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O-Zone: High-profile free agent

Let's get to it …

Ryan from Denver, CO

Why can't we have nice things? The Jaguars don't have to trade Ramsey, but have you ever seen a situation like this NOT result in the trade of a player? I don't necessarily think Marrone should be shown the door, but if that results in us keeping a generational talent ...

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey reportedly has asked for a trade, and it's indeed hard to remember a situation such as this ending with the player staying. I therefore anticipate the Jaguars will trade Ramsey, though I don't believe they will give him away for nothing – and I don't believe they would hesitate to keep him and play him indefinitely if they don't get what they believe is adequate compensation. A few things will make this deal difficult: that many teams won't want to pay a cornerback – even one as good as Ramsey – what Ramsey will want on his next contract, that many teams won't want the potential locker-room headache, that many teams won't want to give up the compensation the Jaguars want for Ramsey and there are a limited number of teams with which the Jaguars will want to trade because of their likely draft positions. But the biggest problem facing the potential team could be the perception that Ramsey is unhappy with the Jaguars' defensive scheme. Any team must fear Ramsey's reaction if a coach opts not to run a defense he wants to run. The team likely would need assurances Ramsey wouldn't react that way in the future, but could that team trust him? It's quite likely a team will take the chance, but those are real issues that make the process difficult.

Steve from Atlanta, GA

OK O. What the actual crap are we to make from that press conference? He loves everyone. He has nothing negative to say about anyone. He isn't mad he has not gotten paid (yet). He is trying to be positive and not be a distraction? Seriously, I'm confused (and yes, it is confusing). What is your take on this nonsense?

That it was mostly nonsense.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I'd say that you're an optimistic person overall from what I can tell. Why am I getting bad vibes about this one from you?

Contrary to the opinions of some, I try to answer questions in the O-Zone as honestly as possible. It's honestly hard to see this ending with Ramsey as a member of the Jaguars long-term. And I'm not optimistic by nature. I expect the worst and am almost always right.

Gabriel from Buenos Aires

Hi O: There are no easy games in the NFL, but it seems the Jaguars do not have hard or impossible rivals ahead (New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints without quarterback Drew Brees, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders... we are not facing Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, and so on). Also, the AFC South looks pretty weak (as usual). I believe that the main enemy are the Jaguars themselves. What is your opinion? Thanks!

The Jaguars' schedule is navigable, but this team isn't going to have many easy games. They need to win winnable close games, and they let one get away against the Houston Texans this past Sunday. Another reality is the issue revolving around Ramsey doesn't make a winnable game against Tennessee Thursday easy. Either way, the Jaguars need to start winning. Even a navigable schedule looks difficult at 0-3.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

John, Just a thought, but if Jalen is so passionate about winning, holding on to a gimme pick-six would be a good place to start.

So would playing the defense that's called and remembering that you hurt your team when you don't. This is not to pile on Ramsey here, but if you're going to talk about winning as a reason you want to leave a place your actions while you're in that place need to consistently show you mean it.

Chris from Space City, TX

Zone, the Ramsey situation was botched from the offeason. You continue to state that Jalen's talent is "otherworldly." Yet, Grumpy Grandpa Coughlin made it very clear he wouldn't even talk to Ramsey's agent about a new deal. Then he decides to pay maybe the 15th-20th best middle linebacker in the league, Captain "lose his cool" Jack. Just more mistakes from this ridiculously idiotic front office. Where the heck is Khan? How long is he going to continue to let the 3 Stooges (Coughlin, Caldwell, and Marrone) embarrass his franchise?

Khan is involved with this, but know this: If Ramsey not getting paid when he has two years remaining on his contract causes a reaction to this degree – and causes his actions on Sunday – then it's safe to say paying him when he wanted to be paid weren't going to keep him happy. Coughlin, Caldwell and Marrone haven't been perfect, but their imperfections don't add up to this action by Ramsey.

Gary from DUTWD

Not a question O'wonderman... I was all in on benefit of the doubt. After that immature display in front of the camera this AB wanna be needs to take his DRAMA somewhere else. We just need to get the "proper" compensation and send him packing. What a douche...

One not fer Ramsey …

Hulk from Las Vegas, NV

Ok, I've had 20s' back for the last 4 years. But today he looks like a damn baby. So, he's requesting a trade at week 2? After he dropped a easy INT? Because there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the Hopkins reception and Doug doing what he was supposed to do? Also getting torched last week? NOW Ramsey is becoming a cancer. What a joke. What a lack of character. I'd hate to see the next team get his talent, but he hit a nerve for me. There's actual promise with this team and potentially a step forward with Minshew running the offense. And he yelled at his boss like Marrone was the employee. Whoever is in his corner is giving him bad advice. Or he just needs to screw his head on Right. He can't point fingers. And SUCH bad timing on his part. This kid is frustrating!!!!

… and another not fer Ramsey…

Alexandra from Toronto, Ontario

In 15 years we will look back and say we let a Hall of Fame player go because we stuck with our management that has missed on important picks, made poor decisions and treated players poorly. In the end, the side the Jags are going down will be the wrong one.

The Jaguars' front office has made its share of mistakes in recent seasons, but this situation can't be accurately seen as Ramsey-versus-the front office. When Owner Shad Khan looks at this, he must determine not whether Ramsey can co-exist with current management and current head coach but whether he can co-exist with any coach or management that asks him to do something he doesn't want to do. If the answer to that last part is no, it's very difficult to keep him.

Tom from Melbourne, Australia

Forget the Culligan lady: The Jaguars need to print calendars with 12 pictures of Minshew alighting aeroplanes.

I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Bryan from Tampa, FL

So, Ramsey has requested a trade. With defensive end Yannick Ngakoue's holdout, linebacker Myles Jack's fine for throwing a punch, and now this, are we about to see this whole thing unravel?

Well, it sure ain't wrapped up tight.

Braddock from Jacksonville

Stop sugarcoating them and hold them accountable. We can't have anyone going after our head coach. We can't have as many excuses as you provide. Man up and say we should be better. Us fans have been through enough.

I am always intrigued by the difference between what people read and what is written. I have written ad nauseum the Jaguars need to be better. You obviously can't "go after the coach." There are no excuses for the Jaguars' on-field behavior – either that of Ramsey in Week 2 or Myles Jack in Week 1. It's ridiculous, embarrassing and unnecessary. And it has needed to stop for a while.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

This organization is falling apart at the seams. This crash and burn after an appearance to the AFC title game 2 years ago is epic. Jalen so to be gone, past on Watson and Patrick and Lamar, only the Jags and now for the biggest blow of them all ...... I herby renounce my ties to the jags since 1995 and become a fan free agent. The loosing and lack of vision has robbed me of my best fan years and as a 30 year old man i am beat up and tired of rooting for the Jags. I wish them well and hope one day in the next 100 years they are competitive once again.

Farewell, sweet prince.

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