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O-Zone Late Night: Extreme stuff

IN TRANSIT FROM PHILLY TO JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …. Hunter from Jacksonville:
We are the greatest team in history.
John: I got a few of these early Sunday afternoon …
Lance from Lebanon, TN:
Holy Smoke Batman, the Jaguars are going to the Super Bowl! Wait, it is only the end of the first quarter in the first game of the season, but if you can't see improvement in this team then you are blind! Go Jags!
John: … I got a few of these, too. I sort of wondered what might happen if the Eagles got a couple of early scores and a few things didn't go right for the Jaguars in the second half …
Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
So much for depth on the defensive line, there is no pass rush in the second half and the team is looking like they did early last year again. I guess three turnovers isn't enough for a "young" team.
John: … I quickly found out …
Sid from Pittsburgh, PA:
Where do we go after that total second half fail? So much worse than last year where we never had a hope of winning most games. It is going to be difficult to watch another Jags game after this. I may need a few weeks in a Jags Free Zone.
John: … and then I found out a bit more.
Jerrel from Columbia, SC:
Same ole jags …
John: … and then … OK, enough. I get the disappointment in the wake of a loss. I do. And I get that the second half Sunday was a huge comedown after the giddy, exciting head rush of the first half. But same old Jaguars? Difficult to watch a Jaguars game after this? It's easier for me to see the big picture because my emptions don't rise and fall with every play. Experience and the desire for a relatively objective eye has afforded me that much. But to think this was the same team as last season and to try to say there has been no improvement? I just don't see that. I said throughout the offseason that the idea this season is for this team to show improvement. Five sacks in the first half and two touchdowns by a rookie wide receiver is a good start toward that. There were lapses in the second half. A lot of them. The Eagles got back in it quickly in the second half and that prevented the pass rush from totally teeing off on the pass the whole second half. That was a factor and there were a few mental lapses. Still, I did not expect this team to be great Week 1. I really didn't expect them to win Week 1. I expected to see signs of improvement, and what I saw Sunday in a lot of ways exceeded those expectations. Hate on that if you will, but it did.
Jeremy from Andover, KS:
The coaching staff is a joke. They totally gave the game away today. Fisch went ultraconservative with the lead. And with Chad Henne playing terrible I can't believe they are too stubborn to not put in Bortles. The coaches held the team back today after the first 20 minutes or so. Jags should be 1-0, absolute shame!
John: Henne played well early. At that point, there was no way they were going to pull him in the second half. I agree that he didn't play great in the second half, but there were drops in critical situations that weren't his fault. I continue to say I wouldn't mind seeing Bortles. I think he's the future, and I'll be surprised if we don't see him before the bye. But I can't pin this one entirely on Chad Henne. As far as FIsch going conservative … I didn't sense that. I saw some passes dropped that could have made a difference in the third quarter, but I didn't sit in the press box in the second half wondering why the Jaguars weren't going downfield more. I did sit and worry about the third-down conversions and the lack of a running game, but not about not throwing more.
Al from Orange Park, FL:
Before we clamor to cut Cecil, let's remember a guy we called Fragile Fred. He had "too many" minor injuries early in his career, but was a more or less productive player in his later years.
John: You don't say …
James from St. Augustine:
What a disappointment.
John: As we close this brief O-Zone late night, I must say as I scrolled through the inbox I was surprised at the anger. Maybe the offseason was just really long and I forgot how high emotions could be after a loss. Maybe the offseason giddiness raised the expectations of readers a bit too high. Maybe the first half jacked them up even higher. I get disappointment. I really, really do. But to be calling for coaches to be fired? For players to be cut? After one game? After a loss to a team that may be one of the best in the NFC? I think that's pretty extreme stuff by any measure.

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