Jack made a fair point that even when players are in difficult situations it's up to talented players to make big plays, but yes … when you have the sorts of penalties and miscommunication the Jaguars had Sunday, coaching will come under scrutiny.

Tom from Nocatee

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Absolutely not.