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O-Zone Late Night: A moratorium for the night

FROM WELL ABOVE SOMEWHERE IN GEORGIA – All right. I'm probably not ready, but …

Let's get to it …

Lance from Jacksonville:
This team sucks.
John: This was the first in-game email received Sunday. I thought perhaps it would be one of the more extreme, angrier emails of the day. It wasn't. I thought perhaps there would be something that happened later in the game to counter the argument. There wasn't. The Jaguars played poorly Sunday. Really poorly. It doesn't have to define the season. The team's task now indeed is to ensure it doesn't define the season. But the Jaguars were bad Sunday. They just were.
Scott from Section 244 and Daytona Beach, FL:
I am one for Blake Bortles. But Chad Henne is not getting any help at all. Passes dropped and the offensive line is struggling. We just need to have patience with this team. Time will make it better. Just sayin.
John: Time indeed will make it better, but the evening after a 31-point loss to a team that probably isn't elite is no time to preach it. Everyone's tired of what they saw Sunday. The Jaguars are tired of what they experienced. I don't know how quickly improvement will come. Players in the locker room Sunday were convinced it can come quickly. Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley is convinced the talent is there to play significantly better than the Jaguars did Sunday. You're right that Henne got no help. It will be a fascinating Monday around the Jaguars. Bradley will be asked about the quarterback position and for the first time since the draft, I would not be surprised if he at least left open the possibility of playing Bortles. I would still guess Henne will start Sunday against Indianapolis. That's because my guess is the tape will show that so much went wrong around him that it's hard to judge how he played. But I don't know. We will see.
Hunter from Jacksonville:
John: I hear ya, Hunter. I hear ya.
Matt from Yulee and Section 132:
John, this is just unacceptable. Maybe I didn't expect us to be Super Bowl bound, but I expected us to at least compete with other teams this year. I feel duped.
John: Your feeling is understandable. I didn't expect Sunday to play out that way. No one around the Jaguars did. Perhaps the worst part was the team got controlled on both lines. Struggles were expected on the offensive line early in the season. Perhaps not to that degree, but to some extent. Struggles were not expected on the defensive line. There was a long period in the first half when the Jaguars really struggled to tackle and struggled all along the front seven. Bradley said afterward he doesn't believe the Jaguars are a poor-tackling team and you wouldn't think from preseason and Week 1 that they would be. On that front and many others, Sunday's game needs to be a blip and not a trend.
Adam from Jacksonville:
Gus is right. Henne sure gives us the best chance to win. Imagine if we had Bortles in today, we'd be getting killed! P.S. John Cyprien, I miss you.
John: The belief has been strong to this point that Henne does give the Jaguars the best chance to win. It's hard to get a read on if or how much that's changing. The offensive line struggled Sunday. Really struggled. There appeared at first glance to be some plays where Henne could have done more. There also appeared at first glance to be plays where everyone could have done more. My first thought after the game was that it was hard to see where Blake Bortles could have fared much better. Henne was under that much pressure and 10 sacks is difficult to overcome. My later thoughts have been that you do wonder if Bortles had fared better. We don't know, but there will be a lot of questions this week about whether we're closer to finding out.
Jerell from Columbia, SC:
Like I said same old Jags.
John: They were on Sunday. Not a player, coach or anyone in the organization would argue it. There's a very strong feeling that what happened Sunday is not reflective of what this team truly is about. After being around the organization and watching it since David Caldwell and Bradley arrived, I don't believe Sunday is the true measure of where this franchise is in its development. But it's difficult to make a convincing case tonight. The Jaguars believe that wasn't the real Jaguars Sunday. They have to start proving they're right.
John from Jacksonville:
I'm done. See ya next year, Ozone.
John: I don't fault you for that feeling. I can't argue the emotion. I don't think the Jaguars will make you feel that way all season, but they have to prove that.
Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
O, can we please please put a moratorium on the words improved, improvement, and improving until this team wins a game maybe even until they win two? Looking like it's going to be another pointless December, possibly November.
John: We can sure put a moratorium on those words tonight. I will give you that. Sunday was not better.

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