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O-Zone: I dreamed a dream

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Chad from Jacksonville:
Is Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell's free-agency plan expected to be the same next year?
John: Time will tell, but that could be the case. And that's wise. You want to build your roster early through the draft, and give young players time to develop. That way, you have a core of players who intrinsically believe in your system and what you do. That's how you establish a strong foundation and a strong locker room. Once you establish your identity and your core – and once you have good, young players around the roster – then you can add to that through veteran free agency because you know clearly your team's strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, that's what you want free agency to be – a tool used sparingly, when necessary and when the time is right. You don't want a roster littered with guys joining your team on big contracts deep into their careers. Now, could the Jaguars sign a big-name free agent or two next offseason? Sure, but I don't think huge, expensive forays into free agents will be standard operating procedure, nor should it be.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
You mentioned Monday your "lone reader" (thanks for that, by the way). Tuesday, you said you had two. Congratulations on moving up the status of "wildly mediocre!"
John: You call that mediocre. I call that doubling my popularity. What if the President could do that, huh? Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Shawn from Mean Streets of Arlington:
Jaguars Free Agency 2013: Offseason Update Part III . . . what about Kyle Love, homey?
John: Part IV is scheduled to run tomorrow, homey.
Chasman from Jacksonville:
O-Man, will there be an in-stadium scrimmage during this year's training camp as has been done in past years? If yes, has a date been set?
John: The scrimmage is Saturday, August 3, at 6:45 p.m. It is in EverBank Field.
Jim from Jacksonville:
I'm picking up a chant from the Jaguars sideline. Can't quite make out just what it is. It's just occurred to me what they've been chanting for the last few minutes. It's the phrase, "Moodachay."
John: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy? Moodachay, Moodachay, Moodachay? #Moodachay.
Marjorie from Jacksonville:
Mr. Khan's purchase of Fulham and his interest in Jacksonville waterfront shipyards is very much Paul Allenesque.
John: There are similarities, but if we have learned anything about Shad Khan in a year and a half owning the Jaguars it's that it's not fair to compare him with other owners, or really, to expect his actions to mimic those who have come before. He has become one of the world's most successful businessmen by analyzing situations and making decisions based on facts rather than copying others, and so far, he seems to do that as an owner. Take a step back and look at Khan's actions with Fulham, the London initiative and the shipyards and try to see it from a big picture. What you see are the actions of an owner doing what he has said he planned on doing all along – build the Jaguars into an international brand while strengthening the team locally. I don't think it is right to say the Fulham purchase was "about the Jaguars." That would diminish the importance of Fulham to its fan base, but can the franchises benefit one another? It's not a stretch to believe that.
Marjorie from Jacksonville:
I am ashamed to admit I have been remiss in my daily O-Zone intake. It seems other summertime activities have distracted me. Anyway, I come back and become perplexed and intrigued by a term, "oodachay." Out of curiosity, I Google it - and up pops your picture.
John: #Moodachay.
Nathan from St. Augustine, FL:
He has been a forgotten man with most of the attention on the speed players the Jags got in the draft, but what are the coaches and players saying about Justin Forsett? I saw him flash big-play potential with the Texans and think he could be a nice surprise this season.
John: The coaches and players are saying what is obvious about Forsett, that he is fast and absolutely can add that element to the offense. Forsett himself is confident he can play the feature role if Maurice Jones-Drew is unavailable, though at his size that could be difficult to do for the entire season. He would seem to be an upgrade at backup running back over Rashad Jennings, who had potential but never performed consistently in games. Forsett showed with Seattle he can be productive over a month-long stretch if needed, although the hope is clearly that that won't be the case.
mike from middleburg:
when are our hometown writer's going to show some home town pride and write a column on how we really love our team. do you have any backbone? Any pride lately
John: backbone? have you not apparently been reading closely
Joe from Jacksonville:
I know your dark secret, John. You were a male cheerleader in Jr. High....
John: I wish I had been that cool in junior high.
Jared from Madison, WI:
John, do you think a development league for the NFL would be a good idea?
John: I don't think it's as good an idea as college football – now, college football . . . that's a great idea.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
I like the seats on the rookie videos. It gives our stadium some history. Some great players sat in those seats. I vote keep 'em.
John: This really doesn't need to become "a thing." The Rookie 101 videos were shot in the team meeting room. There are still chairs in the team meeting room with the old Jaguar logo. Not everything in the stadium with an old logo was torn down, thrown away and replaced in the first month after the new logo unveil. Transitioning from one brand to the other, like many things, is a process. It will happen in due time.
Matt from Jacksonville:
You can feel it. Football season is almost here. Generation Jaguar is coming.
John: Is that what that is?
Dave from Ada, OK:
You know, O, you are pretty amazing. Because of the Ozone, the chants at EverBank Field will forever be changed. You know at least three guys are going to bring three poster boards with the words "Moo," "Da," and "Chay," which can be held up in a wave (maybe even while holding beers) during the chant. If caught on camera, this will surely lead to at least one "what-the-hell" moment for the opposing teams' commentators, and for this, we all should thank you.
John: While I agree with the premise of your initial sentence, it remains to be seen if Moodachay indeed is "a thing" on the scale you describe. It is indeed a phenomenon here in the O-Zone, and there appears to be a gurgling on Twitter. Whether that gurgling becomes a flood, who knows?
Paul from Jacksonville:
If a team scores by having the quarterback throw to a receiver not in the end zone, who then laterals it to another receiver that scores the touchdown, who is credited with the score besides the quarterback? Think back at the Boise State vs. Oklahoma game in 2007.
John: The player who scores the touchdown is credited with the score; just him. The quarterback will be credited with a touchdown pass and the receiver will be credited with a reception, but the player crossing the goal line is credited with scoring.
Mike from Atlanta, GA:
Are we seeing a move toward teams wanting symmetry on the field with personnel? A decade ago, the strong safety and free safety, and the right and left tackles required much more different skills than today. Today, some teams basically have right and left safety and with players like JJ Watt lining up at left end, teams want their right tackle to be as good a pass blocker as their left tackle. If I were Caldwell I would very much like to have Monroe and Joeckel both starting at tackle for me.
John: I do think we're seeing it at left and right tackle, and I think the Jaguars drafting Luke Joeckel and playing him at right tackle could be part of it. I remain skeptical that Joeckel will be a career right tackle in the NFL. As far as safety, some teams have had left and right safeties for a while, and it has depended on the defense how different strong and weak safeties actually play. I don't know that the issue on the offensive line is as much wanting symmetry as it is wanting to combat players such as Watt.
Travis from Chesapeake, VA:
I dreamed that about 15 years from now I am in the stands with my yet unborn grandson.... and after a first down the entire stadium is chanting "moodachay, moodachay, moodachay." My young grandson looks up and asks me, "Grandpa what does that mean?" "Well son, back in the O-Zone during the dead zone in a hot summer of 2013, the Jaguars were going through a rebirth, and some guy wrote the O-Man with a funny quip and well.... here we are."
John: Well, I used to dream about being rich, successful and happy. Look how that worked out.

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