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O-Zone: Giving orders

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

John from Jacksonville

Hi, King of Zone. There is no logical way to spin what happened with James Robinson. He starts. He fumbles. He watches. He finishes. He has knee/heel issue. He carries ball in hand. He doesn't have his knee/heel in his hand. He isn't missed by coach while game is played. He becomes post-game topic. He is confused. He deserves better. He will likely go to new team. He will be great with new team and greatly missed by Jags fans.

That's perhaps not an exact recap of how we got to this point with Jaguars running back James Robinson, but it hits most high points. Robinson has lost a fumble in each of the last two games and has missed extended snaps following each fumble. He said this past Monday it felt as if he were benched following the fumbles and considering the circumstances, it's easy to see why he felt that way. Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer has discussed the issue multiple times in recent days – and after initially talking extensively about Robinson's heel-knee issues, he talked at length Wednesday about how Robinson missing extensive practice because of those issues has caused a decline in fundamentals that led to the fumbling. That makes some sense. It's too early to know what the end game is here, and too early to know if Robinson will be upset about the situation moving forward. He's not a player to complain much. Even when he discussed the topic publicly Monday, he did so with class and professionalism – and without emotion. Will it result in him wanting to leave or forcing his way out of Jacksonville? Here's hoping not. He's a good and valuable player, and he should be treated as such.

Sam from AB

How many 20-plus carry games has the "new regime focused on running well" dialed up for our best offensive player (who averaged 100+ yards from scrimmage per game last season)?

The new regime absolutely was focused on running well this season. One reason the Jaguars haven't run as much as would be ideal is they have trailed by double digits in 10 of 12 games this season. It's difficult to stay committed to the run when trailing by that much. You're correct that Robinson has no games with 20 or more carries. He had his three highest carry totals (18, 18 and 17) in the three games before a Week 7 bye then sustained a heel injury in the week after the bye, so his usage changed after that. The Jaguars also entered the season not wanting Robinson to have to carry as much of the offense as he did last season. Has he been used correctly every game? Perhaps not, but those are some reasons for how he has been used.

Nathan from St Augustine, FL

Hey, John. You're on record as saying you don't think Shad Khan will fire Urban Meyer after the season, but do you get any sense or are there any rumors from the locker room that Meyer could step down as coach? After all his history is that once the going gets tough, Meyer gets going ... to anyplace else!

I expect Meyer to be the Jaguars' head coach in 2022.

Kyle from Orlando, FL

I realize that the offense lacks talent. Yet, we're over halfway through the season and I am beginning to worry about Trevor. He possesses a massive amount of talent, but his accuracy has been a real head- scratcher this season. He tends to miss high and far and throws easy passes at full strength without knowing when to add a bit of touch. He also occasionally dumps the ball off a bit early instead of letting a play develop. Typically, those are traits of a flustered and overwhelmed quarterback. Hopefully this team brings in more talent around him and the game "slows down" next season. Am I being too critical?

No. This criticism is fair. It's difficult to know at this point if the inaccuracy we're seeing from Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence stems from lack of timing with receivers, from Lawrence feeling pressure to make plays in a difficult situation, from receivers running the wrong routes – or, likely, a combination. A case can be made that Lawrence must play better. A case also can be made that those around him must play much better. And yeah … hopefully this feels different next season.

Tiger from Jax

What's really annoying is that with the No. 1 pick, we could've had our pick of the coaches' litter – and we went with a "CEO" that doesn't seem to know what he's doing, doesn't seem to have any interest in the team and who almost certainly wouldn't have come here UNLESS we had the No. 1 pick. I have had some low moments as a Jaguars fan since the jump, but this is far and away the worst leadership, front office and coaching that we've ever had. Even Psycho Tom 2.0 at least knew the player's names. God help me … I miss winning lunch.

So, one not fer Meyer …

Stan from Jacksonville

Reading social media and it seems Urban Meyer is the worst head coach in NFL history. He is a first-time head coach. He has been criticized for admitting that his position coaches are responsible for playing time decisions made during a game. Is that a surprise? As a leader in the Navy, I required my subordinates to do their job. Meyer simply does that. And he absorbs media criticism for those decisions. He elects to tell the truth.

… and one fer Meyer.

Bradley from Sparks, NV

Is it important that Lawrence has a good game or two as far as attracting top-tier wide receiver/tight-end free-agent talent?

It wouldn't hurt, but it's not critical. Lawrence is a prime talent. The Jaguars will have a lot of cap space. That combination will have appeal.

Nancy from Negative

If I told you before the last NFL draft that Lawrence would have under 10 touchdown passes by Week 13 and he started all 13 games, would you have been surprised? Would he still be the selection, or did you also know this team was worthless offensively and no QB could be successful here?

Yes, I would have been surprised. Yes, he still would have been the selection. I thought the Jaguars' receivers would be better than has been the case and I also didn't know injuries would take away or limit five of the team's better skill-position players.

Nathan from St Augustine, FL

Hey, John. Former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was not the only reason for the Jaguars struggles when he was let go – not by a long shot. Still 100 percent agree with the firing, because you can't just keep hammering the same square peg in a round hole and hope for better results! Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell might not be the reason for all the struggles on offense, but Meyer isn't going anywhere this season unless he has more off-the-field junk. So, something has to change. Sometimes a good scheme just isn't a good fit. For all his success in Seattle, there is a reason he isn't there anymore.

"Something has to change" … "when in doubt, fire the coach." I understand many fans and observers feel this way. I understand many head coaches adhere to the philosophy regarding assistants. I understand this is the way of college football and the NFL. None of this means I ever will believe it makes sense.

Gardner from Brentwood, TN

JO. How can someone know so much about the bumper bus and no nothing about owning a football team?

Many NFL owners know very little about owning an NFL team. Most good owners hire football people to run football operations, then support those people. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan has done this. With the exception of one notable season, it hasn't worked effectively enough.

Chris from Mandarin

John, it's not just that the Jaguars are losing in such pathetic fashion week after week. It's that the broadcast's commentators bring up these arbitrary stats week after week about something the Jaguars are doing being near the worst in NFL history. It's nauseating and really not much fun. When is it going to be fun again?

Some day.

Darwin from Cebu City, Philippines

Hi John. At 2-10 with five games to go, should we just cut our losses and call it a season? Why not treat these next 5 games as a development and evaluation period, so we can evaluate the rest of the roster? No harm is done since – as you said – the current regime will stay put for the foreseeable future. Don't say the coaches will put the best possible talent on the field, as our best talent so far has not produced results on the field. And don't say it's unfair to the fans who are paying to see the games, because this team has not been fair to the fans for over a decade.

Insider tip: Don't ask questions and then say, "Don't say…"