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O-Zone: Going nowhere fast

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Frankie from London, UK

Foles has shown he can win games in the NFL. But he has also shown that these wins are with some talented offensive weapons and a solid, consistent offensive line. I'm not sure I like spending such a chunk of money on that quarterback with those questions rather than a lesser quarterback (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and a drafted quarterback with money spent on the offense.

That's a fair concern, and it's the decision the Jaguars must make when deciding whether to pursue Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles either via trade or free agency. Can he bring enough consistency and play-making ability to help raise the offense and make players around him better – and can he do enough in that area to justify his salary? Or is he dependent on the Eagles' system and players around him? He would be an improvement and likely would bring stability to the position. That's worth a lot of money. Quarterbacks who bring more than stability and who raise players around him are worth even more money than quarterbacks who bring stability. Foles is probably going to get paid like a guy who brings more than stability and who raises players around him. Whether he's worth that is the Jaguars' fundamental question this offseason.

Unhip Cat from Carlsbad, CA

Joe Flacco is Bortles with fewer completions, fewer touchdowns, fewer passing yards, fewer rushing yards, fewer interceptions and four-point higher completion percentage. If we're getting a veteran, it should be someone better than Blake.


Chris from Roseville, CA

Even if we finished 5-11, this offseason would have been filled with so much hope and excitement if we would have drafted Lamar Jackson. He was too good to pass up and now we have people hoping for Flacco who got superhot once eight years ago. It is so hard to continue to be a fan. It really is O.

I understand being frustrated with the Jaguars' results over the past decade or so. I don't know that the Flacco/Jackson stuff is symbolic of that frustration. Would Jackson be providing hope and excitement this offseason? I suppose. Was he too good to pass up? We're a long way from knowing that, and I'm skeptical, at best. As far as Flacco, it's inaccurate to write off his career as getting superhot once. He was better than that, though I agree he would be a stop-gap quarterback for the Jaguars as opposed to a long-term answer.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

"How different would next year look with Blake Bortles versus Nick Foles?" With Bortles, it would look the same. With Foles, there would be accurately-thrown spirals properly leading receivers so that they could avoid hits and run after the catch. There would also be anticipated throws and occasions where he throws the receivers open. And of course, less pick-sixes. How on earth could anyone want to see Bortles play more or think he will somehow become a good passer when we have five years of consistent evidence to the contrary?

So … one fer Foles and not fer Bortles?

Nick from Palatka, FL

Mr. Zone, the general manager, executive vice president of football operations, head coach and to some extent the owner of the Jaguars have a choice: spend a lot of draft capital and trade up to get their pick of the best quarterback available in the draft, or spend a lot of capital to sign their favorite free-agent quarterback. If this situation isn't Caldwell it's going to be just another nail in our Coughlin, and we're going to wind up Marroned in last place again. I'm kinda with Logan when I question whether they Khan get it right this time. Do you think we're going to end up Haskins a rookie to develop quickly or expect a veteran to suddenly right this ship of Foles?

You were attempting clever; I'm not smart enough to know if you succeeded. I am smart enough to know the Jaguars are far from alone in their struggles to find the right player for the sport's most important position. Success in the process requires a combination of good decision-making, good fortune and good timing. The Jaguars haven't had much of that … ever. Finding the right combination at the position this time around is possible, but it's admittedly not as easy – or clear – as might have been the case in other offseasons.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, do teams ever acquire a player in the draft and then for some reason immediately trade them?

It's rare, but it happens.

Big on Blake from Philly

With all this Bortles talk, what's the reality of the situation or ability for the club to restructure the contract? Is it possible for the club to say, "Hey, we need you for one more season, to bridge to our rookie quarterback; we want you to take less money but we'll try to trade you to your desired destination after this season." Or even including an option after this season for Bortles to be able to hit the market after this season? Are there any options on the club's behalf that would cost less money? I know it wouldn't be motivation for Bortles to agree to, but he may do it for team loyalty as he's alluded to in the past. It may also be a good way to transition him to a career backup and stay in JAX.

Pretty much anything and everything theoretically can be negotiated, but you need two sides wanting to meet somewhere. In this case, Bortles and the Jaguars clearly have had a very good relationship in the past. I sense there will be a lot of good feelings on both sides when they part ways, and I sense Bortles will be remembered fondly. I also sense he will remember his time in Jacksonville fondly on some level. But you're looking for a solution to a problem I'm not sure either side wants to solve. That's because sometimes, it's time to move on.

Al from Dowling Park, FL

I know it's all about the money, and not likely to happen - but, if Bortles said he was willing to renegotiate his contract to stay a Jaguar, do you think the head office would consider that a possibility?

Probably not.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

Why was there no talk or promotion for AAF? Not just with NFL sites but in general?

I actually heard quite a bit about the Alliance of American Football in recent months. I don't know how much it was discussed or promoted because I didn't pay much attention – and because I don't cover the AAF. Why wasn't there more about the league on NFL sites? I suppose because it's not the NFL. But whatever: A lot of people seemed to like the league's debut weekend this past weekend, so perhaps we'll hear more about it.

David from Chulouta

Some mock drafts have us drafting quarterback Drew Lock out of Missouri. One mock compared him to the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. I know nothing about Drew Lock, but if he's anything like Josh Allen, we need to close and lock that door.

I wouldn't close and look the door on Allen nearly as fast as you would, I guess.

Sean from Jacksonville

To add something else to the quarterback debate ... I'm guessing that Tanner Lee is the only quarterback from this past year to make it on the 2019 team.

I would project Lee to be a better candidate for the practice squad than the 53-man roster next season. But there's a lot of time between now and the start of the regular season. We'll see.

David from Orlando, FL

Mighty O: I don't care who ends up as our quarterback, but one thing I don't want to hear is that he needs work on his mechanics. Coaches like to think, "If we tweak it here and tweak it there, it will make all the difference." But it's like trying to change your wife's behavior, all you need is an inch of change in your direction, but it's an illusion, it's an impossible inch, they never change!


Crash from Section 148

Keep BB5. Draft Drew Lock, a right tackle, a tight end and a wide receiver with the first four picks.


Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear John, would it be possible to trade #5 to the AAF? I think he would be a stud there.

Players won't be traded between the AAF and the NFL, but players who don't make it in the NFL can and likely will play in the AAF – either to make it back to the NFL or to continue playing. I think Bortles will play somewhere in the NFL next season, and I would be surprised to see him playing in the AAF.

Zone from O-Zone

Boldly going where no Oehser has gone before. #OzoneSighting

I'm not bold.

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