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O-Zone: Fashion statement

JACKSONVILLE - Let's get to it... Martin from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Otto: same position, new name? Or new wrinkle in the Jaguars' defensive scheme?
John: It's definitely not the same position. The Jaguars this offseason have ditched any reference to "strong-side" or "sam" linebacker, and are exclusively using the term "otto" for the newly introduced position. It's probably best described as a new wrinkle. The "otto" will play on the edge similar to a strong-side backer, but will be more of a pass rusher than a traditional strong-side backer. He also will usually play standing up at the line of scrimmage.
Eric from Space:
John what's your favorite Seinfeld episode? Also, do you have the "Kavorka"?
John: The Marine Biologist … "Algae … obviously, plankton." And yes, I have the kavorka, though I now have little occasion to use it.
Sandy from Fruit Cove, FL:
The upholstery on both doors in my '07 Mustang has been flopping around for the last six months. I think we're on to something...
Dan from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Once a player is released is there still a possibility of a trade? I read that T.J. Yates was released a few days ago and then I read he was traded to Atlanta. Can you clarify?
John: A player cannot be traded after his release because once a player is released, a team no longer has his rights. Your confusion is understandable, though. In the case of Yates, it was incorrectly reported this week that he had been released by Houston when in fact, he was traded to Atlanta.
Coydog from Jacksonville:
The releasing of Jason Babin is really a shocker. Were the other players performing that much better or was he performing that much worse?
John: It wasn't really a shocker. Babin is 34 years old and the team had a numbers issue at the Leo position. They signed Chris Clemons and drafted Chris Smith. They also have Andre Branch and Ryan Davis there. That was a lot of Leos, and once the Jaguars saw all of them work at OTAs and minicamp it became apparent Babin likely would struggle to get playing time. The decision was then made to release him so he can sign with another team if he so desires.
Chad from Orlando, FL:
My office just got a Culligan water cooler set up this week, but every time I go to fill up my glass, it's just me standing alone. When does the cheerleader get here to cheer me on as I quench my thirst?
John: Not that I know what you're talking about, but I think it's set up where she visits all the water coolers. No one knows how she gets there. She just shows up and it's like magic because everyone's happy and no one really can explain it. Sort of like Santa … only awesomer.
Ryan from Toronto, Canada:
O-man, do you answer all these questions and just quip a title off of the last one, or do you pick through them in advance and save the best for last?
John: It's coincidence, believe it or not. I don't really write the headline based on anything. It's just weird that for more than 1,000 consecutive days it happens to line up sort of close to where it appears to have at least something to do with the last question.
John from Jacksonville:
I am by no means calling Ricky Stanzi the best quarterback on this roster, but it has been interesting to see him perform at these open practices. The guy just seems accurate and in many cases threw some pretty astonishing passes. I guess I'd like to know if you think he can make this team? I haven't seen much of Morris, but it seems like Jedd Fisch has a relationship with the kid. What is the team's and your impression of Stanzi?
John: I do think he can make the team. He impressed coaches in OTAs and minicamp to the point of surprising them, and he indeed looked poised and accurate much of the offseason. Stanzi said it was simply a matter of getting a chance to play in the same offense for a second season. If I had to guess now he would make it as the third quarterback, because it just seems unlikely the team would go with Blake Bortles as the No. 3 quarterback. But that's probably a fluid situation that will become less slippery in the preseason.
Armand from Jacksonville:
John can the quarterbacks and wide receivers still work out together after OTAs?
John: Yes. Chad Henne mentioned this as a possibility when talking to the media on Thursday. I'd be surprised if they don't get together in some capacity between now and training camp. It can't be at the facility, but it can be done.
Jack from Los Angeles, CA:
I've been watching highlights of the OTAs and I just love Josh Wells and DeAndre Coleman. Do you think they should make the team Week 1?
John: Both of those players were impressive in OTAs and minicamps. If they are equally impressive in training camp, yes, they should probably make the team. That's what is known as a "big if."
Steve from Denver, CO:
O- Do you and JP color coordinate your outfits to try to get your picture in GQ magazine?
John: That's not why we do it.
Jess from Highland, IL:
Why isn't it realistic to shoot for a division title this year? Both Houston and Tennessee are down significantly in talent and experience, so that just leaves Indianapolis as the team we (the Jags) would need to beat (have the better won-loss record). Their quarterback may be the best in the division right now, but they've also lost talent and experience on both sides of the ball. With our returning players, the free agent signings this offseason, and what has been described as the best draft class, I don't see why we couldn't challenge for the title this year.
John: First, in the context of this season, throw out the draft class – at least set it aside a bit. It's really, really rare to get direction-changing production out of the draft class in Year One. This is a tough concept for people to swallow, but it's the truth. Second, the Colts don't have the quarterback who "may be" the best in the division right now; they have the best quarterback in the division right now. Third, I think it will take nine or 10 victories to push for the playoff berth. I think nine-to-10 victories is asking a lot of this roster right now. I've been wrong before. I'm the guy who said, "They should take that Joey guy off friends and kill off Adrianna in the Sopranos and put them together in a sitcom … that would work!!" So, yeah, I've been wrong. But while the Jaguars have upgraded the roster, I don't know that it's accurate to say they've upgraded to a playoff level just yet, so it's hard for me in good conscience to write that they should challenge for the division title. I'm conservative by nature, and I think 7-9 or 8-8 and weekly competitiveness would be a very, very encouraging step in the right direction.
Pedro from Palm Valley, FL:
I was laughing at someone's comment about Bortles sticking his tongue out when he throws. Then in the paper this week his tongue is out in both pictures. I started getting worried until my wife mentioned: He won't be able to do that when he has a mouthpiece. Is my wife brilliant?
John: I don't know, but I do know you gain nothing by telling her otherwise.
Dave from Section 410 and Jacksonville:
If you didn't install the temp stands section by section, how would you do it?
John: I suggested putting them together first, then getting a bunch of lineman to "swing-toss" them over the side of the stands the way I used to toss mulch off the back of my truck, but no one listens to me.
Pit Bull from the Stage:
Yo, the aviators. You stealing my look, Dawg?
John: Maybe, and this actually has been something of a point of contention in my house this week. When appearing on 1010XL Prime Time with Joe and Hacker and T-Wigg this week Joe snapped and tweeted a photo of me looking very hip in my aviator sunglasses. This is a look most agree I "own", and is part of the reason woman want to be seen with me and men want to be me. My 17-year-old son is one of the few people who don't agree that I look "slammin" in my aviators. In fact, we were driving recently and he asked – read: demanded – I take them off. It was his claim that I looked ridiculous, that they embarrassed him and indeed the entire family and he actually implied – read: said – that the glasses made me look like a … well, I can't say it, but it sort of rhymes with "moose rag." I love my son and would do nothing to embarrass him. I acquiesced and removed the aviators. "Wow," he said. "What?" I asked. He replied, "It wasn't the aviators."

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