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O-Zone Late Night: Jaguars 25, Buccaneers 10

TAMPA – The Jaguars' 2018 preseason is over – officially and at last.

It ended with a 25-10 Jaguars victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium Thursday, and while it was a merciful end for Jaguars fans anxiously awaiting the regular season it was an important game for many players.

That's the nature of the preseason for players trying to make a roster.

We'll find out a lot about the 53-man roster in the coming days. We'll start finding out just how good this team is for real a week from Sunday.

Let's get to it …

Will from Jacksonville

Wow. Can the Tampa stadium be any more empty?

This was the much-anticipated, mega-ballyhooed, all-important First Email of the Game – and yes, of course Raymond James Stadium could have been more empty. Attendance theoretically could have been zero. No, not a lot of people attended Thursday's game. It's the preseason. It happens.

Paul from Jacksonville

Johnny, what are we doing here? Marrone has gone for two twice now. I hope he's not calling games like this during the season. Any chance Hackett finishes the season at coach? I know it's preseason, but it's the fourth game and Marrone is still showing some rust!

This email came in the third quarter. Beyond that, I have no idea what to say.

Travis from High Springs, FL

In a game that starters aren't supposed to be playing in, it seems Tommy Bohanon is getting a lot of snaps. Isn't he our starting fullback? And do we have another fullback on the roster in case he was to get injured?

I wrote this week I believed Bohanon would be on the roster. That still could be the case, but I feel far less certain. There's a good chance the Jaguars won't carry a true fullback this season, instead letting a player such as tight end Niles Paul play the H-back/fullback role when necessary.

David from Orlando, FL

O - Does tight end/special teamer Niles Paul make the cut?

Without question.

Paul from St. Johns, FL

So, Jaydon is in for the regular season since he is inactive for the final preseason game, right? That's cool for Jaydon!

Yes, it's safe to pencil in wide receiver Jaydon Mickens on the 53-man roster – as well as the rest of the 34 players ruled out before kickoff.

Matt from Fort Worth, TX

One fer Jaydon. Heck, all fer Jaydon.

Hey, one fer Jaydon … all fer Jaydon!

Steve from Julington Creek, FL

Hi, O: It was the end of the second quarter and the team can't throw the red flag to challenge, but I'm curious why the Jags didn't at least call a timeout on the third-and-long pass on the sidelines in hopes the refs will review the call? It certainly looked like a completion. The Jags had three timeouts and nothing to lose.

You're talking about a pass from quarterback Tanner Lee to wide receiver Shane Wynn in the second quarter. It absolutely looked like a reception. I would be happy to tell both players as much. But while your passion is admirable, more admirable was the decision by everyone involved to not review the play. More admirable would have been a running clock, but you can't have it all.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, what do you think might be some "surprise cuts" that we see after the next preseason game give what we know today?

I would tell you, but, well, you know …

Travis from High Springs, FL

If Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. were to get injured this season wouldn't that make his fifth-year option guaranteed?

No. That is only the case if a team picks up the fifth-year option on a player. The Jaguars did not pick up Fowler's fifth-year option for the 2019 season.

Bob from Jacksonville

Mr. O-Zone, if I remember correctly we picked up two or three players after the cuts to 53. Do you think we will do the same thing this year? If so, where do we improve our team? Do we get help at linebacker or wide receiver or someplace else?

I could see the Jaguars working to improve the depth at backup linebacker. I would be a little surprised if they made moves anywhere else.

Michael from Phoenix, AZ

Zone, the TB creamsicles? C'mon.

You're talking about the Buccaneers' first uniforms. Yeah, they were awesome.

Chris from Section 437

Why do I feel like the refs are out to get us, even in the preseason? Is it because I'm a fan that likes to fan?

To a degree previously unimagined.

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