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O-Zone: Honest mistake

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Orange Park, FL

Zone, life used to be so easy. I knew to only care about the third preseason game. Now, most teams have only three preseason games. So, is Saturday's game the third preseason game? Will starters play all game? Should I care? Is day night? Is the sky green? Help.

Life was never easy, the sky is rarely green and day's only night in Alaska – and then only for six months at a time. Your preseason confusion is understandable, though, because since the NFL moved to three preseason games in 2021 the league's pace in August feels different. Whereas teams once almost always used Preseason Week 3 as a dress-rehearsal for the regular season, some teams will use this week's Preseason Week 2 game for that purpose. Others might use next week's game. If you add in the fact that many teams are playing starters far less in ALL preseason games these days, it becomes darned hard to figure on all fronts. As for the Jaguars' Preseason Week 2 game Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Head Coach Doug Pederson has said he wants to see starters play into the second quarter. My guess is he doesn't play many front-line players – if any – in next week's preseason finale in Preseason Week 3 at Atlanta. That's a guess. It is only a guess.

Don from Marshall, NC

It takes superhuman strength to park a seat at the rim of the vortex watching all good and bad get sucked in. It may be possible to build a time machine to go back to the past but with the universe traveling at 70 kg per second you most likely will not get back to the now. Every once in a while you run into someone who's cosmos connected. Do you think Aaron Rogers might be one? Never Mind! Go Jaguars!

I think you have longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confused with longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette. Don't blame yourself. It's a common mistake.

Brandon from Louisville, KY

A difference I see with Trevor is that in years past, if it was third-and-10 or more, no way do we get it. We get those with Trevor. That's nice.

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence won't convert every third-and-10. No quarterback does. But you're right that Lawrence is strong on this front. One thing you notice quickly when watching Lawrence in practice is his first looks are usually downfield, and his second and third reads are also often there. He throws to those reads far more consistently than the other quarterbacks on the roster – and his instinct seems to be to throw to the second and third levels of the defense. It's not that he never takes the checkdowns. He does. But he has the ability, confidence and knowledge of the offense to make the throws that get "chunk yardage." That's how you're supposed to play the position. It's refreshing to see.

Eddie from Jacksonville

Will Devin Lloyd be the starter on Day 1? Just worries me with him have zero snaps in practice or preseason in the NFL. Rookies need reps more than a four- or five-year year veteran.

Lloyd, the No. 27 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, will start at inside linebacker for the Jaguars much sooner than later. He would have been the Week 1 starter if not for a hamstring injury that has kept him out since the start of training camp. That could still happen. Lloyd began working in some non-contact team drills this past week. He won't play against the Steelers, but three weeks remain until Week 1 – and there is a preseason game during those weeks. There's still time.

Brad from The Avenues

Seriously, has no one thought to stick a fan by the podium to keep the gnats out of everyone's faces during press conferences? Maybe pass it along.

Do they have lanes near The Avenues? Do people stay in them?

Zac from Austin, Tejas

When will your ears be blessed with you again?

I have been absent from my normal appearances on Jaguars Media channels in recent weeks while caring for my mother and dealing with the aftermath of her passing. I thank my good colleagues at the Jaguars for their flexibility here. I will be back in by normal rotation beginning next week. Whether you view this as a positive or negative is up to you.

Howard from Homestead, FL

Hypothetically, if longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette is walking, and Chuck Norris is in his path … who moves out of the way? Or does their collision mean the end of life on planet earth?

Gene has been in the public eye since the late 1970s. That means Chuck Norris has had nearly five decades to find Gene and deal with their issues. Gene continues to walk this land, tall and proud. Norris clearly wants no part of Gene.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

I'm surprised we let Malcom Brown go. He is a proven vet and I assumed we were just being cautious with him until season started. Did DaVon Hamilton just out play him that much? How much does this save us in salary cap? I know we have Foley Fatukasi but I assumed we would have another big in on early or run downs and that he would pretty much be No. 2 behind Foley. Who we got behind Ham?

Many observers were surprised the Jaguars released Brown this week. Those around the team were less surprised. Hamilton indeed was outplaying Brown – and while the move saved the Jaguars about $3 million on the cap, the move wasn't really about that.

Cosmo from San Jose in Jacksonville

Thanks for the "That's the meal, Bania" reference. Big fan here. Let me ask you a serious question. If every move the Jags have made over the last 10 years has been wrong, every instinct incorrect. Then wouldn't it make sense to do the opposite? Just a thought. Gotta go, these pretzels are making me thirsty.

Is that a Titleist?

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Where is Hamilton compared to last year? It seemed like his arrow was pointing down toward the end of the season. Did he jump over Malcom Brown or did Brown slide down to below where Hamilton is playing now? Also did Jay Tufele make them feel better about letting Brown go? They were bad against the run last year and nose tackle is important in that area. Any sense they might bring in a nose tackle after final cuts?

The Jaguars were focused this offseason on improving against the run. Doing so was the reason they signed Fatukasi and linebacker Foye Oluokun. They didn't feel Brown was performing Fatukasi, Tufele, Hamilton or the other defensive lineman on the roster. I expect they would sign a nose tackle if they believe there is one available better than the last nose tackle on the roster.

Jimsure from DBS

According to a recent pole, almost 80 percent of people around Jacksonville don't want to use taxpayer money to build or upgrade the stadium. Why would we? Why doesn't Mr. Kahn follow the Dallas model and pay for it himself?

Few people are going to answer "yes" when asked "Do you want taxpayer money to build or upgrade a stadium?" The issue is more nuanced than a yes or no answer, which is why these issues are discussed/debated extensively and voted upon in a public forum. The reason Jaguars Owner Shad Khan doesn't "follow the Dallas model" and pay for a new stadium himself is the revenue possibility from a stadium in Jacksonville don't match those in Dallas. The small-market Buffalo Bills are planning a $1.4 billion stadium, with around $850 million coming from public funds. Large-market owners often bear far more of the financial burden for a stadium because they can make the money back over time with sponsorship, luxury suites, premium opportunities, etc. That's not as possible in a small market, which means public money must be involved in those situations. This is an answer many people don't like. But it's the answer.

Richard from Duval

I have heard often that fans question why the Jaguars have never pursued elite QB's via trade. We have seen some major QB trades the past half decade, and those teams were instantly contenders or Super Bowl favorites. People need to understand that these quarterbacks simply do not want to join a small market bad team.


Scott from Jacksonville

All this talk about re-emphasizing illegal contact, yet nothing was called when Zay Jones was tackled in the back of the end zone before the ball got there. I guess it's different since the ball was in the air and there's no effort to re-emphasize pass interference.

Or maybe the officials just made a mistake and missed the call. No everything is a conspiracy – except, of course, online.