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Drew from Buford, GA

This is probably sacrilege, but the New York Jets winning on Sunday felt like the biggest win we have had in a couple years. The No. 1 pick this year is so valuable no matter what the Jags want to do. They could easily trade down a spot or two for a king's ransom of high draft picks. The beauty of it is that if they want a quarterback, they can still get a great one. If they don't want a quarterback, they could trade down multiple times – from first to second, second to third, third to fourth – each time stockpiling picks. If they want a quarterback and trade out of No. 1 overall, you still have multiple guys available with my favorite option, Trey Lance. Just so many valuable options become available with the first pick in this draft, which is looking to be a special one.

The Jaguars now are in position to get the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft; because of the Jets' victory over the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, the Jaguars almost certainly will get the selection if they lose their final two games. As far as the Jets' victory … no, it's not sacrilege to think of it as a potentially huge moment for the Jaguars. Absolutely not. Why would it be sacrilege? The selection might give the Jaguars an opportunity to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and Lawrence might be a generational quarterback; selecting him therefore could be a franchise-changing moment. The Jaguars have struggled a lot in recent seasons and it's OK to be pleased with this development. It's OK to be pleased with good fortune. Also: you mentioned the Jaguars not wanting a quarterback and trading down. If they have the No. 1 selection, I would be shocked if they don't select a quarterback. If I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

The Jaguars' below average quarterback play and neglect of the position is an indictment of management for sure, but certainly also an indictment on ownership and coaching, too. Go Jets!

I don't know the Jaguars' quarterback play in the last decade and half or so is as much of an indictment on ownership and coaching as you suggest. It's not as if ownership tells management, "We don't want an elite quarterback." And it's not as if coaches don't want an elite quarterback. Also: while you say the franchise has neglected the position, the Jaguars have used Top 10 selections on the position three times in the last 17 drafts – Byron Leftwich in 2004, Blaine Gabbert in 2011 and Blake Bortles in 2014 -- and they spent huge free agent money to sign Nick Foles in 2019. That's a lot of big investing. No, this isn't as much a matter of neglect as it is a matter of a lot of swings and misses. The lack of an elite quarterback speaks in part to decision-making by management. It also speaks to there being times when the Jaguars incorrectly thought they had adequate quarterbacks on the roster and passed on more capable ones. It also speaks to highly-regarded quarterbacks not working out. It takes a lot of factors to get to where the Jaguars have been at the position in recent seasons.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

No James Robinson on the AFC Pro Bowl roster. No Myles Jack, either. Don't tell me there's no bias. Those players are deserving.

Neither Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson nor veteran linebacker Myles Jack made the Pro Bowl, the rosters for which were announced Tuesday night. Both were deserving. But this isn't a case of bias. This is a case of 1-13.

Billy from Orange Park, FL

John, If I'm being objective, I don't think I can honestly say Taven Bryan's contribution was as big as Lamar Jackson's this week.

Good one, Billy.

Art from Drexel Hill, Pa

We need two new offensive tackles, because neither can pass block.

Left tackle Cam Robinson and right tackle Jawaan Taylor have both been too inconsistent this season. I anticipate Taylor will be back next season because he's still a promising young player and only entering his third NFL season. It's also very possible he will be in a different scheme with different coaches; stay tuned on that front. Robinson is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent. How the Jaguars' new general manager approaches that situation will be a major offseason storyline. Stay tuned there, too.

Logan from Wichita

I repeat: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO THE QB IS ON THIS TRASH TEAM!!!!!!! There are not enough profanity words to express how worthless this team is and how much we all HATE the front office and owner!!!!

Quarterback matters.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I have such respect for James Robinson. I am probably incorrect, again according to you, but he works and tries the hardest on that team. All the other players looked as interested as a kid getting a tie for Christmas. I hope he gets a big award postseason and stays healthy.

Robinson without question works and plays hard. He deserves postseason accolades and figures to be a huge part of the future. I wouldn't say he works or tries harder than a lot of players on the Jaguars.

Chris from Nashville, TN

If Jaguars Owner Shad Khan decides to evaluate all departments in the organization, what would you grade yourself and what are the odds we get a new company shill?

I would rate highly because I'm awesome.

Nick from St. Augustine, FL

Is there someone on the coaching staff whose sole responsibility is to call out penalties in practice? If not maybe Khan or the new GM can hire one. Or two based on the need.

Teams hire officials to do this in most seasons. This has not been the case this season because of COVID-19. Having someone do this doesn't necessarily translate to fewer penalties.

Nick from Palatka, FL

Lose two ... lose two ... lose two ...(I know, it's pitiful, but probably best).

Of course.

Taylor from Columbia, MD

I tend to agree that the coaching staff hasn't been the primary reason for the 13 straight losses. Was General Manager Dave Caldwell's mandate to clean up the cap while fielding a competitive team an impossible task? Or did he fail? His overall track record makes me lean towards the latter. I am still somewhat appalled that he liked this roster entering the season. Lastly, do you think it's time to move on from Doug and Co.? Similar to the Blake Bortles refrain you often used I can't imagine a better time to reset this organization.

I don't know that Caldwell's task of cleaning up the cap and being competitive this season was impossible, but it sure was monumentally difficult. And Caldwell definitely filed on the "competitive team" part – though he absolutely got the cap cleared up and therefore created a great situation for his successor. I would be fine with Marrone returning as head coach. I think he's a very capable head coach who can win with a good roster. I also like Marrone, and would like to see him have a chance to coach a team with a front-line quarterback. I would put the chances of him returning low because a general manager typically means a fresh start at major positions such as head coach. That's not always the case. We'll see.

Charles from Riverside

Hello, John: Not to fuel the coaching vs players debate, but thought this quote from former San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Bill Walsh relates. Particularly since Marrone has had to deal with a record 79 players on the roster! "Take a group of ten players. The top two will be supermotivated. Superstars will usually take care of themselves. Anybody can coach them. The next four, with the right motivation and direction, will learn to perform up to their potential. The next two will be marginal. With constant attention, they will be able to accomplish something of value to the team. The last two will waste your time. They won't be with you for long. Our goal is to focus our organizational detail and coaching on the middle six. They are the ones who most need and benefit from your direction, monitoring, and counsel."

That's probably true of most walks of life, but is it true in the NFL? Sure. Why wouldn't it be?

Bob from Sumter, SC

Thinking Andrew Luck was the last college quarterback to be thought of as NFL-ready, consensus No. 1 overall selection in the same vein as Trevor Lawrence .

True. And that's encouraging for the team that selects Lawrence because Luck clearly was a plug-and-play as any quarterback to enter the NFL – perhaps ever. I don't know that I feel quite as confident about Lawrence adapting that fast – mainly because I don't know much about Lawrence's knowledge of the game and ability to run the offense from the line of scrimmage – but he looks very advanced.