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O-Zone Late Night: Bills 27, Jaguars 20

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Kris from Copenhagen:
When do you look away from a player's potential and consider how much he hurts you every time he touches the ball? Please teach Denard Robinson to hold onto the ball or let him go...
John: The Jaguars aren't giving up on Robinson. Not even after a very costly fumble Sunday. Let's get that out there quickly. They still like his talent and the potential big-play ability he brings. But no question he has to fix the fumbling issue. It's very hard to put a player on the field when you can't rely on him not to fumble.
Vincent from Charleston, SC:
No Jones-Drew. No Shorts. No problem. Yes we lost, but with two of our key players out our offense still functioned at a decent level. And it's nice to see Todman can carry the load if need be. Go Jags!
John: That's the impression I took away from the game, too. Remember, this was a team that could not move the ball efficiently early in the season – shoot, sometimes it couldn't move at all. And it's also a team that spent the first half of the season trying to figure out a way to run effectively. On Sunday, the Jaguars rushed for 159 yards and Jordan Todman rushed for more than 100 in his first NFL start. That's progress. This time next season that wouldn't be enough, but for now, it's still progress.
Garrison from Baton Rouge, LA:
On first-and-goal on the 1-yard line in the fourth quarter, why in the world did we toss it rather than smashing it up the middle with Delone Carter or the fullback?
John: Bradley said after the game that the staff had decided as a group that without Maurice Jones-Drew available running wide was a better option than running up the middle in short-yardage. He also said it was something they might re-examine considering the result.
David from Jacksonville:
All these people that think we are not utilizing Denard Robinson … HELLO! That's why. Please quit this absurd commentary that he should be playing QB, or any other position for that matter.
John: I'm not going to turn O-Zone Late Night or any other O-Zone this week into an all-Denard Robinson, all-the-time free-for-all. But yes, the fumble late in the first half sort of summed up his rookie year to date. He has a ton of talent. And he's really, really fast. But he has had trouble with some fundamentals in the ball-security area and it's hard to help the team when that's the case.
Lance from Jacksonville:
You think MJD is feeling a little worried about Todman's recent success? That guy is a smooth runner and has home-run ability.
John: No, I don't think Jones-Drew is worried about it. You need two effective running backs in the NFL. Todman has had one game over 100 yards, so he's still sort of in that stage in which he's proving he can be effective consistently. Jones-Drew proved that a while back. He proved it a lot, actually.
Ed from Danvers, MA:
Jason Babin doesn't seem like the same guy he was at the beginning of the season. I watch him a lot on the field and on the sidelines and he is now helping guys up, whacking teammates on the back after good plays and appears very vocal in supporting the offense. Has he bought into the Bradley way or am I imagining things?
John: You are not imagining things. Maybe the biggest thing he has done on the field is cut out the penalties. He had several costly penalties early in the season that could have been avoided. He hasn't done that after the bye, and as a whole, the defense has had fewer of those, too.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
If we beat the Titans the final game of the year and sneak into second place in the division, meaning we are one of the top eight teams in the AFC, will that qualify us for a primetime game in 2014?
John: The prime-time games aren't decided that way. Every team plays at least one prime-time game, which could include a Thursday night game. The Monday night and Sunday night games usually include teams the networks consider big draws. Even if the Jaguars finish second in the division, they generally wouldn't be considered that yet.
Jim Meridian, ID:
Is Cecil Shorts III the second coming of Derek Cox? By that I mean, oft injured, and possibly commanding a nice contract down the road, and maybe not worth the risk.
John: I get your point, but it doesn't quite fit. Few around the Jaguars question Shorts' toughness. He played through this groin injury this season and it took pretty extreme pain this week to put him on the sidelines Sunday. I don't know what contract Shorts will command moving forward, but considering his ability to play through injuries and toughness, he's the sort of player teams want on their roster.

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