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O-Zone Late Night: Good for little dude

BALTIMORE, Md. – Wow. Did you see that?

Did you see what happened, there at the end … when the Jaguars were out of it and then they weren't? When they almost didn't get the final play off and then they did?

Did you see when the kicker made a 53-yard field—

Ah, forget trying to describe it. Enjoy it.

Let's get to it …

James from Palm Coast, FL:
What an ugly, ugly, ugly beautiful game!
John: This will be an odd O-Zone Late Night. There is a whole, whole lot to say about the Jaguars' 22-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, and I don't know that there's time in a few hours to decipher it all. The offense didn't play well at all at times, and neither did Blake Bortles. But he played well enough to get them a couple of touchdowns, and then somehow the Jaguars' defense kept holding on and holding on. You wouldn't have thought we would be writing about how the defense played well enough to win after the first half, and then in the second half the unit forces three turnovers and gets a bunch of critical stops. And then Jason Myers redeems himself with a 53-yard field goal … Confused? Me, too. But say this for the Jaguars: they never quit Sunday and they somehow won a game that maybe they should have lost. But, hey … maybe they should have won. I just don't know, but I do know they won and I know the next couple of weeks could be interesting because of it.
David from Broward County:
O-Man, We got a real road win! Heck, it's a win. No gripes here right now. In the very short term after this win, all is well. Good fortune shined on the Jags today. What a huge boost for the young kicker. After that chip shot miss, it doesn't get any better or bigger.
John: Winning is cool. People like it.
Steve from Atlanta, GA:
Did that really just happen?
John: I'm honestly not sure.
Steven from Palm Bay, FL:
Can you explain why the touchdown on the muffed punt was called back? Every game I've ever seen if a ball is muffed, it is a live ball. He wasn't touched by any Baltimore player and he clearly returned it for a touchdown.
John: If what you say is true, then every game you've seen isn't an NFL game. NFL rules state that the kicking team can't advance a muffed punt. It's a frustrating rule, because it quite often negates a would-be touchdown. Nevertheless, it is the rule.
Ryan from Charlotte, NC:
One day the offense and defense will show up on the same day. It will be spectacular.
John: Yeah, in the NFL more often than not the offense and defense don't show up the same day. That's particularly true for young teams. But Sunday's game turned out not to be about one unit or the other, it was more about this team figuring out a way to win. The offense really wasn't good for much of the game. The defense wasn't all that great for a half. Yet, the team somehow made enough plays to win. Yes, there was good fortune, but this team has had a lot go against it this season. They'll take one where it went their way. That's fair.
Doug from Jacksonville:
Blake Bortles=Blaine Gabbert. How do you teach smart? Lol
John: There were a lot of emails criticizing Bortles Sunday, and that's understandable. He struggled, a lot. The stretch with the interception and near-interception in the second quarter was particularly … er, dicey. Not his best game, but young quarterbacks have rocky games. They just do.
Roger from Duuuuvaaalllll!!:
John: Well put.
Nathan from St. Augustine, FL:
It's becoming more and more evident that Luke Joeckel can be considered the first draft bust for Caldwell. You can't be drafted where he was and perform like he does and be considered anything but a bust.
John: This was the much-anticipated, much-ballyhooed first email of the game. It also was incorrect.
Brett from Seattle:
I was about to tell you that our kicker project has cost us two games. Then, little dude comes back and redeems himself. Now I don't know what to say. Go little dude!
John: I don't what to say, either. I was writing a few things about the little dude kicking the 26-yarder a mile and a half outside the uprights. Then, I saw the little dude lineup from 53 yards out and I thought, "He's going to make this thing and I've got to rewrite a whole lot in not a lot of time." Little dude made it. Good for little dude.

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