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O-Zone Late Night: Flying home

LONDON, England – Sigh. We're headed home.

Let's get to it …

Nels from Jacksonville:
Are you sure we are still showing progress?
John: It didn't look like it Sunday. That's what happens in 31-9 losses. I get that. Fans are furious. I get that, too. But when I assess, I try to look at big picture and not just one game. The Jaguars' big picture right now is they are not good enough, but for the past two months or so, they had been competitive. They had been better. On Sunday, they were not competitive. They were not better. One game doesn't change that they had been better in recent weeks. One game doesn't change that the Jaguars are ahead of where they were last season and ahead of where they were earlier this season. But it's also disheartening to see a second consecutive game in London finish in so one-sided a fashion.
Gregory from Jacksonville:
Every game, without fail, I get hyped for the Jaguars; 15 minutes in and I'm usually disappointed. All I can really say about this game is, "sigh…"
John: I hear ya, Greg.
Brian from Nashville, TN:
This was probably the most boring game I've watched in recent years. Sure, the seats were full at Wembley, but they didn't seem into the game either?
John: Nah. The fans at Wembley were into it early. In the first quarter, there actually was quite a bit of energy. It waned after that, and understandably so.
Mary from Section 1-4:
John, this hurts too much to watch. I'm going to make some cookies and eat them. Maybe I'll feel better.
John: If that helps, send me some. Sunday was a tough day for the Jaguars. For the fans. For the in-box. It's a second consecutive really tough game at Wembley Stadium. And for a second consecutive season, the team enters the bye on a really sour note. Things got better after the bye. Maybe they will again this season. We'll see.
Dan, Green Cove Springs, FL:
"The reality is the London game stabilizes the franchise in Jacksonville by increasing local revenue, which is a critical element to the team financially." Do you REALLY believe that?? If so, you're not very bright. There's NO WAY that 4 home games, each of which generate $7 MILLION plus in local revenue ($28,000,000.00 since you're obviously deficient in math) will ever be recovered.
John: OK.
Kent from Jacksonville:
Dear John, If you were half as funny as you thought you were you'd be twice as funny as you actually are. Sincerely, Kent.
John: As Dan already has noted, I couldn't possibly understand what you're talking about.
Ryan from Boynton Beach, FL:
Looking back on the game, that muffed punt seemed to really change the momentum and could never really turn things around.
John: Ace Sanders' first-quarter muff sure didn't help. The Jaguars right now have a hard time overcoming point-blank touchdowns, especially against good teams. They had all sorts of momentum early and had just gotten the Cowboys off the field. It felt as if they had a chance to stay in the game – much the same way they had been doing in the last few weeks. Now, it should be said that one play shouldn't change the entire game that way. One play also doesn't account for not being able to stop the Cowboys in the second quarter and early in the third. But that muffed punt … well, there just have been too many special teams mistakes this season.
Rob from Land O'Lakes:
Well, we now have suffered a blowout loss with Blake. Now what??
John: Well, now the Jaguars fly home, have a few days off, then they get ready for Indianapolis. Blake Bortles is the quarterback of this team. Overall, he has made this a better team. He has to get better. He has to grow. He has to make more plays downfield and he has to throw fewer interceptions. In other words, he has to do what most young quarterbacks have to do – mature into the role. The team as a whole has to play a whole lot better than Sunday, but they'll be doing so with Bortles as the quarterback. It's his job.

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